Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fat Spoon @ Uptown Damansara

I hate it when I need to visit my doctor for a full medical checkup. Hate it because she refuses to take appointments. Hate it because it takes hours before one can see her. Hate it because parking is a nuisance. All this happens in Uptown Damansara Utama.

Everything turned out to be fine and I was so glad for that. It was lunch time and since we were at Uptown Damansara it would be great to have a meal with some friends who works there. A call will confirm the place and viola they were already having their lunch at 'Fat Spoon'.

Never did I realized a restaurant by this funky name manning it's business at Uptown. I used to work at Uptown for 3-4 years but just never come across this place. But truly speaking this place rocks. The owner used quite a number of recycled items as decors for this place and it turned out to be cool. I really liked it and I really hope that the food here tastes as cool as the place.

Recycled Books used as Menu
I was taken aback by their menu. Not because of what is being sold here but I thought we were given some books to read just to fill in time or a gimmick used but actually it is their menu. Really cool and imaginative. Say yes to recycle! Yay!

Fried Ulam Rice @ RM11.90+
Ok... time for some food. And the first to come is their highly acclaimed 'Fried Ulam Rice' which came with a piece of fried chicken. Rice tasted ok as well as the friend chicken. Chicken was slightly over-fried and dry which is a no-no.

Claypot Loh See Fun @ RM8.90+
I would say that this claypot thingy looks better and smelt more delicious compared to the ulam rice. Portion was reasonable with lot's of noodle and an egg meant to be mixed with the noodles. Pretty cool indeed. Somehow I felt the aroma and it's taste differs.....LOL. Oh yeah it does taste good but with a funny tad of taste which was not a norm for a pot of loh see fun. It's kind of difficult to explain but it was ok lah. A little oily though.

Spicy Beef Macaroni Soup @ RM8.90+
Spicy it was and that's all I could taste. Only spicy until my lips went dead. Tasted very very bland and nothing really great about this bowl of macaroni. I bet if I dished up one with my own recipe they will cry for help. Such a lousy meal and they have the guts to sell it. Eeww.....

Iced COffee @ RM9.90+
This is a pure case of 'believe it or not'. A cost of a cuppa is more expensive than a plate of chicken rice. I seriously wonder how they worked out such prices which was crazy. Anyway, this cuppa tasted lousy. Yeah LOUSY! Even an 'Old Town' 3 in 1 white coffee tasted better than this and it only costs a friction of the price. Another eewww.......

Conclusion : Funky place with a funky name and funky decors. Service was pretty good. Food was just so-so nothing spectacular. Drinks was also lousy. Price wise slightly on the high side. Not worth the penny. Would I go there again for another meal? NOPE! A mere 2.5/5.


Fat Spoon
No 73, Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7728 3323

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baked Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

My wife not only surprised me with this feat but surprised the whole entire universe. For someone who seldom cook to come up with such a marvelous dish is worth reckoning. Presentation was superb as you can see and I am sure the big question will pop up whether it tastes as good as it looks.

It was superb! Perfectly baked at 175 degree Celcius for 45 mins. Chicken was tender yet juicy. Marinated with  lot's of Italian herbs and black pepper. Finished product is worth a million smiles. With some steamed carrots and broccoli this meal is as grand it can be and I bet 'Her Majesty' would like a bite off it. LOL.


Restaurant Hong Lim @ Subang Jaya

Honestly, I have been really busy lately and there was apparently no time at all for blogging. I love blogging but time wasn't on my side. I also love eating and apparently I have been eating non stop lately while my waistline just keep on increasing and increasing.....

SO much that I really would like to share it with my readers as food is really the best thing when it comes to sharing. My hunger for food brought us to so many places, new or old, doesn't matter as long as the food tasted good.

I really have no idea on where or what to have daily but with wonderful friends who are more than willing to share these places with brought light back. Chinese food was the pick of the day and the name of this restaurant is called 'Restaurant Hong Lim' which is situated in Subang Jaya.

Shark's Fins Soup @ RM9.90
We just couldn't resist the temptation of ordering a couple of personal served type 'Shark's Fins Soup' which was on offer going at RM9.90 per bowl. Eat your heart out cause you will never come across such delicacies at such a knock out price. 

Portion was really huge indeed which could feed 2 adults. We like what we saw when the bowl was brought to us. Not too much starch was used which is good. It tasted a tad too salty which was still acceptable. The texture of the shark's fins and it's soup was just marvelous. Well done and I would have loved to go for another bowl but somehow there was just not enough room for another one.

Of course this was not the greatest I have ever had but it certainly was the most affordable yet delicious bowl I have ever came across. A big pat on the shoulder to the chef.

Loh Mee @ RM18.00
This was what we were here for. Highly recommended by our mate who lives not far from this restaurant. A big bowl of 'Loh Mee' for the 5 of us would do us a great deal. Delicious it was and everyone just wanted more and more. But we had to be careful with our intake as there will be more foodie on it's way to our table.

Loh Mee was good even coming from me who is not a big fan of this type of noodle. I have never fancied Loh Mee but this place really changed my perception towards it. The only set back was it was rather starchy.

Stewed CHicken @ RM25.00
... and this was also what we came for too. LOL. The aroma of this dish simply fills up the room and we could feel that all of us was attracted to it. Simply amazing, really. A tad too salty but overall this dish does taste magic. Goes very well with rice. There was a special name for it but I just couldn't remember it. But no worries just tell them that you wanted to order their signature chicken dish and they know what you are asking for.

Signature Bean Curd @ RM16.00
This too was not to be missed. Oh boy! all the dishes we ordered was just too fabulous and too yummy. This fried bean curd comes with minced fork mixed with some 'choy pou' in it. Such a delight to have this lovely bean curd in our mouth. Our tastebuds just kicked a couple of notch up! Just a tad too oily, though.

Fried French Beans @ RM11.00
A meal will not be complete without a plate of vegetable. This particular plate of fried french beans was just too oily. We wanted something really simple and have it fried it simply with garlic. And surprisingly it was a bomb. Simple and nice that is. Fried to perfection whereby the beans was not too soggy nor too cooked. It was crispy and it was a delight to chew these french guys. LOL.

Conclusion : Food was great! Price was just so-so. Chicken dish was overpriced. Promotional price on the shark's fins was a dream. Bean curd was magically delicious and the Loh Mee was like the expression of kiddos being given a McDonald meal. Pure delight ! Lovely ! This place deserved a 4/5.

FYI, they serve pretty good dim-sum for breakfast and it can be pretty packed with morning crowd. Worth venturing too if you wanted something more light compared to what we had.


Restaurant Hong Lim
No 29 - 31, Ground Floor
Jalan SS 15/4E
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel : 012 217 6121 (Ah Ping)
        012 232 1276 (Ah Haa)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Murni Discovery @ Sunway Mas, PJ

Hey guys & gals. Did you enjoy my last posting? Yeah am talking about the funky Mitsubishi ASX. A real eye popper eh! So, the next time you happened to see one in black colour it might be me in it. Chuckle. Just shout 'Ah Lian Ah Beng' and if it's me I'll take you out for a good dinner. How'z that! LOL....

OK, maybe I'll take you to this fabulous place that I'll be blogging about. It's called 'Murni Discovery' and it is situated in Sunway Mas off Aman Suria PJ. This 'Murni' thingy has been a local favourite for many years. Not this particular outlet but their very first outlet in SS2, PJ. That outlet is always packed with people as they only operate during evening till late.

But this outlet in Sunway Mas operates from morning till late nights. Well, at least this outlet provides you with real comfort with 'real' tables and chairs unlike the one in SS2 where most patron have to be seated by the roadside.

They are really good in dishing up Malay foodies and one simply will not miss this lovely sight where lot's of different types of dishes were displayed for all to enjoy. It's the Malay version of 'mixed rice'. Just chose whatever that tingles your tastebuds and viola! you've got a winner.

Various dishes to spice up your life

This restaurant's setup is just simple and nice with a little 'kampong' feel to it. Well, I mentioned a little as their tables and chairs were all made of wood. We were there for brunch actually and I was totally surprised to see so much foodie over at their 'mixed rice' corner. Beside this one can also order via their ala carte menu but unfortunately they only start serving ala carte after 12pm. But Dang! otherwise I'll be having some chicken chopped too. Yeah! From their ala carte menu you'll find East meets WEst. Alright! and it's cool and pretty too. Oh maybe next time. I'll settle for mixed rice.....

A view of the restaurtant
You'll just fall in love with the different types of choices they have ... from curry ayam to curry kambing, curry ikan, fried ikan with stuffed belacan, sambal kangkong, beef rendang, fried squid, sambal four corner beans, etc..... oh bugger the list is endless.......

I settled for a big plate of white rice with beef rendang, sambal kankong and some potatoes with sambal belacan. This plate costs me RM6.50 which was not too bad. Portion was humongers and if one were to have this in 'Kayu' it'll cost you at least a limb and a leg. Yeah price wise over here is to shout for.

@ RM6.50
Food was really delicious. The beef rendang tasted really good with lot's of santan taste to it. Pure delight to sink my teeth onto those chunky piece of meat. But I found some of them to be way too tough. Sambal tasted good too and would make a fantastic meal out of nasi lemak. Kankong was slightly on the salty side but it was ok  considering we were having it with rice.

Another friend of mine had a plate of mixed rice too. This time he had some fried prawns, some lady fingers, curry chicken and sambal to go with it. Viola! all this only for a mere RM4.50. Beat that! If they keep their pricing this way I'll make this Murni my Discovery......

@ RM4.50
The fried prawns was so crispy that you can eat the whole piece. And it was totally delicious too. Same goes for the curry chicken and the lady fingers.

@ RM6.00
My galfriend had some four angle beans and a fried 'kam moung' fish which was very tasty indeed. A simple fish can be made into something so yummy is just fantastic. Four angle beans tasted just so-so lah.

They even have some 'roti' with really fancy names eg roti Japan or roti Beckam. Cool eh.

Conclusion : Value for money meals! Fantastic delicious Malay meals. Yet to try their ala carte but I reckon it would be great too. Service was just so-so probably because of under staffed. Their teh tarik was super sweet even when we ordered 'kurang kurang' manis. Worthy for another visit or visits. A 3.5/5.


Murni Discovery                                         Operating Hours : 8am - 3am daily
2-1, Jalan PJU 1/3D
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 012 339 2599

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tony Roma's @ Cineleisure, The Curve, PJ.

Oh! What a night! Late December back in '63..... wow~sers, this song kept on playing in my head over and over again. There was a time when I was totally crazy over this song where I kept singing day in day out forcing my lungs to work the extra mile to achieve the melody.

Oh! What a night! Yeah! I am referring to this evening's 'makan makan' with my in-laws. Would you believe it that this is my first time stepping into 'Tony' and frankly I do not know what to expect. I have heard lot's about this place dishing out finest meaty dish in town ranging from it's 'ribs' to 'shanks'. In fact I was rather over excited about this venture this very moment.

The main entrance to this place looked pretty grand I just love the fact the size of this restaurant's name was huge enough for a blind to spot it. And it also says it all 'ribs, seafood, steaks'.

It was pretty crowded and we had to wait for 5-10mins in order to be brought to our table. I must say that the service here was quite excellent, for a start.

Since we will be sharing food this evening we decided to call for the 'captian' for his professional recommendation. He was a huge guy and was pretty helpful though as he ran through the menu with us and was making sure that we made the right choice.

Tony's Asian Salad with Crisy Chicken @ RM19.90++
Asian salad ..... hmm...... was rather amazed with it. Never had I thought that an Asian dish could be so beautiful yet delicious.  Mix both the sauce of sweet and spicy and viola ...... a really fantastic salad. Frankly I am not a salad man but this particular one really aroused my taste bud.

Shrimp Scampi Pasta @ RM31.90++
The presentation of this plate of pasta was such a delight. A generous portion of shrimp sauteed with garlic, fresh basil. tomato pesto and a hint of chipotle. Served over linguine and top with shaved Romano cheese. Beat that! Wonderful thunderous plate of pasta. Superb!

BBQ  Half Chicken @ RM29.90++
 This lovely plate of chicken was served with some coleslaw and french fries. I found the chicken meat rather hard suspect from over cooked and also dry. It was a such a waste as it did not match the standard of 'the look' to 'the taste'.

Grilled Lamb Chops @ RM46.90++
Lamb chops was great considering it still carries the lamb stinking smell with it. LOL.....  Well marinated and was very tasty indeed. Meat was rather tough but what do you expect from a lamb chop. Goes very well with some greens in this case broccoli.

Bountiful Beef Ribs @ RM69.90 (Full Slab)
Bountiful Beef Ribs came with an option of either with full slab or roma rack. With 8 of us here it was a wise decision to order the full slab that came with 10 great freaking beef ribs. This is one hell of a dish and it will take all our mighty strength to finish off what we ordered.

Again the ribs was well marinated and meat was tender and succulent. Well done lads for making this a thunderous dish. It was so delicious that my mind wanted more of this super ribs but my belly just couldn't afford to have anymore 'deposits' . LOL Served with some coleslaw and steamed potato.

Conclusion : Wonderful indeed but rather too much meat in one go. Or maybe we could have ordered less meat and more greens but it was worth it. FOod was pretty good especially the beef ribs but the chicken dish was a big letdown. Oh well don't expect one single restaurant to dish up 100% perfect dish as I have never believe in such theory. Service was pretty good considering most of the floor staff there were part timers. But this place will surely leave a very big hole in your pocket as it is not cheap to dine here. A 3/5.


Tony Roma's @ Cineleisure
Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara
2A, Jalan PJU 7/3
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7728 7833
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