Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sakura Fuji Japanese Restaurant @ Shah Alam.

Beauty! Oh so beautiful! Wow..... We were admiring the latest car to-be launched by Ford and we were simply taken aback. This lovely beauty sure do have lovely curves and fantastic pair of headlights. Amazingly sexy and I just cannot wait to take this beauty in red home.

This also took a toll on us as it's zapping all our energy away. It was hard to let go but we just had to leave this lovely beauty to the faith of other admirers. Growling and growling .... shouted by 2 hungry belly. It'll take us approx 20 minutes to reach our destination. A destination that will make us feel man again. A destination to refuel our needs and desire. A destination for good food.

Shah Alam that is. My client, MG was simply carrying a big smile seeing our arrival. Yeah big as a cat cause he'll be having a free meal on me this time. MG led the way down the hallways through the steep stairways and one last turn to the left brought us to our destination. A destination that'll bring ' the land of the rising sun' to us. A place called 'Sakura Fuji Japanese Restaurant'.

Does the name 'Gyuniku Udon & Maki Sushi Udon' sounds familiar to you? Not me but it's one of their best sets if you fancy a good bowl of beef udon. The set comes with a medium sized portioned beef udon, salad and maki sushi. We have to pay RM1 for a small bowl of teriyaki sauce to dip the maki sushi.

Foremost the beef is sumptuously delicious and the meat is so tender. BUT the soup is rather too sour. We find it tough to drink it and had to rely on a bowl of rice to taste it. The Udon noodle tasted good not overcooked and still have the springy texture in it.

The maki sushi is delicious too. Dip it into the Teriyaki sauce and it'll taste even better. And for the salad I find it odd having it in the set but nevertheless no complains about it.

The other set we had was 'Tempura Teishoku'. The set came with deep fried vege tempura and deep fried prawn tempura, salad, dipping sauce, miso soup, a couple pieces of papaya and a bowl of rice. There's nothing great about this meal as the fried tempuras are just so-so. The portion of this meal is applaudable.

Lastly my favourite, Gyoza. It tasted rather sour, again, but overall is delicious. No matter how it tasted as long as it's gyoza I'll give it a thumb up. LOL. It's filled with minced meat where it's perfectly marinated and tasted really good. Yummy.

Conclusion : Overall not too bad. But the chef got to watch the amount of salt he puts in. Service is pretty good where the waitress are pretty attentive. Worth a second go....


Sakura Fuji Japanese Restaurant                          Business Hours:
Lot LB4-5, Shah Alam Mall                                     12pm - 3pm
Lot 2, Jalan Tengku Ampuan ZabedahE9/E            6:30pm - 10pm
Seksyen 9
40100 Shah Alam
Tel : 03 5880 8866


  1. I know this place.. Long time in business already. Somemore loads of Japanese from Shah Alam factories eat there too. Must be good..

  2. yeah. lot's of malays too. they have been there for many year liao. you are right about the japs. food ok lar. boleh tahan lah. have you been there?


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