Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant (Famous Beggar's Chicken) @ Ijok

After month's of preparation for a journey for something really special that is located at Ijok finally came through. A total of 4 cars ferrying around 20 people started the journey at 12pm and headed through the NKVE highway towards Sg Buloh before exiting the Sg Buloh toll. We decided to take the 'old' trunk road towards the restaurant and use the new highway on the way back.

It was pretty easy to find the place if you know where Ijok is. After exiting the Sg Buloh toll make a left turn towards Sg Buloh  and just go all the way following the main road. Make sure do not drive too fast as it can be a little dangerous as the roads are narrow at some points and winding too. Of course there are lot's of 'lorry' too. Just go straight towards Ijok and viola you will be able to spot a signboard on the left side of the road that will lead you towards the restaurant. FYI, the restaurant is not visible from the main road so make sure you look for the signage!

Even though it is far away from the city one would expect this place to be serene, peace and quiet. But it is quite otherwise since most city folks will be heading towards this particular restaurant for some good beggar's chicken etc... this place is even busier than any parts of KL. At most times there will be busload of tourists. So, please make sure you make a booking before heading here to avoid being disappointed.

Prawn Cracker
Crowded isn't it...
Upon arrival we could see lot's of people already made their way here much earlier as they were so many cars and buses along the path that lead us to the restaurant. It was busy, really busy and noisy too. We made our way to our tables and eagerly waiting for our pre-ordered food to be served.

This place also boosts for it's 'prawn crackers' which will be a delightful appetizer while waiting for the mains be served. If I am not mistaken a packet costs around RM10.00. Mind you it may be costly but it sure does taste good.

Freshly cooked beggar's chicken
This is where the beggar's chicken came from...
Their cooking area for the beggar's chicken is locate behind the restaurant. Their home made oven which is located on the ground uses wood as the main source of 'fire'. We were told that it takes approx 4-5 hours to cook the chicken. This is one of the main reason why one needs to make a booking before coming over for a meal. OK, let us go back to the food...

Beggar's Chicken
Drooling...... drooling...... Yeah ! this was precisely what we were doing. Luckily it didn't take them too long to bring in the first dish which is the famous beggar's chicken. The aroma just burst out upon opening the foil. It was cooked with lot's of chinese herbs which is good. Chicken meat was tender as expected. It was marvelous, extremely delicious. Goes very well with white rice especially consumed with the broth or gravy.

Beggar's Pork Knuckle
Next on the table was the beggar's pork knuckle with yam. Just as I thought the chicken was good,,,, I just couldn't imagine how good this would be as the aroma really knocks me out. Again, as expected the meat was really tender and juicy...hahaha ... with the sauce that came with it... was unbelievable. And the yam that came with it was really good too. OMG, there goes my diet!

Beggar's Duck
A hattrick of meaty dish. Came rolling in was the beggar's duck which was cooked to perfection where meat was tender is really hard to resist. Even though I am not a 'duck' person but the way this duck was cooked made me had a bite or two ... eerrr,,,,, or even more. Simply delicious.

Finally something not too meaty came along. Prawns cooked in soy sauce with a hint of chilli was very tasty indeed. Prawn was not overcooked with is good otherwise it'll taste like 'rubber' LOL. Prawn was fresh and juicy. It was all gone in within minutes. Couldn't imagine all of us still have room for more...

Steam Talapia
This steam fish was just normal la. Nothing really special about it. Somehow the fish was slightly overcooked. But the sauce was pretty good and goes well with white rice. The size of the fish was pretty huge which was just enough to feed 10 'still hungry' adults.

Kam Heong Crab
Crab cooked in Kam Heong style is our all time favourite. But it will take a lot of guts to chew them in as we were more or less pretty full by now. Crab was fresh which is important and tasted really good. But I find the size of the crab to be a little small. Would be great if it's the size of a Sri Lankan crab.

Fry vegetable in Oyster sauce
Pig Stomach Peppered Soup
Come to think of it we only had 1 green dish for the day. Oh! what a diet eh.... Anyway, it was great to be munching into some green after some really tough meaty dish. Tasted good as nothing much can go wrong with preparing a plate of vegetable.

BUT ! the pig stomach peppered soup was a knockout and came at the right moment. It was so aromatic that it caught everyone's attention. Everyone wanted a bowl of it after taking in so much food. Can you believe it. Fantastic pot of soup and just wanted more and more. It would have been better if it's more 'kaw' in other words if only it contains more pepper.

Conclusion : It was a feast indeed. All of us had a great time and we were all heavier compared to the time we came. Food was OK, service was fast, soup was a knockout! Our belly was over-filled. Everyone was happy. Something that suits 'once in a blue moon' theory. Pure delight. Wonderful journey. A 3.5/5.


New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant 
Tel : 03 3279 1936 / 019 317 3687

Note : The above review is purely based on my personal opinion.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zipangu - Fine Dining Japanese Restaurant @ Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

This is it. Finally, we made our way to this famous Japanese restaurant. So much has been said about it from their loyal fans and from Japanese food lovers. The highlight of this place is that their head chef is from Japan and with lot's of culinary skills and experience under his belt. His experience includes working in some fine Japanese restaurants in Tokyo before moving on here. He being 'the catch of the day' has brought along his skills and expertise in preparing unique and healthy delicacies to us here at "Zipangu".

Zipangu is truly an amazing place to go to. You will be welcomed with some really beautiful architectural works and some marvelous designs which will makes you want to catch another glimpse or two. This place is huge and it actually took me some time to walk all the way in as I was admiring the place.

Zipangu represents a balance of perfect harmony between contemporary design and authentic cuisine. This is something that I am really looking forward to. Zipangu also features a walk-in-wine and sake cellar ~ a great place for those who would want to enjoy some cool wines or sakes with an amazing set-up which is very relaxing. Besides this Zipangu also have some individual sushi, grill and kappou counters as well as private and ala-carte dining areas.

Since this was supposed to be a special event and function we already had made a booking for a private room so that we will have all the time to indulge to all the good food that is waiting for us whole night long.

 This is going to be a difficult blog for me to write as there was just so much food and so much sake that made it hard for us to take some really good photos and we did not capture all the photos of all the food we ordered. So, I am going to do a simplified version for now.

We started off with some different types of sashimi ~ Sashimi Moriawase (five kinds of assorted sliced raw fish) @ RM200.00, Maguro (Tuna) @ RM80.00, Salmon @ RM60.00 and best of all Toro (prime belly part of tuna) @ RM200.00.

One thing for sure you will not be disappointed with it's quality of the sashimi. Freshness is a priority and none of us complained or even winced a word of displeasure. Salmon tasted really sweet and amazing but most amazing was the 'Toro'. Words just couldn't explained how well this was. It really does melts in your mouth and you will never get enough of it. It was so good that we had to order another round .... and still not enough. We had to stop as Toro alone costs us RM400.00.

There was also an abundance of sushi which we ordered ~ Uni (sea urchan) @ RM45.00 per piece, Hotate (scallop) @ RM25.00 per piece, California Roll @ RM35.00, Soft Shell Crab Roll @ RM40.00 and Tokusen Chirashi Sushi (assorted premium sashimi served on vinaigrette rice @ RM160.00.

We also had Tempura Moriawase ~ assorted tempura which consists of 5 pieces of prawns, 2 kinds of seafood and 4 kinds of vegetables. We had a couple of charcoal grilled Yakitori Moriawase that consists of 1 piece Tebasaki, Negima, 1 piece Tsukune, Momo and Kawa @ RM40.00.

The one all was waiting for Wagyu Amiyaki ~ charcoal grilled Australian Wagyu beef @ RM150.00 per 100grams was a little disappointed. It does tastes good, well marinated but just a little over cooked. Meat texture was rather hard otherwise a superb meal.

Sukiyaki Don
Sukiyaki Don @ RM 65.00 was a real bargain. Serving was pretty huge and the amount of beef that came with it was good and delicious. This soup based dish goes very well with some Japanese white rice. It is very aromatic and soup was a tad salty but very delicious.

Salmon Ikura Don
Some of the rice box meals we had includes Salmon Ikura Don ~ Salmon and salmon roe on rice @ RM60.00 was terrific. Again. it was the freshness of the fish that made this a winner. Pure delight to sink your teeth onto the salmon meat and salmon roe coupled with some really aromatic Japanese white rice.

Other rice box meals we had include Maguro Tataki Don ~ minced tuna on rice @ RM80.00, Oyako Don ~ simmered chicken and egg on rice @ RM50.00 and Una Jyu ~ grilled eel served on rice @ RM70.00.

Gindara Kousou Mushi
Not to be missed "Gindara Kousou Mushi" ~ steamed Cod fish with herb oil and vinegar soy sauce @ RM60.00. This killer dish was so good that it took us less than a minute to finish it off. And we had to order another 2 more.

Goes very well with Japanese white rice as the sauce is really out of this world. Frankly you could finish a whole bowl of rice by just having it with it's sauce. Cod fish was also cooked to perfection. Salute to the chef.

Conclusion : If you are looking for a fine dining Japanese restaurant and would want to enjoy some good wines or sake this will be the place to go to. Environment is simply marvelous ~ elegant, cosy and classy. Food was simply marvelous. Good service. A tad pricey but not complaining based on the quality of the food. A4.5/5.

Cheers !

Level 1, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur
No 11, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2074 3900

Note : The above review is solely based on my personal opinion.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Canoodling @ Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Just can't believe that I have been 'Missing In Action' for almost 1 year. Oh Blimey !!! Thousand apologies to all my followers and readers. Time have not been favourable to me. But I will do my very best to keep on blogging and make it more interesting. - T3T4.

Alright ! Back to business. What's on for today? 'Canoodling' .... at Bangsar ! Yeah, I should start off with this lovely restaurant situated at Bangsar Village 2 which I personally was attracted to.

This place took me by surprise with it's simple yet elegant setup and it's surroundings. It made me feel at home instantly and frankly I was telling myself hoping that their menu and food can be of the same. My fingers was crossed the whole time as I didn't wanted to feel disappointed after a rousing start.

Before I move on to the menu I would like to share some lovely pictures of the place and it's environment. I am sure you will find it cozy, simple and elegant. The theme here is yellow.

The place was pretty packed with lunch mongers and we were told by regulars that the place is always packed. So it will be a great idea to come in early. And I am sure the food is good judging from the crowded place. So, let's move on ....

The Canoodle Oodles of Noodles @ RM11.90++

Marinated Minced Chicken in Dark Soy & Coriander Root
Lettuce Leaves & Coriander and Spicy Coriander Garlic Sauce
Steamed Silken Rice Noodle Sheets
To start off with the dry noodle selection with the funky name 'The Canoodle Oodles of Noodles', darn it I am getting tongue tied by saying it.... This is a greyhound Thailand inspired complicated noodles with stacks of iceberg lettuce leaves & coriander, marinated minced chicken in dark soy and coriander root plus steamed silken rice noodle sheets, each served in it's own bowl with a spicy coriander garlic sauce.

I am getting tongue tied plus tummy growls just by it's name and description of this dish. I would say this will be my appetizer for the day. Even though it can be quite filling. And how do you eat them?

Just like how one will eat a 'popiah'. Yeah, it's the same way but with a different twist of flavor and taste. Remember this is a Thai inspired dish and with it's spicy garlic sauce and all the other stuff that came with it this will be a great start.

To eat, assemble into little parcels and share as you please. Yeah ! this was what was printed on their menu. The guys running this place really does have an artistic mind ... and mind you this dish does tastes good. Really. I am not into such 'wrap and makan' foodie but this really changed my perception on it. Chicken tasted really good and was well cooked and well marinated which is good and top it with the spicy coriander garlic sauce .... viola...... faint ! I am speechless.

Tom Yam Noodles @ RM13.90++
Fiery clear Thai soup made with lemongrass, chilli and galingale served over rice vermicelli with prawns, squids and straw mushrooms.

Who dare to take this challenge! OMG .... omg .... lost of breath. It's kind of spicy but I can take them hands down. Yeah, the broth surely does tastes spicy and sour which lives up to it's characteristic. It does spice up your appetite. Loved it. Truly a hearty meal. Burp!!! excuse me....

Wok Fried Loh Shu Fun @ RM12.90++
After two Thai inspired tongue boggling dish let us move back to some local street foodie, 'wok fried loh shu fun'. This dish can be found all over Malaysia as it is considered one of the famous hawker food which most Malaysian enjoy. Since hawker food in Malaysia is world famous it will be a test of culinary skills whether the guys at 'Canoodling' can dish up a good one.

I am a little worried that my 'taste buds' will fail me. It will be a test for me to dig deep into the taste of this lovely pot of 'loh shu fun' as I have just finished a hearty bowl of Thai Tom Yum noodles. The strong taste of the tom yum still lingers in my mouth and I wouldn't want to mis-represent the 'loh shu fun'.

Munch... munch ..... hmm.... wow.... I was amazed !!! It does taste good and comparable with those along Petaling Street. Really... I really hope it's not a 'one off wonder' thing but the noodle I am having in front of me is really good. Noodle was cooked just right not too soft and the whole package was just lovely. Not too salty (something I really hated)... darn it I just don't know what to say anymore.

Red Curry Duck Confit Noodle @ RM13.90++
Charcoal noodles topped with Thai styled red curry with lychees finished with a whole crispy duck leg and fresh basil.

This is really something special. Curry Duck. I have never tried curry duck before and this will be my first. I love curry and all this time it's either curry chicken, curry mutton, pork curry or beef curry. But not duck. Nevertheless, there is always a first time. BTW this duck noodle is supposed to be one of 'Canoodling' famous dish.

Curry was pretty good since it is another one which is Thai inspired. I would have preferred two duck leg since one is not enough for my indulgence. LOL. The rich aroma of fresh basil take this noodle a notch up and I was totally delighted with the guys from 'Canoodling' for coming up with such a delicious noodle. Now I know how well duck goes with curry!

Braised Duck and Ginger Noodle @ RM12.90++
Another famous duck noodle and this time it is Hong Kong inspired 'yee mee' tossed with aromatic braised duck leg and wood ear fungus in dark soy.

I couldn't make it whether this is a 'soupy' noodle or just 'dry' noodle. It was supposed to be 'dry' but with a little extra broth in it makes it something like 'semi-soupy'. LOL. I think I must be drunk with too much good food here.

Nevertheless, this Hong Kong style noodle is a must! Duck was perfectly cooked and I just couldn't resist the aroma of this noodle. Anything that has 'yee mee' in it tasted good and this is what this noodle is all about.

Conclusion : Everything that is connected to this place is just funky. Funk name for the place as well for the food. Lovely environment. Nice ambiance. Pretty good service. Pretty good serving. Pretty fair pricing. Pretty good food.  Just pretty. Recommended. A 4/5.


2F-29, 2nd Floor
Bangsar Village 2
No.1, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2287 1566

Note : The above review is solely based on my personal opinion.
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