Monday, June 27, 2011

Restaurant Little Canton @ Uptown Damansara Utama, PJ

I think the best business to be involved in is food business. This was what I reckon as more and more restaurant or cafe is mushrooming in every corner of KL and PJ. We stumble upon this Little Canton Restaurant one sunny afternoon searching for some 'chicken rice'. I love chicken rice and this particular restaurant does serve this lovely delicacy.

First impression of this restaurant was good. This place was crowded and more was coming in. We managed to find ourself a table situated at the five foot walkway. It was a pretty cool day with some sun ray beaming down on us with some cool breeze blowing past us.

The set up of this restaurant was rather simple with wooden tables and chairs well positioned and dominating the main area. On the left is the kitchen or place where food was displayed and prepared. You will see some chicken hanging on one side while some 'char siew' and 'siew yook' on the other. I can feel myself drooling just by looking at them. LOL.

Wan Ton Mee with BBQ Pork and Wantan @ RM5.50
We ordered a plate of wanton noodle which came with some BBQ pork and a small bowl of wanton with soup. Apparently we were staring at the plate of noodle .... looking puzzled .... as the portion was so so so little. OMG ! I wonder what the 'tauke' was thinking of. Wanna make fast money by serving the least they can. This is really a no no and seriously I was really disappointed.

Taste wise, this plate of wanton noodle does taste good. Not too sweet nor too salty. Noodle was cooked almost to perfection with that springy feel to it. Overcooked noodle does drive me off but credits to them. The BBQ pork was delicious and  sumptuous,

Honey BBQ Pork (siew yook) with Roast Chicken Rice @ RM7.00
I was all excited with this set. I have always been a big fan for chicken rice and siew yook rice. The aroma was breathtaking and I just gotta sink my teeth into them. Siew Yook was so delicious yet succulent. Skin was so crispy which gets two thumbs up from me. Chicken meat was just normal la. I was expecting something different and was feeling a little disappointed. Anyway, the oil rice was very aromatic and goes very well with both the meat. And not to forget the chilli ... it was really spicy and really good. I think I finished off the whole bowl of chilli. LOL.

Famous Ipoh White Coffee @ RM2.80
And not to forget, being a coffee lover, I would like to say that they make a really good cup or glass of coffee. It was really tasty and 'Old Town' eat your heart out. Highly recommended.

Conclusion : Food was good but portion was too little. Hence, I would say that it's not worth the money as you do not get what you pay for. Coffee was great, indeed. Let's keep our hopes high hoping they will increase the serving portion. Otherwise, this would be my first and my last visit as there are plenty of places that serves good chicken rice at a bargain. Rating ...... 2.5/5.

Cheers !

Restaurant Little Canton                     Business Hours :
97, Ground Floor                                Mon - Fri : 10am - 10pm
Jalan SS21/37                                   Sat, Sun & Public Holidays : 9am - 9pm
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 012 719 5030

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