Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Swensen's @ Subang Parade

Back in the 80's when Bryan Adams was a big hit in the rock n roll world,  punk & funk rules the British charts, Ford Mustang was every man's dream and Swensen's was the King of ice-cream which had monopoly the Malaysian market for a long long time. It was every kids dream to be slurping ice-creams at it's parlour. It was a hit back then where the outlets are always packed. This brand is made a household brand overnight and still lives until today. Just marvelous.

It has been a long time since we set foot to this place. Of course it's not the same outlet it used to be but this new outlets are more refine, more spacious, more ice-creams selections and more food selections too.

We were all so excited by just looking at the ice-cream menu. Just fabulous. I wished I could have all of it ..... but had to settle for a 'Chocolate Crunch' ice-cream and a 'Strawberry Stripes'. Such a delight as the ice-creams are so rich and creamy. Why didn't I order an 'Earthquake'. LOL.....

Our buddies started off with some kiddies meal...... 'Mini Beef Burgers', 'Sunny Omelette' and 'Mini Ham Sandwich'. Frankly, don't expect too much from this kiddie meals as it is meant for kiddies where the taste of this meals are just moderate which is healthy for kids. Each of this meals are selling at RM9.90.

My buddies also ordered a plate of 'Chicken Ceasers Salad'. This was a big disappointment. They can't even serve a decent salad and God knows what they can do. I have lost of words to describe how bad it tasted. :S

Next came the 'Mushroom Soup in a Bun'. The soup tasted pretty good and it goes really well with the bun. But just a little too sour for my liking. Tasted best while it's still hot.

As usual I will not forgo my favourite especially especially dining at Swensen's. It's the 'Mega Burger' which is one of their signature meals. Mega Burger is a gigantic burger that comes with juicy beef patty, chicken ham, beef bacon, grilled vegetable, onions, melted cheese with a fried egg to top it off. And it comes with some fries and coleslaws. 

I would prefer pork bacon and ham instead of chicken as I always find pork to taste better. However we were not so fortunate as this place is 'Halal' which means you won't be able to find pork in this restaurant.

This burger surprisingly tasted quite good. The beef patty does indeed is juicy. Sinking your teeth into this burger feels like heaven. I would prefer the fried egg to come with half cooked yolk. Very filling meal indeed.

Conclusion : Good place for ice-creams. Enjoyed every moment of it. For the other meals especially the salad and the mushroom soup tasted really amateur. The chef ought to be shot. Kiddies meals are fantastic for kiddies. Mega Burger is really fantastic! Could be better. Not as good as T3T4 burger. :P


Swensen's @ Subang Parade Cafe~Restaurant
G30, Ground Floor
Subang Parade
Subang Jaya.
Tel : 03 5638 3036


  1. T3T4 .. when can we place an order for the home made beef burgers .. *@*

  2. LOL shirley ...... well it's a great idea. let's say have a bash this coming Christmas. :D


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