Thursday, August 18, 2011

Snowflake - taiwanese dessert secrets @ Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Drums rolling ....... mouth drooling ....... it's time ........ to experience the famous Taiwanese dessert specially brought to us by 'Snowflake'. I have heard so much about this place but never had the chance to have a go. I have heard that many of it's outlets are packed with patrons whereby the queue can be quite bad.

Anyway, I will not miss this chance today and will make sure I get a taste of it. I was with a friend, J who highly boasted of the 'thong shui' and highly recommend it. I will leave it to J when it comes to ordering as he knows the menu inside out.

GJ Bestseller (Cold) @ RM6.90
J recommended me their bestseller 'thong shui' which was pretty impressive. The portion was pretty reasonable and it was making me all excited. I could feel that I was being a little child again and couldn't stop myself from having the first bite.

This bestseller is made of Grass Jelly and Grass Jelly Ice filled with Taroballs with some creamer. Beats me really ... don't know what those balls are about ... LOL . But it does taste good ! Very refreshing and very original. Loved it. Now I know why die hard fans are willing to queue up for a bowl of 'thong sui'. This particular one I had came with 'ice' and you can get a similar bowl served hot or warm. So, the choice is yours to decide.

Tohua Peanut c/w 2 scoops of Ice Cream @ RM8.00
As for J, he choose to go for something really special, something that amazed me .... really. It's the 'Tohua' series ~ peanuts with extra 2 scoops of ice cream. I had a go at it and I was surprised with how good it tasted. Wow, if only I could have another bowl but I will skip for now..... But this bowl will not escape from my grasp the next time I pay them a visit ,,,, and that will be pretty soon indeed.

Conclusion : Funky place with some funky menu and some funky 'thong shui'. I just love this place and the 'thong shui' they served. Very delicious, very addictive and very refreshing. Portion is huge considering the money we pay for it. A 4/5. Taiwan... here I come....!


Snowflake Cafe ~ taiwanese dessert secrets     Operating Hours :
26-1, Jalan PJU 5/10                                           Sun - Thurs : 1pm - 11pm
Dataran Sunway                                                 Fri - Sat : 1pm - 12am
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya

Friday, August 12, 2011

Face To Face Noodle House - Sarawak Kolo Noodle @ Damansara Perdana

The search continues.... for some noodles .... which was fabulous when I first tasted it ..... during my business trips to Kuching, Sarawak. The magic word .... 'Kolo Mee'.

This noodle is really a killer. It is really delicious and unique in it's own way that will really kick start your day with a bang, especially on your 'taste buds'. I will never want to miss this delicious noodle whenever I made a trip to Sarawak as I am unable to find one similar stores anywhere in KL. So this is really and truly my inner deepest love which I will miss dearly whenever I am in KL.

This search continued until today when I was rather lucky to be introduced to this place which serves this famous East Malaysian Sarawak kolo noodle. And why not? This friend of mine comes from Sarawak and I was pretty sure that this place will not disappoint me.

The name of this restaurant sounds really funny. It is situated at Damansara Perdana and it is called 'Face To Face Noodle House'.

There is simply to shout about on the interior of this eatery. It is simple with wooden tables and chairs spread across the dining area both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned areas. Finding this place is a breeze but it is otherwise if you are looking for a parking space for you car. Most people will 'double park' their vehicle as space is pretty limited. This is something that I will not do as it is truly 'BTC' and it could be dangerous too. And for those who simply double park make sure you have a good view of your car as this action will get you a fine from the local enforcement officers doing their rounds and also not to anger the owner of those cars you are blocking.

A quick browse at the menu tells you that this is a noodle house. From 'pan mee' to this unique Sarawak kolo noodle. Drinks menu is pretty colourful too ~ from green tea to ice blended drinks, etc....

Traditional Sarawak Kolo Noodle @ RM5.60
I can feel myself grinning from ear to ear (not face to face eh) when my bowl of noodle was brought to me. The aroma was simply breathtaking (considering I have not had this for ages) and I nearly teared (just kidding). The only thing that I was disappointed was the portion of the noodles. I reckon I must order 2 bowls to be able to fill my belly up.

Texture of the noodle was brilliant ~ not overcooked and still have that 'springiness' feel in it. Comes with a few slices of 'char siew' or BBQ pork and some minced meat and spring onions sprinkled on it. And the first thing I had to do is to mixed it all up.

Tasted really good, pretty closed to the original I had in Kuching. But it was slightly too dry. But then again I reserved every rights not to complain as this is one of the best 'kolo mee' I have tasted in KL.

Dark Soya Sauce & Chilli Sauce Sarawak Noodle @ RM5.60
This 'not too original' noodle which was done and mixed with dark soya sauce and chilly sauce tasted unique too. Comes with some slices of 'char siew' with some minced meat and spring onion sprinkled on it. It is cool that they came out with something different as it tasted secondary to the original kolo noodle. LOL.

Wonton Soup @ RM4.00
We had some wonton soup as our side dish and I must say this wonton tasted really lousy. First of all the wonton was overcooked and the 'skin' is falling apart. Secondly, it was rather tasteless and thirdly the size of the wonton is so pathetically small. I can get a better wonton from the local stores nearby my house.

Conclusion : Original Traditional Sarawak Kolo Noodle was superb. Portion was rather small and the wonton is lousy. Service was pretty fast and place was crowded. Reasonably priced too. A 3/5.

Cheers !

Face To Face Noodle House                         Operating Hours : 10:30am - 9:30pm
11A-1, Jalan PJU 8/5i
Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 012 336 6303

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kites Restaurant @ Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie - Ramadhan Celebration

It's the time of the year again to celebrate the holy month of Ramadhan with friends and family members. A  month filled with fun and laughters, a month for forgiveness, a month of happiness and a month to cherish every moment with close friends and family members with good foodies. A time to 'melantak'.

One place I frequently goes to for such occasion is at Kites Restaurant at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie. This is one place where all must make a date with to buka puasa as they have a wide spread of local cuisine buffet style for this auspicious Bulan Ramadhan. Breaking fast starts from 1st Aug - 29th Aug, 2011.

The two Chef behind the scene
This two Chefs and it's team are the person responsible for all the goodies dished out by Kites Restaurant. Can you imagine that there will be more than 120 local and international dishes being featured in the buffet dinner.

I am totally delighted with the environment of this restaurant. Beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, cool environment enhanced by wooden tables and chairs widely spread across the dining area and you will never need to drop a sweat as the air conditioning system is at it's best. A fabulous place for a fabulous meal.

Nasi Briyani
Not to be missed is their famous 'Nasi Briyani'. Beautifully done and goes very well with various curry dishes. Topped with some fried shallots, this nasi will make you want to have more. Not to be missed.

Kambing Mamak
Kambing Mamak is a spicy and gragrant lamb curry which was specially created for this Ramadhan season. And goes very very well with the nasi briyani.

Telor Itik Masak Lemak
Another that does wonders with the nasi briyani. This simple dish is marvelous as the curry is creamy with coconut milk and it is very aromatic too. Pure delight to be able to enjoy it.

Ayam Panggang Bugis
Another irresistible cuisine that will blow your mind off. This chicken is grilled to perfection yet succulent and it is truly finger licking to the very last bite. Well marinated with belacan, tamarind and salam leaves.

Ikan Keli Salai Berlada
Want something that will fire your adrenaline up ~ then this is one fried catfish that you have to get your hands on. Cooked with really spicy chilli and pepper which will make you long for more.

Ketupat Palas and Nasi Ketupat
This is made of glutinous rice that tasted really good and goes very well with curries.

And the following are the other dishes that is made available for this special Ramadhan season.

This is a must and is very appetizing. Jelatah is an appetizer dish which is very good indeed and very addictive. Jelatah consists of pineapple, sliced shallots and chilli and lot's of other stuff in it :) which will turn a gloomy day into a shiny one. Try it and you will know what I mean.

Ketupat Palas and Kuih Talam
Kuih Kasui
Some of the desserts made available after a lengthy hearty meal. Good to have some sweet stuff after a heavy meal.

There are just so much you can choose from where I am unable to review but only you will be able to try it all out. You will find lot's of authentic Malay desserts, Daging Deng Deng, Pulut Kuning, Ikan Bakar, Singapore Murtabak and lot's more.

This year, Kites Restaurant will be maintaining it's famous dishes from previous years, while converting it's poolside and Gazebo area into a complete traditional Ramadhan feast! To Compliment the atmosphere, a 'live' 'Ghazal Performance' will be featured to keep the guest entertained as they break their 'fast'. So, sit back and enjoy the splendid cultural performances as you will enjoy the traditional Malay cuisine reminiscing the good old days of time honored traditions.

The buffet dinner at Kites Restaurant is priced at RM88.00++ for adults and RM50.00++ for children and senior citizens. There is also a special price from 1st - 10th August. During this period adults are charged RM78.00++ and RM40.00++ for children and senior citizens. Truly a marvelous deal which cannot be missed.

The hotel also accepts Group or Company bookings for buka puasa while surau facilities with 'Imam' for 'sembahyang Terawih' for the guests is available at the hotel.

For bookings and reservations please call +603 7802 5200 Ext : 3/2941 and be quick to avoid disappointment. 

Conclusion : Full marks from me. It's all up to you now ! Not to be missed !

Cheers !

Kites Restaurant
Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
1, Jalan Usahawan U1/8
Seksyen U1
40250 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel : 03 7802 5200 ext 3/2941
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