Monday, October 4, 2010

Cafelicious Place @ Aman Suria, PJ.

I stumbled upon this place by chance one lovely afternoon. It may be a blessing as I was pretty comfortable being here as the place looks pretty cool. They have an open area for smokers while non-smokers will have a chance to dine comfortably in an air-conditioned area.

The interior is divided into two different types of seating. Normal table dining or you can choose to relax on the couch. And there is a LCD TV panel to entertain it's guests via ASTRO. There are some books and magazines that you can flip through while waiting to be served.

This place caters for the breakfast crowd, lunch crowd as well as dinner crowd. Their breakfast sets includes Kaya & Bread Toasts (RM4.50), Nasi Lemak (RM6.90), Tuna & Egg Croissant (RM8.50) and Big Breakfast (RM11.90) which include chicken frankfurters, sauteed mushroom, sunny side up, hash brown, coleslaw, baked beans and butter toasts. All sets goes with either English Tea or Black Coffee.

They serves set lunch too. You'll have 3 different choices to make each day, from Monday till Friday and everyday is a different experienced. For eg Monday set lunch - Chicken & Mushroom Noodle, Indon Style Chicken Rice or Fish & Chips. The choices are pretty interesting and it is a hit amongst it's clients. Besides the 'Sets' one can also order from their wide range of food via ala carte menu.

Breakfast sets starts from 8am-11:30am while Lunch sets starts from 12pm-2:30pm.

We started off with 2 lovely glass of drinks. The tall long glass housed the Bango Smoothies (RM6.90-Big) while the other one is one of my favourite, Taiwanese Bubble Pearl Tea Cafelicious Milk Tea (RM4.90-Big). The Bango Smoothie is really cool and refreshing and you can never have enough of it. The Milk Tea is simply amazing. It's so so so close to the original tea from Taiwan.

The last time I had such a good pearl milk tea was when I was in Taipeh, Taiwan. Since then I've been searching for one and it always ended up being disappointed until now. This Cafelicious Milk Tea can make the others out of biz if the quality is maintained.

OK the first dish to be served was the Grilled Lamb Chop (RM14.90). It was perfectly done to perfection where it's meat is tender, succulent and not overgrilled. It was served with barbecue sauce and french fries. This dish did not disappoint us and got 2 thumbs up from us.

Next in line came my favorite ie Grilled Chicken Chop in Black Pepper Sauce (RM9.90). The portion was pretty generous and it came with coleslaw and some french fries. The black pepper tasted really good. Very rich of peppery taste but just not enough 'zing' and it's slightly on the sour side. But then this doesn't mean that it is lousy. The chicken meat is very succulent too and very fresh indeed. No complaint for that price tag.

Conclusion : Worth exploring further since their menu is so colourful. Both drinks and food are good. Extra credits for the Milk Tea which is fantastic. Generous portion, good service, good food, cool environment and it's price is pocket friendly too.


Cafelicious Place                                              Operating Hours:
B-G-20, Jalan PJU 1/43                                      Monday - Saturday : 0800 - 2400hrs.
Aman Suria Damansara 47301                          Off on Sunday.
Petaling Jaya
(Same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar)


  1. We tried liao last week.. Quite ok lor.. The fried fish in garlic cream sauce and rice was quite good.. Prices also reasonable. No complains for a eatery in PJ..

  2. cool. yeah it's pretty value for money and no complaints at all. quite like this place. will go there again. :)

  3. Try it out their SPECIAL " ESPRESSO LAVAZZA or ESPRESSO AMORA " black coffee......marvellous


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