Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shiraz Wine & Cafe @ SunwayMas, PJ

All on board ! It's time for a fiesta ! Double birthday celebrations plus a celebration to all daddy in the world. It's time to wine and dine and to let your hair loose.

Reservation was made for this special function and there will be 12 of us heading for a fiery time with lot's of food and probably some wine for those who are not driving. The sky was getting dark as the minute ticks and everyone who was invited started to show up bits by bits and inch by inch. Nobody in this right frame of mind would want to miss this big partay !

We took a big gamble by going to a complete new restaurant where only my bro and sis in law been to. The rest of us ..... are all guinea pigs. LOL. From the moment we reached this place I was kind of impress with the restaurant's decor.

One would never miss the restaurant's name 'Shiraz Wine & Cafe' as the bright blue lights just kept on beaming at me. And on the left corner was another bright blue neon sign that says the promotion they were having for Father's Day. The whole picture was pretty nice and cosy.

The interior is pretty cool with the right ambience to kick start the mood. Tables were well placed and they even have a bar area for those who would love to have a drink or two. Yeah, this place does serve liquor from imported beers to wines. Pretty cool I must say for those who would like to unwind in a place not too noisy and crowded and a place that serves some really cool pasta according to my sis in law.

Everyone was seated accordingly and let the music play.

Spring Chicken
Various Fish Meat with Pasta
Mixed Grill
Chicken Chop
More Pasta
As you can see food was abundance and we really had a wonderful time. I always believe in spending valuable time with family members and even close friends something money cannot buy.

We had a couple of spring chicken but we were rather disappointed as the bird was rather small (XS). Tasted ok-la but nothing great about it. I reckon I could do a better job grilling the bird to perfection. Pastas was superb. Very creamy but was rather overcooked. Now I know why my sis in law comes here regularly for it's pasta. Be it cabonara or whatever fashion or style it does taste good.

Chicken chop is another dish that got the thumbs up. Whereby the mixed grill was just so-so. Frankly in my own opinion their pasta dishes is value for money but not the spring chicken. Whereby the mixed grill was kind of 'odd' the way they presented it.

Conclusion : Even though I am a sucker for western food but this restaurant just didn't do enough in getting my vote. The only thing I fell in love with was their pasta dish. Price wise compared to it's portion ~ purely my opinion overall is not worth it. But it doesn't mean this place suck, right! One man's meat is another man's poison. LOL. I would rate this place a 2.5/5.

Cheers  !

Shiraz Wine & Cafe
Jalan PJU 1-3F
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03 7804 5317


  1. Cool place, nice foods and the shiraz is outstanding!

  2. Been there yesterday. It's very nice n cozy restaurant. For wine lovers I guess this is the place. I lov the place n the environment. For pork lovers it's a good news. Now they hav new pork menus. I've tried the grilled pork belly...OMG. It's awesome n juicy. The belly was grilled into perfection n so tender. I love it so much. There are pork burgers n grilled pork ribs too. Will be back to try the pork menus. So for pork lovers do try it. Rate 8.5/10

  3. cool...yeah we were told about this during our visit that this porkie thing is coming soon and it's great to know that it came. Good to know that food tasted good. But how about the portion compared to the pricing? Cheers.

  4. The pork is great n awesome. The price is reasonable. For the pork portion it's satisfying. Conclusion the newly pork menu was great. Must try it.... My rate for the pork 8/10..... So for pork lovers do try it. Will introduce frens to try it. Cheersssss for pork n wine lovers.......!!!!!

  5. wow.... you really do love the porkie food there eh. i will make a visit very soon. cheers.

  6. Good news pork lovers..... Shiraz wine n cafe are having promotions for its pork ribs.. We can buy online at www. It's 50% off for a 4 course meal . It comes with salad , soup , main course, dessert. It's only at rm31.00. I guess it's worth it for the promo n for those who wanna try I guess this is the time... I do love their pork menu n pork dishes... So guys or pork lovers do try it. It's the time to try out... Their pork burgers it's awesome... Been there for the 3rd time... Cheersssss....!!!!

  7. The promotion is valid frm 30th July to 30th Oct. For those tht wan to give a try make it fast guys... Because the time period to purchase the ticket just left 1more day.. For pork lovers should try it or even u can try the other ala carte pork menu.. For those tht wanna give a try can try for other items of food they have.. But for me I'm always go for porky... HEHEHE..... Cheerssssss

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