Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Homemade Beef Burger

This is what I made for dinner today. I was so frustrated and disappointed for not able to have it for lunch today and to make up for that I decided to make my own beef burger instead.

The patty is made from imported minced beef mixed with some T3T4 special ingredients. Grilled to perfection at 200 degree celcius for 13 mins on each sides, the patty still turned out to be juicy and tender. To complete the 'burger' I've decided to fry an egg (half cooked yolk), grilled 2 slices of back bacon, slices of red onions, a slice of cheddar cheese, some beijing cabbage and a wholemeal roll.

Stack them all up and you'll have the Empire State Building in your mouth. Put a dash of mayonnaise and chilli sauce or tobasco sauce..... and you'll on a roll. Holy Cow! Darn delicious and mouth watering. Absolutely 2 thumbs up!

Viola~! The finished product!


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