Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mr Kaya Kopitiam @ Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam.

It was a bright sunny afternoon with clear blue skies and a couple of hungry growling tummies churning some really good 'music'. We are going to give Kitaro a run for the money. Chuckle.....

This time around we ended up in Kota Kemuning as I had a pretty important appointment there. Well, things goes on really fine and everything was over and done with as fast as the speed of light.

There are just abundance of eateries here in this small little suburb. We choose an eatery which was just a walking distance to this place by a funky name of 'Mr Kaya Kopitiam'.

This place looks cosy and have the 'kampung' feel all over the place. There are enough seating within the premise of this place. They even have rooms specially designed with the 'kampung' feel which is fully air-conditioned. I like how the owner decorated this place. Nothing funky and nothing fanciful. Just feels like the good ole days...... kopi kau satu. :)

From my point of view I reckon this place is a popular makan and hangout place in this little suburb. This place never fails to draw in the crowd considering the competition as there are plenty of restaurants in this area. The crowd never dies out - just in and out and in and out...... The only setback is that their service is below par, could be due to understaffed.

To quench our thirst we had a glass of kopi ping kau (iced coffee) (RM2.10+) and a glass of icy pineapple fruit juice (RM3.50+). The fruit juice tasted really good not too sour nor sweet. But the coffee was a big no-no. I was so disappointed as I was so eager to have a good cuppa. Dang! Even a '3 in 1' instant coffee tasted better than this.

We ordered a plate of 'Fried Kuey Teow LaLa' (RM5.30+). When we were served with this both of us became baffled as we do not see any 'LaLa' in it. We have to dig in really deep and have a binoculors to be able to see them. Oh Oh Oh ..... I see one here and ....... there and ........ so pathetic. Well, it tasted OK. The portion is just 'ok-lah' ..... could be better. Hey I see another Lala...... lmfao.

Next came the 'Black Pepper Grilled Chicken' (RM10.90+). The first thing that came to me was .... where's the chicken? It's in there somewhere I presumed. If not I'll have to call the CSI team to do some investigation. Just kidding. It is because the whole piece of chicken is so 'small' and it is fully covered with the tantalizing black pepper sauce. I could count the number of fries served with it and the portion is equally small for the coleslaw.

The sauce tasted rich of black pepper but it's just a tad too sweet. The meat is just too.... soft. You could tear them apart by just looking at it. Fries tasted like fries ..... thank God. And the coleslaw tasted like those sold in KFC.

Conclusion : If this restaurant is in PJ, Subang or in any parts of KL, they will loose out to their competitors and they will never survive in this trade. Firstly, both food we ordered is just 'so-so' in taste. The downside is the portions are just too small for an adult to fill their hungry bellies. And their coffee sucks! I just don't get it why they are able to pull in the crowd. Most likely it's the decor and the purple colour building.

Oh well....... I'll have to pop into another restaurant for some mix rice if I don't want to starve myself to death even after eating all the above...... :s


Mr Kaya Kopitiam
10G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Y31/Y
Kota Kemuning
40460 Shah Alam

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Restoran Siong Hee @ SS3, PJ.

A family friend, FJ has been telling us about this place good for it's food. It is just another 'tai chau' restaurant but FJ assured us that we will not feel disappointed with this place.

The restaurant is called 'Restoran Siong Hee' which is just behind 'Restoran Sam Yu'. Frankly, we have seen this place many times but just didn't stop by for a bite. And they are open for dinner only.

We ordered some really good foodie this time with the restaurant's recommendations. First was their famous 'Thai Fried Rice'. Surprisingly, we weren't expecting the fried rice to come with fried chicken pieces. This is really something!

The chicken bites was really good as it is crispy and tasted good. Goes very well with the fried rice. The rice too was tasty but not enough 'zing' to it since it was supposed to be Thai style.

Next came a lovely plate of fried noodles called 'Empress Fried Noodle'. The looks and the aroma mesmerizes me and I was really hoping that it will taste good. And good does it taste! LOL.. yeah. It carries a very unique taste which I have never experienced before.The noodle was fried with prawns, pork, shallots and chilli.

Next came the 'Wild Boar Curry' which came with long beans. Very fragrant, smells good and tasted even better. A little sour but it's ok if it is eaten with rice. I always find cooking curry with dry chilli does make the dish spicier and tastier.

Finally, the green arrived. A plate of 'Choy Sum' fried with garlic. It was fried to perfection as the vege still tasted 'fresh'. Simple and nice.

Conclusion - Highly recommended. Food are tasty, huge portion, well priced. I would say better than their nearest competitor.


Restoran Siong Hee
No 31, Jalan SS3/37
Off Jalan SS3/66
Universiti Garden
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03 7876 7763 / 012 673 1889

Friday, September 17, 2010

Eco-Style Trading Sdn Bhd

Shopping for bathroom stuff eg sanitarywares, long baths, tap fittings, showers etc..... may be a tedious thing to do. It's also a very tough choice to make in terms of quality or brands and I reckon the toughest thing to do is choosing the right place to shop for these items.

Jalan Ipoh in Kuala Lumpur is a good place to shop as there are many outlets or showroom there which specialises in bathroom items. One particular showroom which caught my attention is one facing the main road of Jalan Ipoh called Eco-Style Trading Sdn Bhd.

This outlet is very different compared to the others in terms of it's displays and settings. Most showroom which I came across are either packed with display sets all cramped up to maximise space and some showrooms are more like warehouse where showroom space are utilised for stocks.

Caravaggio Vitreous China Basin
This store concept is very warm and have the 'homely' feel to it. Their sales staff are very helpful and friendly always willing to give a helping hand. There carry many different types bathroom items. Sanitary ware alone comprises of the following brands - Caravaggio, Potex, Johnson Suisse, Orin, etc.... Tap fittings brand and models are abundance too. Just unbelievable.

There are plenty of 'rain showers' to chose from, different shapes and sizes. Another attraction here is the 'free standing basins' or some call it 'barrel basin'. They look so elegant and I would really recommend to those who have a huge budget for renovation.


Eco-Style Trading Sdn Bhd
No 266, 2 1/2 Miles
Jalan Ipoh
51200 Kuala Lumpur.
Attn : Mr Tan Po Li
Tel : 012 218 5399

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Restoran Sam Yu Seafood @ SS3, PJ.

My fiance and I was just relaxing on the couch staring at the TV set enjoying every moment we have in the comfort of our house. I just loved this moments and never can get enough of it. While waiting for our friends to arrive at our place we took some time to catch the latest Hong Kong series over AOD via Astro.

I just love to share a dinner with some friends cause food can do wonders. It is a universal language for peace... LOL as everyone on this planet earth needs to eat. It can bring closer ties between people and food normally comes with laughter as well.

So, we decided to drive down to SS3 for some simple Chinese meal. This place is called Sam Yu Seafood Restaurant. We were told that this place serves value for money meals. Let's see about this......

First to come was the 'Marmite Pork Ribs'. This is one of their signature dish which we decided to give a try. The meat was slightly tough as a result of being over fried. Such a waste cause the Marmite sauce is just irresistible delicious. So, it's a case of 'save by the bell'. (Chuckle).

Next on line is 'Claypot Tofu'. The portion of this pot of tofu is pretty huge. More than enough for the 4 of us. It tasted just 'so-so'. Nothing to shout about. Simple dish with a too simple taste. Frankly I was a little disappointed with this dish as I was expecting it to taste good by the looks of it. Unfortunately....... sigh........ it's otherwise.

Everyone was just eagerly waiting for this particular dish to be dished out. Curry Mixed Vegetable. Again this dish looks really good and thank GOD it tasted good. The portion is a huge disappointment. Just too little for four. This dish was snapped up as fast as Carl Lewis does a 100m sprint.

We specifically told the waitress that we wanted more cabbage and long beans. But this did not materialized. Mix vege include long beans, cabbage, ladies fingers, tofu and eggplant. This dish is santan based. Rich santan taste and not spice at all. Goes really well with white rice.

Conclusion - The food is just 'so-so'. Could be better. Fast service. Pretty pricey. Have both open-air dining and air-conditioned dining. 


Restoran Sam Yu Seafood
No 32, Jalan SS3/35
Taman University
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7875 1197 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Restoran Pei Fook @ Kepong.

Today, I am going to review a popular restaurant somewhere in Kepong which is famous for it's 'wan ton mee'. This used to be my regular 'makan' place when I was working in Kepong. This place is called 'Restoran Pei Fook'.

I can still remember the very first time I came here for lunch. My client brought me here for a good plate of  'wan ton mee' and all I can say was that I love it. From then on I just couldn't stop myself from patronizing this outlet.

The morning crowd is very notorious and one will have to be there early to be able to find a seating. Yeah, it's almost packed everyday especially during weekends. Lunch crowd are equally healthy.

This place never fail to impress me. Every time I order the dry type 'wan ton mee' the noodle is always cooked to perfection where you'll get the springy texture when you bite into them. Perfect! And the sauce is just marvelous not too sweet nor too sour. Perfect! With such combo it'll take a miracle to make one hate it.

The barbeque pork or 'char siew' is just so-so. That's very unfortunate. But one will not complain much since the noodle is so delicious and will take whatever attention away from the 'char siew'.

The 'wan ton' which we ordered was equally yummy and not forgetting the soup. This whole bowl is just fantastic. The size of the wan ton is reasonable which gets a 2 thumbs up from me. I usually will order a combo of wan ton with pork liver but sad to say they have ran out of the latter.

We also ordered a plate of braised pork with cloud ear fungus. This is a very famous dish with the patrons as the meat tasted really good but slightly sour. You can either eat it plain or with noodles or rice. It's really mouth watering and worth a second plate.

Conclusion : Highly recommended. Wan Ton Noodle lovers have to give this place a try! Or you will regret it. I have brought so many of my friends and family members to this place and they all loved it. Carrying a large grin after filling up their bellies. And it's fairly cheap!


Restoran Pei Fook
No 10, Jalan Perdana 3
Kepong Indah Perdana
52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 6274 2709

Monday, September 13, 2010

Smooth Traffic @ Federal Highway

Kuala Lumpur - Petaling Jaya via Federal Highway. 13th of Sept 2010. 4th day of Hari Raya. Time - 16:30.

I was traveling back from KL towards PJ and was surprised to find the traffic to be so smooth. So little cars on the road which makes it a joy to drive. I reckon most people are still away for the Hari Raya Holidays.

I bet most KL people are happy to see the roads to be so clear of traffic. Well, I was really happy since driving along this road is madness most of the time.

Wouldn't it great if our roads are as empty as this, everyday? Aye!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Various Photos - Just For Fun

boutique or post office

can you spot the winning NO
happy days
coffee anyone? @ m buji
F ? block.....
what will you look at first?
cool..... just for fun

Fancy Bikes

Look at this beauty. Spotted this gorgeous looking bike at TTDI. It's a Harley Davidson in fancy striking blue colour. Had to take the pics of this bike and share it with my readers. And I managed to find two lovely models (FIL - Future In Laws) to pose for us.

I will surely trade my car for this lovely baby. I will not find any difficulties in riding this bike as it's 3 wheeler!!

And another 3 wheeler, this gorgeous in yellow....... I was both amazed and amused with this lovely beauty. This is a BMW. And thanks to my friend's niece who was more than willing to pose for us.

These are toys for the rich and infamous ....... LOL.


IgG-Plus Natural Colostrum Skim Milk - Smart Naco S/B

Talk3Talk4 is really talking nowdays. I want to share with everyone on this wonderful finding of mine. I have never been a fan of direct-selling products but this is one I truly believed in.

This product is called IgG-Plus Natural Colostrum Skim Milk. This product is specially developed exclusively by Smart Naco S/B, a stockist in PJ.

It's bio-active components are derived from the finest ingredient sourced from New Zealand to provide maximum health benefits.

I have been consuming this milk for months now and found that it does boost me up in so many ways. I used to feel tired most of the time, having sleepless nights, joint pains and catches a cold quite easily. Was introduced to this product by family members and decided to give it a try.

It has been months now and seriously I am a changed person. My immune system has been boosted - don't get colds as easily as before, feeling much fresher and more energetic, joint pains are to the minimum and the best thing is that I am able to sleep better.

This is a highly recommended product for all age of life.  Don't expect this product to perform miracle overnight. You will have to continue to drink this milk in order to see the improvements. Of course you'll have to watch your diet too and have a healthy lifestyle for the supplements to work it's best.

This product is sold at RM98.00 per box which consists of 20 sachets and each sachet weigh 15grammes. This product sells very well and I am off to replenish my stocks soon.

Highly recommended ! It works !


Smart Naco Sdn Bhd
(PJ Stockist)
No 20-A, Jalan SS4C/5
Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Attn : Mr Yap Chee Ping
Tel : 03 7803 5677 
         016 328 6063
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