Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mr Kaya Kopitiam @ Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam.

It was a bright sunny afternoon with clear blue skies and a couple of hungry growling tummies churning some really good 'music'. We are going to give Kitaro a run for the money. Chuckle.....

This time around we ended up in Kota Kemuning as I had a pretty important appointment there. Well, things goes on really fine and everything was over and done with as fast as the speed of light.

There are just abundance of eateries here in this small little suburb. We choose an eatery which was just a walking distance to this place by a funky name of 'Mr Kaya Kopitiam'.

This place looks cosy and have the 'kampung' feel all over the place. There are enough seating within the premise of this place. They even have rooms specially designed with the 'kampung' feel which is fully air-conditioned. I like how the owner decorated this place. Nothing funky and nothing fanciful. Just feels like the good ole days...... kopi kau satu. :)

From my point of view I reckon this place is a popular makan and hangout place in this little suburb. This place never fails to draw in the crowd considering the competition as there are plenty of restaurants in this area. The crowd never dies out - just in and out and in and out...... The only setback is that their service is below par, could be due to understaffed.

To quench our thirst we had a glass of kopi ping kau (iced coffee) (RM2.10+) and a glass of icy pineapple fruit juice (RM3.50+). The fruit juice tasted really good not too sour nor sweet. But the coffee was a big no-no. I was so disappointed as I was so eager to have a good cuppa. Dang! Even a '3 in 1' instant coffee tasted better than this.

We ordered a plate of 'Fried Kuey Teow LaLa' (RM5.30+). When we were served with this both of us became baffled as we do not see any 'LaLa' in it. We have to dig in really deep and have a binoculors to be able to see them. Oh Oh Oh ..... I see one here and ....... there and ........ so pathetic. Well, it tasted OK. The portion is just 'ok-lah' ..... could be better. Hey I see another Lala...... lmfao.

Next came the 'Black Pepper Grilled Chicken' (RM10.90+). The first thing that came to me was .... where's the chicken? It's in there somewhere I presumed. If not I'll have to call the CSI team to do some investigation. Just kidding. It is because the whole piece of chicken is so 'small' and it is fully covered with the tantalizing black pepper sauce. I could count the number of fries served with it and the portion is equally small for the coleslaw.

The sauce tasted rich of black pepper but it's just a tad too sweet. The meat is just too.... soft. You could tear them apart by just looking at it. Fries tasted like fries ..... thank God. And the coleslaw tasted like those sold in KFC.

Conclusion : If this restaurant is in PJ, Subang or in any parts of KL, they will loose out to their competitors and they will never survive in this trade. Firstly, both food we ordered is just 'so-so' in taste. The downside is the portions are just too small for an adult to fill their hungry bellies. And their coffee sucks! I just don't get it why they are able to pull in the crowd. Most likely it's the decor and the purple colour building.

Oh well....... I'll have to pop into another restaurant for some mix rice if I don't want to starve myself to death even after eating all the above...... :s


Mr Kaya Kopitiam
10G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Y31/Y
Kota Kemuning
40460 Shah Alam


  1. hey psycho angel..... yes it's that 'char'. i don't know about the rest of the food they served there but judging from what we had was really 'char'.

  2. I think Mr. Kaya serve good food now. and the service is very nice, the staffs give a good service with smile.
    Wifi strong.. and even if you stay there makan and online more hours, they do kno macam mau buang u keluar dari kedai.

    If you order food that too salty or what, u can ask for a new one, and the staffs will glad to serve you.
    for me I think a good dining place is service come 1st.

  3. It is great to know that they are serving good food. I have not been there for some time now and i would probably pop in to check on them soon.


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