Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana Mall, PJ

Somehow, the weather is scorching hot. Somehow, work is just too much to digest. Somehow, I always have a huge craving for good food. Somehow, I don't know how I ended up in Tropicana Mall. Somehow .........

This particular mall has been a huge success, a huge hit amongst movie goers, a huge hit amongst grocery shoppers, a huge hit amongst food lovers and a huge hit amongst coffee lovers.

There are simply countless food outlets in this medium sized mall which serves a huge variety of food from Western to Eastern and to some Malaysian local delights. But there is simply one restaurant that interests me ie Sushi Tei, a Japanese restaurant situated at the ground floor.

The setup of this place is simply marvelous, simple yet delicious. There are various seating for huge crowd, medium as well as smaller crowd. Amazing! And they even have some seating at the sushi counter too.

But beware ! This outlet is always crowded. You will find a medium long queue of hungry fans waiting to be seated at the entrance and such scene is a norm. No joke. Somehow this place manage to pull in the crowd which means something is really cooking at this restaurant.

Egg Mayo @ RM3.20++
To start off the feast, first to be gobbled down my belly is a couple of 'Egg Mayo'. This is one simple delicious starter and believe me you will want more. We did our best to take in only a couple cause this was just the very first dish being brought out. There's more to come and we decided not to spoil it.

Homemade Meat Gyoza @ RM9.80++
Somehow I would prefer this to be made of pork instead of chicken. I have this tongue for pork meat as it taste so much better and yummier compared to chicken meat. Anyhow, be it chicken or pork or beef they managed to dish some really lovely gyoza. A tad oily but it was ok as long as it tasted good and good it was.

Umaki @ RM7.80++
Eel omelette is not really my cup of tea though.... But it was for my 'lou poh'. But then it would really be interesting to put one into my mouth and give it a go. Tastefully done, I must say.... really delicious..... and I had a second in my mouth without knowing it. A little sweet, a little salty, oh blimey... the eel had eaten my brain ...... :)

Ika Okonomiyaki @ RM18.80++
Aaahhhh.......... finally, my favourite, Okonomiyaki was brought to me with the red carpet rolled down. Wowsers...... just loved the sight of it and the aroma was overpowering the whole room. What a dish. This Japanese pancake was made with some squids in it which they believe they can price it at RM18.80 because of it. I find it rather costly but it was truly yummy ! With extra mayo this pancake just my tired stressful day back to turbo mode. 

Oyako Don @ RM13.80
Aawww..... why must they serve all my favourite at one go. This Oyako Don means chicken meat topped with egg and served with rice. Pure delight to sink my teeth into it. Meat was tender and was well marinated. The texture of the rice was simply mind blowing especially when it was mixed well with the egg. Another champion !

Conclusion : Gambate ! Gambate ! Continue to dish out what you have done today maintaining the quality of the food and you will not go wrong. This is the reason why this restaurant is always packed! Food is good, service is good too, waitress are well trained and well mannered. Price is competitve. Outlet is clean and come with a relaxing ambience. A 4.5/5.


Sushi Tei 
Tropicana City Mall
Lot G-16
Ground Floor
Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7728 9299

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