Sunday, October 10, 2010

Axian Dim Sum

Today is the day! The day our favourite cousin will be flying off to Singapore to further her studies. It is both a happy moment and a sad moment. It is always difficult  seeing your loved one flying off to another country for 6 years but this is for a good cause. She'll come back with a couple of degree or even a couple of PhD.  :) We are all so proud of her being accepted into a Singapore university and decided to have a family gathering over breakfast.

We headed towards 'Axian Dim Sum' in Taipan, Subang Jaya for some really cool dim sum. This place was pretty packed with hungry people when we arrived. The ground level was apparently packed but we made our way to  level one where we found a beautiful place to dine.

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

There are just so much foodie to choose from. From Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun to Char Siew Pau, Siew Mai, Lau Sa Pau, Har Mai, Loh Mai Kai .......etc....... and a pot of hot chinese  Pu Er tea. We ordered so much till I can hardly recall what we ordered. Chuckle.....

Loh Mai Kai
Wu Kok
There's nothing great about the HK chee cheon fun. Tasted bland and very ordinary. I would have expected something out of this world from this restaurant since there were so much spoken about this place. But then I was quite disappointed. The Char Siew Bau also tasted 'weird' not like those I've tasted before and is no comparison to the outlet at JayaOne.

Char Siew Bau
Siu Loong Pau
The Loh Mai Kai and Wu Kok tasted much better. Thank God. But the portion of the Loh Mai Kai is rather too little. Chin Tooi tasted crunchy and the filling is just delicious. This also extend to the Siu Loong Pau. Simply irresistible and really yummy. You'll have to bite a small little hole in it in order to drink or sip the soup which is 2 thumbs up.

Pork Dumpling Siu Mai
Shrimp Dumpling Har Kau
Both the Siu Mai and Har Kau was fresh but tasted very ordinary. Tasted like those sold on the streets. Really! Unbelievable disappointed.

 The other dumplings or dim sum that came along does look really good but when it's being put into tests via my mouth .... all failed and only got a 'so-so' ratings.
Various Types of Dim Sum
Lastly came my favourite ie 'Lau Sa Bau'. It's not easy finding a dim sum restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that does good 'Lau Sar Bau'. I've tasted so many from various restaurants but all just failed to impress and this include Axian too. There's just no quality control in this outlet. We ordered 6 buns and only 4 turned out 'fine' but the other 2 failed miserably. Lau Sar Bau is supposed to be filled with rich and thick 'sauce' which is supposed to be in runny sauce where one can taste it or even sip it. But it's otherwise.

Lau Sar Bau
Kitchen Area
Conclusion : 5/5 if Axian is there serving personally. LOL. Actual rating from us all just merely 2.5/5. Service and delivery of food is very unorganized. They really need to improve in their food as majority of it is just an average Joe or simply plain Jane. I reckon they really are just targeting the average Joe and plain Janes cause they are nowhere near compared to outlets in JayaOne or even D'sara Jaya. This place will close shop not because of the famous Ah Xian (local celebrity). So it's my first and my last visit to this place! Sayonara......


Axian Dim Sum                          Business Hours :
No 32, Jalan USJ 9/5N                Monday - Sunday
47620 Subang Jaya                    7am - 3pm

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  1. FYI, this restaurant has stopped operating. Don't know what happened.


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