Saturday, October 9, 2010

Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Melaka Raya, Melaka.

Melaka, a historical state in Malaysia is hugely a hit amongst tourist across the world especially with Singaporeans. This place is rich of history and the Melakans are also rich in it's cultures. This tiny state which is the third smallest state in Malaysia is also very rich with it's food.

One of the famous food found in Melaka is the 'chicken ball rice'. Sounds catchy isn't it. This is made famous here and no other place across Malaysia. It is plainly Hainanese chicken rice made into shapes of balls. Simple as that. A trip to Melaka is not complete without having this chicken rice ball.

There are many places which serve this meal and some famous ones are located along Jonkers Street or Balestier Road.  Instead we drove towards Melaka Raya for this lovely food and the restaurant is called 'Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice' This place is supposed to be good as our ex-Prime Minister dined here before.

Without wasting time we got into our act with our orders based on the restaurant's recommendation. A plate of chicken comes with 'spare parts', some chicken rice balls, in-house soup and a plate of vegetable.

Service was fast which is good. All of us were hungry and started eating without saying grace. LOL. The chicken is just so-so and a little tough. Tasted normal to me as I've tasted better ones. The rice is also just so-so and tasted bland and  nothing spectacular about it except for it's shape.

The other dish which is a plate of vegetable and a bowl of in-house soup tasted just so-so too. Nothing to shout about as my mother in law can cook better than this. The vege is just plain vege and the soup came with some beans and some chicken feet.

Conclusion - What's the hype about this chicken ball rice anyway. For me it's just a normal dish. I've tasted better Hainanese chicken rice across Malaysia in particular Ipoh. Even chicken rice in Kuala Lumpur tasted better than this.

Anyway, since this is a 'tourist' thingy I must say that for first timers visiting Melaka the trip is not complete without eating this rice. Go for it as it's rice is specially done into shapes of balls. I reckon this must be the attraction - the ball. LOL.

Sad to say, I will not give another go at this chicken ball rice if given a choice. LOL. Yeah, it's just a so-so for me and it's not pocket friendly too. There are just so many food choice to pick from and I will forgo this.....


Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice
No 536 & 537
Taman Melaka Raya
75000 Melaka.
Tel : 06 288 3312.


  1. Yaya.. this place not so good.. You guys should have tried the one at Jonkers Street. Rice very fragrant and cant stop eating the chicken also..
    Theres 3 Chicken rice on Jonker street itself. Its the one with the 1930's facade...

  2. yeah i reckon so.... but then it's just chicken rice ..... we were at jonkers street for photoshoot but not for chicken ball rice. we had so much fun there as there are just so much of foodie.


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