Monday, October 11, 2010

Restoran De Rasa Sayang @ SS4, PJ.

Another family gathering, another round of good food, another round of weight gain. LOL. This time it's with my FIL and MIL, BIL and SIL and baby Aiden together with my wifey. I really fancy such gatherings as there will always be lot's of yummy food, laughter, happiness and more foodie.

First to be served is the Steam Red Talapia Fish in special sauce. The presentation was simply marvelous. The way the fish was positioned with it's head held high up with both sides of the fleshy body spread wide on the serving plate and with lot's of fried shallots and garlic sprawled across the fish is like listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons ~ pure delight!

The fish was perfectly cooked. Sauce is just right. Mixed them both with some white rice ~ viola! made in heaven. It's like Ebony & Ivory, Siskel & Ebert, Bonnie & Clyde......

The 'Mah Poh Tofu' looks equally good. Portion was huge, filled with lot's of tofu, carrots, 2 different types of mushrooms, prawns and some vegetable. Kids will love this dish as it is so colourful and delicious. Even we adults cannot get enough of it. The only disadvantage is that it is too starchy.

We decided to order a plate of 'Kangkung Belacan' to spice things up. It is always a good idea to order something spicy as it will enhance our appetite. There was a saying from the old folks that eating too much Kangkung is not a good thing as it will weaken the strength of our leg. Not too sure whether this is true or not but sometimes it's worth to listen to them. Chuckle....

The heat is really on as we decided to order another plate of 'Sambal Asam Sotong' which is cooked with some long beans and lady fingers. This is one dish that will make one consume more white rice. The spicy sour taste really gives the extra oomph that further triggers our taste buds which in turns telling our brain to eat more. And that's what we did and nothing can stop us now........

Last but not least came the wonderful pot of 'Stewed Chicken in Soya Sauce' or 'Si Chup Kai'. OMG.... this dish rocks! The chicken was tenderly cooked and the sauce is really mouth watering. The chicken tasted so delicious all the way deep down the bones. What a joyful meal we had. Unbelievable.

Conclusion : No second thoughts about dining here again. Food was marvelous. BUT dining here can burn a hole in your pocket as I felt the prices here are more expensive than most 'tai chau restorants' in town. The restaurant tauke may be taking advantage of it's location as there simply was no competition around this area. The closest competitor is a drive away.

This place is only open for dinner from 5:30pm till late night depending on the crowd.


Restoran De Rasa Sayang
No 12, Jalan SS4C/5
Taman Rasa Sayang
47301 Petaling Jaya

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