Friday, October 15, 2010

Restoran New Paris @ SS2, PJ.

Once upon a time, when I was in my 20's, got my first paycheck and it's time for a celebration. A celebration with close friends and family. A celebration over dinner. And as usual the usual question of 'hey where shall we go for dinner tonight?' pops up. PARIS~ shouted from a close friend. Everyone was chuckling over it but our close friend was serious about what he said.

This place is called Restoran New Paris or famously known as 'Paris' to most people. I can still remember this restaurant plying it's trade in a shack or some shacks in SS2 before all the developments started back then. This place was always packed. Furthermore the old premise is slightly small and tables and limited. Back then one will have to go early to avoid disappointment of not getting a seat.

This restaurant have moved to a new premise which is more modern, cleaner, bigger and have 2 levels for diners to enjoy the good food.

Their signature dipping sauce which is spicy & sour full of raw shallots is a big favourite and is provided free to it's patrons. This dipping sauce is really appetizing and the best thing is that it can be refilled. We quickly got into our act and wasted no time with our orders. Today's order is based on the restaurant's recommendations. Most of it are their 'chiu phai choy'.

To start off the feast is their famous 'Assam Fish Head Curry' which comes with long beans, lady fingers and tofu. This meal goes perfectly with white rice which is free flowing. Great for really big eaters.

I was rather feeling disappointed as the sourness taste was very artificial. I could taste it from the first sip of the assam soup.  Fish meat was rather tough which is a sign of overcooked.  Nevertheless it was a very appetizing dish.

Their 'Samble Petai Prawns Sotong' is a very popular dish too. It is not too spicy. Both prawns and squid was perfectly cooked. It is important not to overcook both the prawns and especially the squids as you do not want the texture to be rubberish.

This tofu dish is also their signature dish. The white chinese tofu is fried to perfection as the inner tofu tasted soft while the outer layer is crunchy. Topped with minced meat and some chopped spring onion this dish is a killer. Simple yet delicious.

This next dish was simply amazing as the 'Honey Chicken' was served on a carved watermelon skin while the watermelon was all scooped up shaped as balls and was served together with the chicken. This chicken tasted good, a little burnt and a little overcooked.

Last but not least came the only vegetable dish we ordered ~ Lotus Roots fried with green peas, carrots, celery with garlic. Simple and nice. This dish is a very healthy dish as lotus roots is rich of dietary fiber, vitamin C, B6, iron etc...

Conclusion : Was rather disappointed as it does not taste as good as before. The samble and tofu dish was ok. The assam fish was rather artificial in taste and is a big no-no from us all. We could get better ones in Taman Megah. The honey chicken was just too tough due to being overcooked and tasted sweet only. Overall a mere 3/5.


Restoran New Paris
No 62, 64, 66
Jalan SS2/72
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7955 9180

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