Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Lobsterman @ SS2, PJ.

I was listening to Geri Halliwell's It's Raining Man in the comfort of my car. Just about right as the weather above was pretty gloomy. And suddenly .........zzzaaaappppp!!! thunder, lightning and rain made it's way to PJ. Dang! it's for sure raining thanks to Geri's song I reckon. LOL.

In fact my buddy have the urged to have some Italian pastas but rain was heavy and we didn't wanted to be caught in a traffic snarl. We have no other choice but to try our luck with the restaurant nearest to us. Well we didn't expect to find pastas here as the restaurant is called 'The Lobsterman'.

Anyway we made our in and found ourselves a seat. It was apparently empty. We were the only clients there at the moment. We were attended to by a waiter and we quickly browse through the menu in hope of finding pastas. Viola!!! Both of us was grinning from left to right as they do serve pastas. wooohooo!!!

Sure enough why this place is called 'The Lobsterman'. Their specialties is dishing up lobster meals. There are plenty of different types of lobsters stored or kept in an aquarium. These are specially flown in from Canada. All are still alive and kicking and I bet they will taste good.

The decor and environment is just so-so a little 'cina-apek' style. Their menu is pretty colourful with lot's of dish to choose from. They even have a couple of coolers to store their wines. Wine lovers will enjoy dining here.

We ordered half a dozen o escargot for a start. This snail meal has been my favourite since young and whenever I have the chance to order them I will not hesitate. The way they prepared their escargot was very different compared to other restaurants. We couldn't tell what dish was served to us until we had to check with the waiter. Escargot it is....

This is one out of this world escargot. Firstly it doesn't look like the ordinary escargot which is shell-less. And it doesn't even taste like one. Yeah there's a little garlic taste here and there, a little cheese here and there too. The special part is that it is served with baked mushroom and mashed potatoes. It may be 'cool' but just not right. It doesn't rhyme.

For starter we each had a bowl of minestrone soup. Another disappointment! Just too watery and it's even worse than Cambell's soup. It probably came from a can but just mixed with too much H2O.

The first pasta to come is the Cream Based Spaghetti come with Lobster. I was just staring at this meal for a few seconds before i actually moved it. Me being a sucker for pastas find this to be so so different. It is supposed to be cream based but just doesn't look like one and it's supposed to be cheese based but also don't look like one. Looks more like 'starch'.

Well, it's totally 2 thumbs down for the pasta. So yucky! And starch it is. What on earth were they thinking of? Are they trying to cut costs or just don't know how to cook one? I could cook better than this. Consolation ~ the lobster does taste good. Wonderfully delicious. The sweetness of the meat is just tentalising. Fabulous. I reckon they have to cut off all other dishes as their specialty is cooking up lobster meals.

Next came the Grilled Salmon Pasta in Cream Sauce. Why another cream based pasta? Because there's no other choice. Another starchy dish. The salmon tasted good. Perfectly cooked. Not too dry.

Conclusion : Not a place for dining other foodie except lobster. Just horrible. I am not sure whether the owner of this restaurant knows about how bad the food tasted cause this can push their clients away. They should just concentrate in what they do best ie lobster, lobster, lobster and lobster. A big no no but a big yes yes for the lobster. It can burn a big hole in the pocket so be careful when ordering. Lobster price starts from RM85 per kg all the way up to RM165 per kg.


The Lobsterman
No 51 & 53, Jalan SS2/30
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7877 6772
Website :

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