Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sri Pinang Restoran (nyonya~thai) @ Shah Alam.

I was rather late for a lunch appointment with a client of mine in Shah Alam. It was suppose to be a farewell lunch for my lovely client who has been with the company for 5 years. It's time for her to move ahead........

The weather was gloomy but pleasing to the eye especially when you are driving. It didn't take me long to reach my client's place and even faster for all of us to make a move to this lovely restaurant which I will review.

Yeah, the name of this place is called "Sri Pinang Restoran (nyonya~thai). It says it they serves both Nyonya and Thai dishes here. It's located in Shah Alam Sec 15. This place is located at a corner shopunit and is on the 1st floor. The best thing is this place is air-conditioned. Yay!!! good for me as I hate hot and humid weather and not a smoker either.

We didn't waste much time ordering (for 5). The 'captain' was very helpful but rather fierce..... yeah she kept on scolding her workers for being slow. LOL. Anyway, that's besides the point. We ordered the following :- TomYam Seafood, Pandan Chicken, Deep Fried Squid, Asparagus, another veggie (dang!!! forgot what it's called), Hot Plate Japanese Tafu and Green Curry Chicken. Sounds really good isn't it...........

First to come was the tom yam.....it's pretty spicy (which I like) but rather sweet :( It came with lot's of squids and prawns. The serving was just nice for 5. Next in line was the 2 veggie dish. It really tasted good as it was not too oily. One was cooked with plain garlic and the other with sambal belacan. It was yummy......

Next on the line was the Pandan Chicken. Really good I must say. Meat was tender and not overcook. Must have used lot's of spices to marinate the chicken meat as it was really delicious. More came and we were really spoiled for choice. Hot plate tofu was really really good. But the Green Curry Chicken doesn't taste like one. Yeah..... all of us was scratching our heads. What on earth did they served us with? Ahahaha........no laughing matters. It's true.

All of us found the so-called green curry yummy minus the green curry taste. It tasted more like 'nai yau curry chicken'. It wasn't spicy at all but the 'nai yau' tasted good. Even though it was good but 'potong steam' lar since all of us was expecting a really good green curry. Minus minus....... and the 'captain' was so proud to say that they dish out good green curry. Duh!!! She must have problem with her taste buds. Nevertheless we finished it off......

The fried squid was just so-so lar. Anyone who knows how to cook can dish this squid out. I believe I can do a better job if I were the chef unfortunately ......... ahahaha.

To finish things up we wanted to order some water chest nuts for dessert BUT they do not have this in their menu! Can you believe it?! This is suppose to be a Thai restaurant..... Sigh..... We ended up ordering a big plate of mango mixed with I dunno what and 2 bowls of chendol.

Conclusion ............. it was an enjoyable lunch with really good dish being dished out and also a surprise green curry dish which could be better. I will surely come back for more considering we only paid RM140.28 incl tax. Not too bad I reckon .........

Sri Pinang Restoran
No12, Jalan Utas D/15D
Shah Alam.
Tel : 03 5510 8687.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to get rid of fleas & ticks?

Dear Readers,

I have 2 lovely dogs which I adopted this year - a male and a female dog.

Hannah is a female terrier mix who is 9 months old and Thunder is a male labrador mix who is 8 1/2 months old. Both are perfect companion and everyone loves them.

I have come across once where both of them were infested with ticks and fleas. It was a serious case where both of my lovely dogs were infested with the unwanted pests. Tried so many ways and methods but seems that the creatures keep coming back.

Since then I have been bathing my dogs with anti-fleas/ticks shampoo and washing them with mixture of H2O with 'poison'. Leaving them to dry naturally. I've been using Frontline Spot-On Combo for Dogs too. This product is suppose to 'protect' my dogs for 1 month but doesn't seems to be working. The pests will re-appear in less than 4 weeks.

I found that washing the dogs with the H2O - 'poison' mixture works! And it is a cheaper option compared to using Frontline.

I will spray around the vicinity of my house with the mixture just to make sure that the pests do not lie around to kill another day. So far so good. But if I let the dogs wandering in the vicinity of the lawn ........... they will be infected with it without much ease. I don't know why.

I really hope that someone out there who'll come across my blog will be able to provide me with some solutions.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

J & J Corner Restaurant - Portugese Seafood @ Melaka.

It's really difficult to upload such yummy pics to share with all of you ............ aargh.... am getting hungry just looking at these pics.

I am sure you'll agree with me, don't you??? LOL.... slurp, slurp, growling.......

OK.... I was in this lovely town called Melaka. Just a couple of hours drive from KL. It's worth the trip as I am a sucker for good food especially spicy food and seafood. Oops... there goes my calories ........... My lovely friend brought us to the "Portuguese Settlement" for 100% Portuguese seafood. I was sceptical in the beginning but ....... was glad to be there. Not sure the directions to this place but I reckon the locals will be able to point the way there if you were to ask for directions.

There are quite a number of eateries there which serves seafood. Since I was there with a friend she just knows which shop to go for. As you can see the name of the eatery is called J & J Corner and is numbered No 10. You will not miss it.... it's the last shop.

We ordered quite a bit .... from Grill Ikan Pari in Tradisional Portuguese Sauce, Garlic Fried Crabs, Sambal Sotong Prawns, Fried Black Pepper Bitter Gourd, Black Pepper Beef, Sambal Belacan KangKong and a noodle (cannot remember it's name) + white rice. For 5 heads.

Darn it I am drooling...... oh boy this is tough job. LMFAO.

I must say we made the right choice of food selection ....... everything's so so so so so so so yummy! Yeah the ''so" can go on and on all the way to JB. LOL.

The pari fish was just done perfectly not overcook and the sauce that came with it was simply amazing. I can taste it in my mouth this very moment. It's really mouth watering. The garlic fried crap oops.... crab is a must! Simply the best.... never tasted such lovely crab in KL. If you are a garlic lover this is just the perfect gift as the aroma is just tantalizing. Not overcook too and the crab meat was just great. The only set back was the size of the crab ..... too small. Sigh...

Time for the spicy sambal sotong prawns ..... amazing..... really spicy stuff........ delicious....... yummy. Just too good to be true. I've tasted good similar dish before but the way the Portuguese cooked it is just so different. Words just cannot describe it .... the only way to find out is to eat it. Yeah. Same goes for the sambal fried kangkong. Just fabulous.

Yeah we are suckers for black pepper dish too - Bitter Gourd and Beef. Again the bitter gourd was simply irresistible. It was just a simple dish but the taste is fabulous. And the beef..... wow!!! Wished there had more oomph as the black pepper taste fizzled out..... not enough lar. Still it's highly rated.

Yum yum....... and we had a couple of large Heineken beers to go along with the beautiful food .

What else......yeah it came with some mixed fruits for dessert. All in all ...... it costs us below RM150.00 Yay!!! Hurray!!! 3 Cheers!!!!

Not to be missed if you ever touch down at Melaka. Am already thinking of making another trip there just for the food.

BTW, they do accept booking reservations for private functions. .


J & J Corner Restaurant
Stall No 10
Medan Selera Perkampungan Portugis
75050 Melaka.

Ms Claudine 012 618 5082
Tel / Fax : 06 286 0937

AG Ruma S/B

Ladies and gentlement, things are getting really interesting in bathroom supplies.

AG Ruma S/B is located at Kepong. It's proprietor Mr Richard Ng is just fabulous. He's the industry walking dictionary. He simply knows everything when it comes to bathroom supplies. He managed to provide valuable information, tips, tricks, etc.... when i 'bombarded' him with some fiction questions.......to test him out lar....ahahaha. But he passed with flying colours. Yay.

Not only that he is knowledgeable but he's full of humour too. Unlike other 'si tau' I've came across..... this guy is just humble and down to earth. Nice chap...... I found out this guy got a nickname 'Doreamon'. Yeah you heard it 'Doreamon'. Probably it's because of his rounded shape..... LOL.

Ok........as you can see from the pics, those are just one of the million items he's selling. You will come across names like Bravat, Ansporn, Potex/Caravaggio, DOE.......... and products like flush valves, long baths or short baths..LOL, shower set, tap fittings, stainless steel items, etc..... all over his premises. Yeah...... and another thing that you see all over is 'chinese tea' sets, tea leaves.... as he is a sucker for this lovely drink. I had the honour to be served with his lovely chinese tea specially brought in from China. Just amazing......

As usual price is not a main issue here depending on what items or what brand you are going for. I found it to be really reasonable and would definitely come back for more and will get my buddies or enemies to come to this place to shop for bathroom supplies.

I bought the highly rated USA brand Bravat mixers / tap fittings for all my bathroom and my Mrs is just so happy with it. Our friends found them beautiful too and ......well...... I've directed them to AG Ruma ...... yeah......

You can contact Mr Richard Ng at 012 331 9891. His colleagues Ms Connie and 2 other Malay staff are always there to lend a helping hand.

AG Ruma is not any ordinary showroom you find around Jln Ipoh cause their main biz is involves distribution and supplies for projects. Never the less they are all willing to serve you.

End of the day I reckon we've become friends. Yay!!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Heap Wah Enterprise S/B

I was looking for some sanitary wares and fittings and decided to pop into this place along Jalan Klang Lama by the name - Heap Wah Enterprise S/B.

This place can be easily found as it is facing the main road. IF you are coming from Old Town PJ, go straight towards Old Klang Rd (from the roundabout). You will pass by 2 petrol kiosk on the left and finally a junction with traffic lights. Take a left turn and go straight and about 50 meters you'll be able to see this place which is located on the left side.

Ok Ok what's so great about this place. Well first of all the sales gal, Ms Irene, is really a professional when it comes to product knowledge. She listens carefully what her client needs are and she will take it from there without having any doubts or looking back. I felt comfortable with her.

This place is full of branded sanitary wares - wc's and basins, tap fittings - local & imported, etc... I found out they are direct distributors for Potex / Caravaggio wares, Econax wares, Claytan wares, DOE tap fittings, Paffoni (Italy) tap fittings, etc..... The best thing is they DO NOT carry Chinese Brand China made products.

They are so so cool.....really COOL..... They can come up with really cool stainless steel brackets for basins which is meant for table top.... Yay!!! These are custom made and I am still amazed with them being so 'inventive'.

I was looking for a big square basin but most of it are meant for table tops which I do not have and do not intend to have either (expensive lar). So Heap Wah really make my day come true.... I am able to have what I was looking for.

As for WCs I was impressed with the Caravaggio range they carry as it is so so so MODERN unlike some other brands eg JS, I've seen in the market. It is really cool looking and well the coolest got to be it's price. Yeah...... Yay!!!

Well if you are looking for hardware deals....... you can get it here as well. 3 shops away..... they owned a hardware shop which sells all sort of hardware items. Can't say much as I wasn't looking for it.

Well end of the day I am a very pleased man!!! LOL. Bough myself a Caravaggio 1 piece WC and a square basin with the custom made brackets for less than RM800.00. :)

Will be making some visits to other shops / dealers to find out more of what's in store for us when it comes to getting the right stuff for your bathroom,etc.....


Bitter Gourd

Walaueh......... was the first word that came out from my mouth when my mom-in-law (MIL) showed me these wonderful gourds....LOL.. But seriously, this is not laughing matter man..... just look at the pics that I have uploaded. It's so green and fresh. And it's huge...too. :)

MIL was so proud of her prized possession that she was smiling from left to right ear leh.....:) Me being her son-in-law (SIL) surely didn't disappoint MIL.....but true enough nothing except the truth ...I was really impressed. Cause I personally do love eating bitter gourd.... no matter how bitter it'll make me..LOL :)

So what's the secret??? Well MIL dumped the seeds into her little plantation and viola..... that's it, it just grow grow grow and GROW..... It curls around across zig-zag the fence until MIL's neighbout wanted to chop it off thinking it was overgrown grass or something like that..... STOP!!! MIL shouted telling her neighbour not to mess with her plant. OK OK back to the bitter gourd story....

Just need really good soil in order to 'turbo charged' the growth...ahahaha.... Yeah... really... cause that's all it takes my MIL to grow her very first bitter gourd.. and viola ..... No pesticide or insecticide or growth hormones was used....so it makes it ....organic!!! Yay!!!!

Just takes around 3-4 weeks to churn out the first product....LOL. And....there's more....MIL started to grow other stuff too..........cili padi, vege, etc..... Tune in for more later......

So so so........who says you can't grow anything in your garden? I will probably start mine as soon as I fence up my garden - I have 2 dogs and they can be disastrous.

OK for now... for those who'll follow my MIL interest..... all the best and best of health.

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