Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dome Cafe @ Subang Parade, Subang Jaya.

Wishful thinking ...... hmm...... I was dreaming of having a good cuppa today as I've not had a good one since Monday. A coffee lover will always be one. Just cannot live without it.

It was 11:30am and the desire for having a good cuppa is getting into me. A phone call was asking for me and 'viola' my good ole client from Subang Jaya invited me over for lunch at 'Dome Cafe'. I just couldn't hide my joy and happiness as Dome serves one of the best coffee in town.

This is what I had. A good cuppa of 'Cappuccino'. Look at this beauty. Isn't she lovely. I could faint by just inhaling the coffee aroma. It's so silky smooth and rich too. I can feel that I am being sane again from just a sip of  this 'Thunderlicious!!' coffee.  Two Thumbs Up!!

Over at the other corner, Joe had a cold tall glass of 'Iced Peach Tea'. According to Joe this drink is very refreshing especially for the hot weather we are experiencing now. How truthful Joe was a sip of this brought me back to the insane world. Chuckle. I'll better stick back to me cofffffeeeeeeeee.   Yeah!

Joe's lunch doesn't look impressive from how it looks but he insisted that this is one of the best meal he has ever came across and will never miss this for a million rupiah. LOL.... It's called 'Catch of the Day' and it consists of grilled fillet of fish which is marinated with cajun, cumin and lemon sauce topped with 'jonville' sauce and served with buttered rice. Condiments include mushrooms, sweet tomatoes, peas and heck!! I see some prawns served together with the fish. Cool.

It's awesome!! I was only given one bite as Joe refuses to give more. This is his heart and soul and by giving me one bite already hurt him. LOL. Yeah it's awesome. Fish is tender, succulent, juicy, well marinated, such a delight to sink my teeth into it. The buttered rice was very tasty too. I wanted more but I had to behave and control myself since I'll be having my favourite......

You got it right! It's a 'Beef Burger'. Woohoo.......... From the looks of it I can tell that this is a winner. This is a pure 100% grilled beef that comes with lettuce, tomato chutney, a slice of cheddar cheese, mustard mayonnaise and fresh tomato in a toasted focaccia bun. And there's chips too.

The chips tasted really good. Well fried. Every piece is crunchy and a winner. Dipped it into tobasco sauce or chilli sauce and you will want more. (There goes the calories).

The biggie... Beef Burger ..... just fantastic! Succulent, tender yet juicy. Unbelievable. So so so much better than the one I had down at Swensen's.  But then I still feel that T3T4 burger tasted better! Chuckle.

Conclusion : A must place to visit. Serves really good coffee as well as food. 'Fang-tastic'. I will surely come back for more. I was told by friends that their 'nasi lemak' is a winner too. More of a blockbuster. But there's a price you've got to pay for dining here. Do not expect a cheap meal at Dome Cafe but you are assured of good quality food.


Dome Cafe
Lot G17, Ground Floor
Subang Parade
Jalan SS16/1
Subang Jaya.
Tel / Fax : 03 5632 1799 / 03 5637 0975

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