Friday, July 16, 2010

Pork Noodle - Restoran Mang Chuan Nik @ Damansara Utama, PJ.

Malaysia is really an amazing country when it comes to food. We Malaysians are really spoiled for choice as there are just unlimited varieties to choose from.

I was told by my buddy that there is a place famous for 'Pork Noodle' at Damansara Utama or Uptown. The restaurant is called 'Restoran Mang Chuan Nik' along Jalan SS21/58.

Finding a parking space here is tough. Finding one is like hitting the jackpot! It's really frustrating to come to this part of town as you will see lot's of drivers turning into devils as they will park their vehicle haphazardly. Double parking and triple parking is a normal scene here and one wonders what the local authorities are doing.

Anyway back to the pork noodle. It was lunch time and the lunch crowd have started to throng this place. Well it didn't take me long to find the guy who is selling pork noodle as his place was packed with patrons placing their orders. I hope his food is as good as the crowd. ;)

I ordered a large bowl which came with glass noodles (you have a choice of yellow noodles or beehon), chunks of pork meat, spare parts, pork balls and some vegetable garnished with fried garlic. The serving was quite huge for RM5. Good enough for me though. Burp!! Oops!! LOL.

The soup was just good - not too mild nor too strong. Find it to be a little too sour and sweet - probably high usage of msg. Well........... I must say that it tasted really good but .............. not the best I've tasted before. Nevertheless it was worth while and would give it a 3/5.


Restoran Mang Chuan Nik
Jalan SS21/58
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deli Terra Garden (Jaya Jusco Mid Valley)

My weekends are usually for relaxation and spending valuable time with my loved ones including my 2 dogs. LOL. But this particular weekend turned out to be otherwise. My fiance wanted to do some shopping at Mid Valley as Maybank is having their annual sale @ Treats Fair.

We were all up and going at 8am and by 9:30am we found ourselves a parking space just beside one of the entrance to level 3. We thought we were there far too early for the fair but ...... just couldn't believe our eyes to see so many people waiting entry to the fair.

Well, we were lucky to be there so early but unfortunately we didn't managed to grab what we came for at this early hour as the traders have ran out of stocks and we had to wait till noon for the new stocks to arrive.

This lead us to this wonderful eatery which is situated in Jaya Jusco - near to the beddings and household areas. This place is called "Deli Terra Garden". Yeah, it's really 'terror' as they served one of the best ASSAM LAKSA in town. And this dish is really 'terror-fying'. LOL

Generally, Assam Laksa originated from Penang. This is one of Malaysia's top hawker food enjoyed by all Malaysians. This bowl of Assam Laksa (Lai Fen) is generously garnished with cucumber, onions, pineapple, bird chili, chunks of fish meat and lettuce. The taste is further enhanced with mint leaves and prawn paste (har koe). This lovely bowl of Assam Laksa is famous for it's tangy and sourish taste and it is a must for those who are there for leisure or pleasure visit. Yummy!

We also ordered a bowl of 'Ipoh Curry Noodle'. This is another signature hawker food that is so popular amongst Malaysians. Curry laksa is a coconut based curry soup served with yellow noodles or beehun or combo of both. This lovely bowl of curry noodle came with generous amount of yellow noodles, shredded chicken meat, long beans, bean sprout, 1/2 boiled egg and tofu. Not too spicy and not too much santan in it. Pure delight!

Besides this two lovely bowls of noodles, there are other varieties of hawker food sold here eg nasi lemak, nasi himpit, rendang chicken, otak otak, etc......

This place attracts a pretty healthy crowd where most of the patrons are there for their Assam Laksa. Each bowl of Assam Laksa or Ipoh Curry Noodles costs RM5.90.

Be sure to be there early to avoid disappointment as their famous Assam Laksa sells like 'hot cakes'.


Deli Terra Garden
Level 3, Jaya Jusco Mid Valley
K Lumpur.

Tel : 03 2284 4800

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sup Kaww @ Kelana Jaya, PJ.

It was a long hot humid day today. And traffic is building up and I have one last appointment to fulfill. It was 34 degree Celsius - the big bright yellow thingy above staring straight at me challenging me to battle the heat.
My client took me to this beautiful eatery in Kelana Jaya for an early dinner. This place is located behind the 'Shell Petrol Station' off the LDP as you approach Giant Hypermarket, Kelana Jaya. As you can see from the pics this place looks pretty good, comfy, airy and clean. But what is really good is the name of this place - "Sup Kaww". Yeah, they do serve some really good 'sup' here. That's where the name came from. :) LOL.

My client's office is just a stone throw away from this place and he is dines here regularly. This place is famous for it's 'tom yam', sup, few varieties of fried rice, satay, noodles, otak-otak, the list goes on....

Under such hot conditions I simply have to gulp a huge glass of icy cold orange juice which really did quench my thirst. Aaaghhh.................... cool!

This place is really famous for it's fried rice, particularly the 'Nasi Goreng Ayam or Daging USA'. Yeah the name of this dish is called 'USA Fried Rice with Chicken or Beef Meat'. My client guaranteed me that I will not regret and will long for a second plate as it is really yummy. And YUMMY it is.......

The fried rice was cooked in a sauce which is sweet and spicy. It was fried with carrots, onions, bird chili, chicken or beef meat in that special sauce. Topped with a 'telur mata kerbau' (sunny side up) sprinkled with chopped parsley and fried shallots.

I couldn't get myself away from the rice as it is really really good delicious yummy........ The only thing I didn't enjoy was the meat (beef) was overcooked but the chicken was done just fine. We ordered some 'otak-otak' to go along with the rice. Amazingly amusing ............. how they managed to cook something so good?

Otak otak is a fish cake dish that is popular in Malaysia especially in Melaka and Penang. Each stick costs only RM0.70. And to my surprised there were patrons who came here just for this. And I am not in a position to say otherwise as I find it yummy.

I will surely come back for more as there are plenty of varieties to choose from and it will take me awhile to complete the tasks. LOL.

This place is open for dinner only. Starts as early as 5pm till late. You will be entertained with free movies or TV programs via Astro via projector.


Sup Kaww
Lot 3630, No 4
Jalan SS6/8
Kelana Jaya
Tel : 014 629 5994, 012 291 0772
Fax: 03 7880 3208

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nasi Lemak - Restoran Ho Choon Sien @ Damansara Utama, PJ.

This is a typical Malaysian classic for breakfast that has been enjoyed by millions of Malaysians and the number is still growing. Yeah! I am talking about Malaysia's no1 - NASI LEMAK.

This has been my favourite from a very young age and am still loving it. This place which I will be reviewing is situated at Damansara Utama or widely known as Uptown. It's located in Restoran Ho Choon Sien at Jalan SS21/37. Same row along HSBC.

This place is famous for it's 'dim sum' but I am not going into that. There's this old Malay couple - Pakcik & Makcik selling their famous nasi lemak and it's only for breakfast. Close as early as 10 - 10:30am. And yeah this is one of my favourite!

There are lot's of varieties of dishes sold here - beef rendang, chicken rendang, sotong masak merah, beehon, fried noodle, curry puff, fried eggs, vege and the best sambal bawang.

The morning crowd can be quite notorious but bearable. Most patrons are there to 'tapau' or 'bungkus' or in plain english 'take away'. If you are a sucker for nasi lemak then you will surely give this place a '2 thumbs up'. For me they get additional '2 toes up'. LOL....

They really do know how to dish out delicious food as I truly enjoy all of it. The nasi is very aromatic with 'santan' - just a tad too strong. Both the rendangs are not too spicy, not too overcook, taste good but a little sweet. The sambal and sambal bawang is magical!!! Fantastic..... and this is where all the spiciness comes from.

IF you are not a 'rice' person you can opt for the beehon or noodles. It tasted equally good with or without the 'extras'.

You will not feel being shortchanged here and you will leave this place with a full belly and carrying a satisfaction grin.


Restoran Ho Choon Sien
Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Din Tai Fung @ Pavillion, KL.

Din Tai Fung.......

I am really honored today to be able to dine at this famous restaurant @Pavilion, KL which was originated from Taiwan. They have another branch @The Gardens, KL.

Food aside....... I found that Din Tai Fung have more than 50 outlets throughout the world and was rated one of the Top 10 Best Restaurant in the World by New York Times, NY.

This place is really fabulous - they actually send their staff to Taiwan for training and some of their staff do speak other languages - world class marque.

I would reckon that they will not be too many of this "Din Tai Fung" around in KL as the Taiwanese believes in quality rather than quantity. Quality can be seen from their floor staff all the way to the food. Don't believe me??? then make a date with Din Tai Fung to prove me wrong.

Ok ..... back to the food we ordered.
Xiao Long Pau & Xiao Long Pau with Crab, to kick start the feast. The chef had to undergo 2 years of training just to make this dish. Every 'XLP' weigh the same and each one comes with "18 pleats". This is their signature dish and frankly it tasted really really good. And the XLP with Crab is made of fresh crab meat (not frozen) out of this world. It's really yummy! and a must!

Next came the appetizers - House Special Appetizer & Japanese Cucumber. My Kiwi mate loved both of this dish (he's a sucker for appetizers). Both dishes tasted 'sour' which live up to their name (appetizer). I was longing for more food ............. dang~!!!! there goes my waist line. :)

Before we knew it the lovely waitress was serving us with 'Shrimp & Pork Dumplings', 'Pork Chop Fried Rice', 'Baby Green Beans with Minced Pork'.

Almighty God!!!! We were really spoil for choice.... all this yummy food. Dang!!!

The Shrimp & Pork Dumplings just melted in my mouth and they had no chance of escaping, LOL. Yeah it's really that good. My Kiwi buddy found it really good and had a second go straight away.

Pork Chop Fried Rice is another famous dish being dished out. Me, a sucker for pork, find this meal to be 5Star! Yummy ... all the way down to my belly. We were told that this dish tasted even better if consumed in Taiwan as the pork they use there is different from the ones used in Malaysia. It's tastier and more 'fragrant' indeed.

The rice went well with the vege - Baby Green Beans with Mince Pork. It was perfectly done - not too overcooked as green beans can be easily overcook. And not too salty too - just perfect. The aroma of the mince pork really give this dish an extra 'zing' which makes it really good. My Kiwi friend was apparently fighting for more share as he has never tasted such good food before.

Last but not least, for dessert, we had 'Sesame Bun' and 'Red Bean Dumplings'. The Sesame Buns tasted so super as it is like biting into a bar of chocolate. For the Red Bean Dumplings tasted equally good (must be consumed while hot).

Conclusion : This place is a must!!! not to be missed!!! Even though traffic can be a 'pain' especially in KL but you will be rewarded for all the trouble getting there.

Pavilion or The Gardens, both are well controlled in terms of quality. We were told that the crowd over at The Gardens can be quite bad. But if you are looking to dine privately, Pavilion outlet provide 1VIP room for such occasion.

I'll be making another round there most likely to The Gardens.....

Gardens : 03 2283 2292 ~ Lower Ground Floor, Lot LG-207
Pavilion : 03 2148 8292 ~ 6th Floor Lot No. : 6.01.05


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Soong Kee Beef Noodle @ KL.

Beef Ball noodles anyone? This place is for sure one of the best and hottest beef ball noodles I've ever came across. I can still remember the very first time I tasted this lovely noodles was like 23 years ago and am still craving for it until now.

This place is called "Soong Kee" and it is located along Jalan Tun Tan Siew Hin. It's somewhere near Bangkok Bank and HSBC Bank in KL.

The crowd is just fabulous - now or 23 years back - no difference. It's always packed. The only difference is that back then we have to enjoy this bowl of noodle under hot conditions but now this place is fully air-conditioned.

I was so fortunate to have the chance to enjoy this lovely noodle today. As usual I ordered a big bowl of beef noodle which came along with a bowl of beef balls in soup (RM5). Additional order was for a bowl of 'ngau chap' (RM5).

The beef balls is just simply amazing..... Not overcooked and the soup that came with it was simple yet delicious. Dipped the balls into the chilli paste and 'kawabanga' the best I've ever tasted in my life.

The yellow springy noodle was covered with lot's of minced beef and pork.... It is simply amazing. Out of this world kind of taste. The noodle was springy and not overcook and the minced meat was just fabulous - a perfect combination. Loved it. At times a single bowl is just not enough as one will want to consume another bowl just to satisfy their desire and lust for this noodle. LOL. Yeah......

The 'ngau chap' is a bowl of mixed 'spare parts' such as beef tendons (you name it they have it), meat etc...... Wonder how they managed to make everything so yummy and not overcooked...... For once I just don't bother about my cholesterol levels....... just wanna enjoy what I have in front of me.....LOL . OOps..... better not let my mrs know about this...

For those who have not been to this place, please make it a point to go as you will not be disappointed. Satisfaction guaranteed!!! I'll give a full star for this eatery and I have been a regular since the very first time I stepped into this place ie 23 years ago.

This place is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. Otherwise they are always open. Biz hours, if not mistaken, 11am till 12am. Yeah!


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