Monday, June 30, 2014

Gerai Minum Weng Kee @ Old Town, PJ.

The past weeks or maybe months has been the most hottest spell ever experienced this year. It it totally unbearable as the sunlight stings the body to the core of the bone....that's how hot it is. It has been like 33-35 degree celsius daily.

In such conditions my mind kept telling me that we had to get some ABC to cool down the body temperature and in the same time to satisfy our indulgence in this cool dessert. But then it is not an easy task nowadays to find good ABC. ABC can be found in many places but most of them are really lousy and not worthwhile to spend the penny on it.

Being a PJ boy spending my entire life in this beautiful city has brought me to many places, places that dishes out good food as well as good desserts. And today I will or rather I dared to say that this drink store in The Medan Selera (adjacent to the wet market) PJ Old Town does the BEST ABC in PJ and KL. This place is called 'Gerai Minum Weng Kee'. They are operated by a husband & wife team with a couple of Indon staff to help around. They have been in business for 'donkey' years and has made a name for themselves in the business.

They have a handful of regulars who specifically goes there for their ABC. Besides ABC they are also famous for their Chendol and Iced Bubur Cha Cha. Of course they also serves the normal drinks from carbonated drinks to ice teh Cina.

What makes their ABC so special? From what I can taste the secret is in their 'gula Melaka' but not just ordinary gula Melaka but I suspect it could be a mixture of few different types of 'gula' ... a 'secret ingredient' which makes it so special. And of course not forgetting the blended ice was silky smooth and really fine. Whenever I ate this I always say this 'even Starbucks could not blend the ice as fine as this'.

These ABC's are just unbelievably good and most of the time I will have a couple to really have the satisfaction feel. Otherwise it is like I have betrayed myself by not having more than one. This indulgence in a way is not good for the body system because of the high content of sugar in it. I will have 'sugar rush' after gulping it all. Oh well.....

Next in line is the Chendol. They serve their Chendol in a tall glass or a mug different from others whereby most are served in a bowl just like the ABC.

You can have an option for their regular Chendol or Chendol with red beans. As usual I will choose the latter as it is my favourite.

As usual the key secret to the success lies in the 'gula Melaka' and the fine blended ice. The taste is really inviting ..... true enough it was so inviting that I wanted a third serving.

Conclusion : Undisputed the best ABC in PJ and KL. I have tasted some other that was highly rated eg the one in Kepong but those are really out of the league compared to Weng Kee. Sugar content is at it's highest level and not suitable for those who are suffering from diabetes. A total knock out!!!
I would rate a 5/5.


Kedai Minum Weng Kee
Taman Selera Makan Old Town
Jalan Othman
PJ Old Town
46050 Petaling Jaya

Note : The above review was purely based on my personal opinion.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Restaurant Chan Meng Kee - Famous Wan Ton Mee @ SS2

The legacy of Chan Meng Kee started when Chef Chan started selling the now famous won ton mee in a coffee shop run by his brother in Sec 17, PJ. Without doubt they dish one of the very best won ton mee ever and this was one of our usual makan place for our daily lunch.

They were so famous until their ego got into their head. They were getting very rude and snobbish something that we see very often in Malaysia but still their business was so good. Normally I would have ban such eateries simply because the owner totally forgotten that their regular clients were the main reason for their success. But the.....aiya..... I kept on coming back for the noodle until today.

Since then they have moved to their very own premise with even more foodie to offer. Of course their main dish will be their won ton mee but now they have broaden their menu to curry (dry and soup) noodle, chicken, char siew and siew yok rice, various types of green vegetable, a handful selection of soup (which is good), prawn dumplings, etc....

Existing Premise
They have made a name for themselves in SS2 and whenever you mentioned the famous won ton mee most people will mentioned 'Chan Meng Kee'.

This is their existing premise in SS2 and will be moving to their new premise which is just a short walk up the road by July 2014 for good. At the moment this premise will serve the ever busy lunch crowd and the new premise will serve the dinner crowd.

New Premise

The new premise looks 'newer' and 'cleaner' and it is brightly lighted up which is a plus sign. But I was expecting this place to be 'fully air conditioned' .... which I was a little disappointed to find out that it was not. Well anyway as long as the quality of the food stays or maintained.

Lunch Crowd
Please make sure to go early if you are there for lunch otherwise you will have to wait in line for an available table. Layout of the place is simple with tables and chairs covering the whole floor. It was pretty crowded when we arrived around 12:30pm.

Char Siew Wan Ton Mee
I usually order wan ton mee with 'pun fei sau' roast pork with wanton. 'Pun fei sau' means half lean half fat meat which is the best one ever could ask for. Quality of the noodle is very consistent, not over cooked as over cooked noodles can be very soggy. Theirs have the springy effect to it which provides a sensation feeling when one takes a big bite onto the noodles.

However, I was rather upset with the roast pork. The 'fat' part was superb but the 'lean' part was a tad too tough. Otherwise it would have been perfect as the taste of the pork was superbly done.

Overall the wan ton noodle scores a high! It has it's own special taste which I have never eaten before and of course it was made better with 'pork fatty' mixed with it

A must order is their 'sui kow' dumplings (sorry folks no pics on this). Their sui kow was so fresh and so delicious that it was all finished before I could take a photo of it. LOL. Remember MUST ORDER!

To compliment the noodle we had a good bowl of soup to help us to neutralise or drain all the oily and fatty stuff deeper into our belly and out of the system. I always love a place that serves soup simply because I am a soup lover. Nothing much to shout about on this but it does provide the satisfaction feel and refreshing.

Roast Duck with Wonton Noodle
The roast duck was tender, juicy and delicious. Even though I am not a duck person but I must admit that this good.

Shredded Chicken Wonton Soup Noodle
Wonton Soup Noodle with Wanton
For those who would like something 'mild' this is it. The soup based noodle was just OK lah nothing to shout about. I find that the 'kan sui mei' of the noodle was too heavy and for those (like me) who is fussy about this will not enjoy the soup based noodle.

Curry Wan Ton Noodle
This bowl of curry noodle really surprised us. Never did we know that they can dish Rout something so good. Who would have thought of going to Chan Meng Kee for a bowl of curry noodles. I never did and after trying it out I strongly recommend it to curry noodle lovers.

It was rich in santan and the soup was simply marvelous and delicious. The taste brought back some childhood memory when I had my very first bowl of curry noodles...the very same type of taste I had back then. How to describe it.......yeah 'Chinese' type of mild santan curry taste.

Frankly, I believe this will give 'Lorong Seratus Tahun' a run for the money.

Conclusion : Strongly recommended. Good food and reasonably good price. Restaurant is well lighted and clean (new premise). The tauke is still a snobbish man but really hope their staff will not follow suit. Would be great if they have better personality and attitude. But again food is good. And also, it is difficult to find a place that serve good wanton noodle especially in the evening, dinner time in Petaling Jaya area.
A 3.5 out of 5.
Non Halal.

Restaurant Chan meng Kee
32, Jalan SS2/66
47300 Petaling Jaya 
Tel : 012 688 1972

Note : The above review was purely based on my personal opinion.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Char Kuey Teow & Sarawak Mee at Happy Wonderful Land Restaurant @ Glenmarie

Nobody ever thought that Glenmarie being a famous landmark for light industrial, warehouse, car showrooms and factory area could be made famous for it's restaurants and eateries. Who could have imagined this years ago but now this place has made itself a name for it's restaurants and eateries.

This place was made famous for it's chicken rice or siew yoke rice and more and more restaurants dishing the same type of food are mushrooming here. If I am not mistaken there are a total of 5-8 chicken rice restaurants here along two stretches of shops sharing the same street or so.... Well, if you are a chicken or siew yoke lover you will not be disappointed, really. But anyway I will not touch of this subject but rather the subject for today is 'the best char kuey teow and Sarawak mee' in this area.

This store is located in 'Happy Wonderful Land Restaurant', a corner restaurant that houses all types of hawker food : curry mee, economy rice, wan ton mee, chicken rice... but it is the 'char kuey teow and Sarawak mee' that I am talking about. Really not to be missed if you are in the area.

Felix is the tauke of both the store and his right hand man is well trained to dish out both the char kuey teow and Sarawak mee. Frankly, I have tried both Felix and his staff cooking skill and I must say 'quality is assured'.

They have been operating there for few years now and from what I can see there are indeed lot's of 'regular' clients. Some are like friends and calls the tauke 'Felix, char kuey teow 2 plates! Biasa'. It is also important for Felix to know his clients too as when one were to order 'biasa' means Felix already knew what his regular client wanted. This is so cool and something that you hardly see in a hawker. Personalised service!

Let us start off with the 'char kuey teow'. It's aroma aroused me even before the plate was brought to me (because I was just seated next to the store). I could feel that I was swallowing my own saliva either I was hungry or I was 'wai sik' or maybe both la. The presentation of the fried kuey teow was good which is important. I realised this kuey teow was fried with lot's of taugeh and lap cheong but no prawns which was perfectly OK with me. I always fancy a plate especially fried with lap cheong cause it will certainly taste better.

And indeed it really tasted good. I like the way they did it cause I like it dry with enough 'wok hei' to make the entire fried kuey teow perfect. I commented to Felix that I preferred it to have more 'wok hei' as it is my personal likings. But it was good. Tasted really delicious and yeah.... it was finished in record time. I was contemplating of ordering another plate but decided against it and ordered a plate of Sarawak mee.

The Sarawak mee is similar to 'kolo mee' but it has it's own Felix's style to it. Instead of char siew the noodle came with some really mouth watering minced meat and a bowl of soup with some foo chook and stuff in it and not forgetting the dipping chilli sauce which was a real gem.

Noodle was perfectly cooked as it still has it's springiness feel to it which was good. I never like overcooked noodle which tastes soggy. But not in this case. Credits to Felix for paying extra attention to noodle preparation.

It was like 'love at first sight' when I took the first bite. It was amazing lah! Tasted really good with some special sauce that was prepared together with the minced meat. That's the real thing here. Wow! This is my true expression of the food.

Next on my list will be Felix's other noodle ie 'Spinach Noodle'.

Conclusion : I have made another couple of trips there specifically for Felix's foodie. It is always a pain going there as the lunch crowd can really get out of control especially finding a parking space for your car. But never in my entire life anything like this has deterred me from making a trip for good foodie.
A 4/5 for me. I am hoping that Felix will strut his magic wand to make it 5/5 and that is what I hope for.
Breakfast & Lunch only. Mon-Sat only.


Happy Wonderful Land Restaurant
No.2, Jalan Pekedai
Shah Alam.

Note : The above review was purely based on my personal opinion.
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