Thursday, October 28, 2010

Penang Street Kopitiam @ Dataran Prima, PJ.

Yet another Penang restaurant. Yet another one situated in Petaling Jaya. Yet another one to be tried and to be tested by me. LOL.

This restaurant is called 'Penang Street Kopitiam' in Dataran Prima, Petaling Jaya.

We decided to call for some simple meals and started off with the 'Nasi Ayam Berempah'.

It came with some white rice, some sambal and a piece of chicken berempah. The chicken tasted really good but prefer it to be served hot. Unfortunately it was rather cold as I suspect the chicken has been cooked for some time. A big no-no for this method of cooking. Chicken is good but the sambal is below par.

The 'MeeHoon Tom Yam' was unbelievable. Two Thumbs Up !! The soup was really hot and spicy and the tom yam tasted really good. A big yes-yes.
As for drinks we had a glass of 'Teh Tarik', a glass of 'Nescafe', a glass of 'watermelon juice', a glass of 'Iced Lemon Tea' and a bowl of 'ABC'.

Teh tarik was just so-so. There was just too much tea in it till it makes this cup tasted a little bitter. Nescafe was also 'so-so'. The local mamak stall can make a better cup indeed. Watermelon juice was pathetic. Just too much water and too less watermelon. The only drink that stands out and can be considered good was the 'Iced Lemon Tea'. And the 'ABC' looks good but tasted otherwise. :s

Conclusion : Based on what we had ordered they only scored a mere 2.5/5.  Only the 'Tom Yam' scored full praises from us otherwise the rest can be laid to rest. They have a very colourful menu where you can find western food and asian food. I am not too sure why they call themselves 'Penang Street Kopitiam' as they do not serve pure Penang foodie. Hmm ......... could be marketing ploy. LOL


Penang Street Kopitiam
K-G-9, Jalan PJU 1/43
Dataran Prima
47301 Petaling Jaya

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bankers Club Kuala Lumpur

Sunday ~ 24th October, 2010.

This is an auspicious date for our dearest friend Lawrence aka 3Suk and Amy. This day is this couple's wedding dinner being held at the 'Bankers Club' at Amoda Building, KL.

Atmosphere was fantastic where friends and families came to gather for this lovely dinner thrown by this lovely newly married couple.

Just want to share the lovely food with everyone and hope you enjoy it.


Special Three Seasons Combination
Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Bamboo Pith & Crab Meat
Crispy Roasted Chicken

Steamed Patin Fish with Superior Soy Sauce
Stir Fried Tiger Prawns with Thick Soy Sauce
Braised Vegetables with Duo Mushrooms
Golden Fried Rice with Diced Chicken & Julienne of Kai Lan
Red Date Soup Snow Fungus Papaya Dried Longan
Chinese Pancake
Wedding Cake

Bankers Club
Amoda Building
No 22, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 2142 4166

Friday, October 22, 2010

.99 Steak & Chops ... your neighbourhood grill @ ttdi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL.

The 'Burger Mania' is still getting onto me. Just unable to shake the fever off. The hunting for the 'perfect burger' is still going on. I know, I know having too much of this is not good but what can I do? Chuckle.... I've been to so many restaurants but the best burger I had so far is at 'Dome'.  Anyway this time around brought me to Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The restaurant is called '.99 Steak & Chops'.

Most of this restaurants I've been and dined at are all 'halal' restaurant including this. Therefore I trust the hunt for a 'pork burger' is high on the hunting list.

Well, the interior of this place is simple. Lot's of posters of whatever on both sides of the walls. Very spacious which I fancy very much. There is a section made specially for smokers which is good so non-smokers need not suffer from second hand smoking.

Anyway both my darling and myself ordered a 'King Burger' and a cuppa of Neslo and Iced Lemon Tea. Of course there are other stuff to order as the name of the restaurant says. But we just wanted some burgers!! LOL.

RM2.00 & RM2.90
The beef burgers are pretty huge I would say and I was pretty amazed with it. Really cool. There's a beef patty, an egg, tomato, coleslaw, lettuce and served with fries and mushroom sauce. Great taste I must say but still not the perfect burger I have in mind.

Meat was tender and juicy and succulent ~ grilled to medium. Just perfect for our indulgence. There was only sounds of enjoyment during this ordeal  Fries tasted crispy and delicious. A perfect partner indeed.

Conclusion : Two thumbs up. Burger tasted good for a friction of the price we paid at Dome's. but then again it's a totally different experience all together. It's like comparing a Camry with a Vios. Value for money. Gotta Get Get .......


.99 Steak & Chops
No 12, Persiaran Zaaba
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 7728 5344

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grilled Black Pepper Honey Chicken - T3T4 Recipe

My darling's favourite. She just don't seemed to get tired of it. She just wanted more and more.....  Both my in-laws gave 2 thumbs up too. Yeah we are talking about T3T4's grilled chicken in black pepper and honey. This is one lovely meal which has been enjoyed by close friends and family members only. Yeah in short VIP's only. LOL.

It took me awhile to get it right and there's still room for more improvements. The bird was marinated in extra virgin olive oil, various herbs, honey, salt and Sarawak black pepper. Leave it in the fridge overnight to get  the extra oomph. My recommendation is to marinate it for a minimum of 12 hours.

Put the bird in an oven safe bowl / plate. Pre heat the oven at 230 degrees celcius. Put the bird into the oven and cook for 23 mins each half. Make sure you do not over grilled the bird as it will turn black or will suffer nasty burns to the skin of the bird. This is because of the honey.

The whole chicken will still taste juicy and succulent. A truly wonderful meal. Everyone loves it especially the black pepper sauce. It's hot and spicy which is very appetizing indeed.

As seen here this lovely chicken was served together with a lovely plate of steamed white promfet fish in light soy sauce. A family recipe too.

There were calls for me to 'sell' this chicken. Still keeping mum on this. Who knows.... maybe in the near future. The other recipe ' Grilled Chicken in Orange Sauce' was a hit too. Maybe I should ....... hmmm...... indeed. LOL.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Mooncake Festival Celebration

22nd September, 2010. This date is an auspicious day as majority Chinese will be having family gatherings to celebrate 'Mooncake Festival' or 'Lantern Festival'. This particular day is a very famous and important holiday in the Chinese Calendar. This festival is also very famous amongst the Vietnamese.

Traditionally on this day, Chinese family members and friends will gather via dinner to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat mooncake together. Carrying brightly lit lanterns or decorating with brightly lighted lanterns are a traditional thing to do during this day.

We had a gathering with family members and friends over at my home. There were lot's of food to indulged in. Everyone was having a good time especially our auntie who was having a jolly good time with the lanterns.

We hope to be celebrating this special day again next year and the years to come.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Restoran New Paris @ SS2, PJ.

Once upon a time, when I was in my 20's, got my first paycheck and it's time for a celebration. A celebration with close friends and family. A celebration over dinner. And as usual the usual question of 'hey where shall we go for dinner tonight?' pops up. PARIS~ shouted from a close friend. Everyone was chuckling over it but our close friend was serious about what he said.

This place is called Restoran New Paris or famously known as 'Paris' to most people. I can still remember this restaurant plying it's trade in a shack or some shacks in SS2 before all the developments started back then. This place was always packed. Furthermore the old premise is slightly small and tables and limited. Back then one will have to go early to avoid disappointment of not getting a seat.

This restaurant have moved to a new premise which is more modern, cleaner, bigger and have 2 levels for diners to enjoy the good food.

Their signature dipping sauce which is spicy & sour full of raw shallots is a big favourite and is provided free to it's patrons. This dipping sauce is really appetizing and the best thing is that it can be refilled. We quickly got into our act and wasted no time with our orders. Today's order is based on the restaurant's recommendations. Most of it are their 'chiu phai choy'.

To start off the feast is their famous 'Assam Fish Head Curry' which comes with long beans, lady fingers and tofu. This meal goes perfectly with white rice which is free flowing. Great for really big eaters.

I was rather feeling disappointed as the sourness taste was very artificial. I could taste it from the first sip of the assam soup.  Fish meat was rather tough which is a sign of overcooked.  Nevertheless it was a very appetizing dish.

Their 'Samble Petai Prawns Sotong' is a very popular dish too. It is not too spicy. Both prawns and squid was perfectly cooked. It is important not to overcook both the prawns and especially the squids as you do not want the texture to be rubberish.

This tofu dish is also their signature dish. The white chinese tofu is fried to perfection as the inner tofu tasted soft while the outer layer is crunchy. Topped with minced meat and some chopped spring onion this dish is a killer. Simple yet delicious.

This next dish was simply amazing as the 'Honey Chicken' was served on a carved watermelon skin while the watermelon was all scooped up shaped as balls and was served together with the chicken. This chicken tasted good, a little burnt and a little overcooked.

Last but not least came the only vegetable dish we ordered ~ Lotus Roots fried with green peas, carrots, celery with garlic. Simple and nice. This dish is a very healthy dish as lotus roots is rich of dietary fiber, vitamin C, B6, iron etc...

Conclusion : Was rather disappointed as it does not taste as good as before. The samble and tofu dish was ok. The assam fish was rather artificial in taste and is a big no-no from us all. We could get better ones in Taman Megah. The honey chicken was just too tough due to being overcooked and tasted sweet only. Overall a mere 3/5.


Restoran New Paris
No 62, 64, 66
Jalan SS2/72
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7955 9180

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dome Cafe @ Subang Parade, Subang Jaya.

Wishful thinking ...... hmm...... I was dreaming of having a good cuppa today as I've not had a good one since Monday. A coffee lover will always be one. Just cannot live without it.

It was 11:30am and the desire for having a good cuppa is getting into me. A phone call was asking for me and 'viola' my good ole client from Subang Jaya invited me over for lunch at 'Dome Cafe'. I just couldn't hide my joy and happiness as Dome serves one of the best coffee in town.

This is what I had. A good cuppa of 'Cappuccino'. Look at this beauty. Isn't she lovely. I could faint by just inhaling the coffee aroma. It's so silky smooth and rich too. I can feel that I am being sane again from just a sip of  this 'Thunderlicious!!' coffee.  Two Thumbs Up!!

Over at the other corner, Joe had a cold tall glass of 'Iced Peach Tea'. According to Joe this drink is very refreshing especially for the hot weather we are experiencing now. How truthful Joe was a sip of this brought me back to the insane world. Chuckle. I'll better stick back to me cofffffeeeeeeeee.   Yeah!

Joe's lunch doesn't look impressive from how it looks but he insisted that this is one of the best meal he has ever came across and will never miss this for a million rupiah. LOL.... It's called 'Catch of the Day' and it consists of grilled fillet of fish which is marinated with cajun, cumin and lemon sauce topped with 'jonville' sauce and served with buttered rice. Condiments include mushrooms, sweet tomatoes, peas and heck!! I see some prawns served together with the fish. Cool.

It's awesome!! I was only given one bite as Joe refuses to give more. This is his heart and soul and by giving me one bite already hurt him. LOL. Yeah it's awesome. Fish is tender, succulent, juicy, well marinated, such a delight to sink my teeth into it. The buttered rice was very tasty too. I wanted more but I had to behave and control myself since I'll be having my favourite......

You got it right! It's a 'Beef Burger'. Woohoo.......... From the looks of it I can tell that this is a winner. This is a pure 100% grilled beef that comes with lettuce, tomato chutney, a slice of cheddar cheese, mustard mayonnaise and fresh tomato in a toasted focaccia bun. And there's chips too.

The chips tasted really good. Well fried. Every piece is crunchy and a winner. Dipped it into tobasco sauce or chilli sauce and you will want more. (There goes the calories).

The biggie... Beef Burger ..... just fantastic! Succulent, tender yet juicy. Unbelievable. So so so much better than the one I had down at Swensen's.  But then I still feel that T3T4 burger tasted better! Chuckle.

Conclusion : A must place to visit. Serves really good coffee as well as food. 'Fang-tastic'. I will surely come back for more. I was told by friends that their 'nasi lemak' is a winner too. More of a blockbuster. But there's a price you've got to pay for dining here. Do not expect a cheap meal at Dome Cafe but you are assured of good quality food.


Dome Cafe
Lot G17, Ground Floor
Subang Parade
Jalan SS16/1
Subang Jaya.
Tel / Fax : 03 5632 1799 / 03 5637 0975

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Swensen's @ Subang Parade

Back in the 80's when Bryan Adams was a big hit in the rock n roll world,  punk & funk rules the British charts, Ford Mustang was every man's dream and Swensen's was the King of ice-cream which had monopoly the Malaysian market for a long long time. It was every kids dream to be slurping ice-creams at it's parlour. It was a hit back then where the outlets are always packed. This brand is made a household brand overnight and still lives until today. Just marvelous.

It has been a long time since we set foot to this place. Of course it's not the same outlet it used to be but this new outlets are more refine, more spacious, more ice-creams selections and more food selections too.

We were all so excited by just looking at the ice-cream menu. Just fabulous. I wished I could have all of it ..... but had to settle for a 'Chocolate Crunch' ice-cream and a 'Strawberry Stripes'. Such a delight as the ice-creams are so rich and creamy. Why didn't I order an 'Earthquake'. LOL.....

Our buddies started off with some kiddies meal...... 'Mini Beef Burgers', 'Sunny Omelette' and 'Mini Ham Sandwich'. Frankly, don't expect too much from this kiddie meals as it is meant for kiddies where the taste of this meals are just moderate which is healthy for kids. Each of this meals are selling at RM9.90.

My buddies also ordered a plate of 'Chicken Ceasers Salad'. This was a big disappointment. They can't even serve a decent salad and God knows what they can do. I have lost of words to describe how bad it tasted. :S

Next came the 'Mushroom Soup in a Bun'. The soup tasted pretty good and it goes really well with the bun. But just a little too sour for my liking. Tasted best while it's still hot.

As usual I will not forgo my favourite especially especially dining at Swensen's. It's the 'Mega Burger' which is one of their signature meals. Mega Burger is a gigantic burger that comes with juicy beef patty, chicken ham, beef bacon, grilled vegetable, onions, melted cheese with a fried egg to top it off. And it comes with some fries and coleslaws. 

I would prefer pork bacon and ham instead of chicken as I always find pork to taste better. However we were not so fortunate as this place is 'Halal' which means you won't be able to find pork in this restaurant.

This burger surprisingly tasted quite good. The beef patty does indeed is juicy. Sinking your teeth into this burger feels like heaven. I would prefer the fried egg to come with half cooked yolk. Very filling meal indeed.

Conclusion : Good place for ice-creams. Enjoyed every moment of it. For the other meals especially the salad and the mushroom soup tasted really amateur. The chef ought to be shot. Kiddies meals are fantastic for kiddies. Mega Burger is really fantastic! Could be better. Not as good as T3T4 burger. :P


Swensen's @ Subang Parade Cafe~Restaurant
G30, Ground Floor
Subang Parade
Subang Jaya.
Tel : 03 5638 3036

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