Friday, June 24, 2011

Sakura Sakura Japanese Restaurant @ Subang Jaya

Weather was rather hot and it has been like this for the past weeks. Oh! how I wished for some rain showers. And the only rain showers I get is from my 'Grohe' rainshower set which I have in my masterbath ... something that I truly enjoy. This was the best way to reduce some body heat. :) Today is a special day as it is Sunday and because it is 'Father's Day'.

Since it was Sunday and Father's day too, we decided to have a lazy afternoon pampering our tired body by giving it some extra rest. And after all the resting, time for a food feast for the evening with our beloved father and mother in law.

Main Entrance
We took a drive to Subang Jaya in search for some really good Japanese food. Those that is not commercialized that we were seeking for. Everywhere was packed with people but we managed to find one which serves really good authentic Japanese food. This place is called 'Sakura Sakura'.

The minute you stepped into this outlet you will be greeted by their staff in Japanese. I truly enjoyed it as we felt really important. The environment of this restaurant is truly simple yet elegant. They really put in a lot of effort in making this place feel cosy and a lot of effort with the interior design too. Truly remarkable.

Moroheiya Ninniku @ RM15.00++
We were introduced to this lovely 'green' and was also highly recommended by their waitress. This vegetable is called 'Moroheiya' and is was supposed to be rich in A, B1, B2, minerals and calcium. And this is an organic plant too which do not contains any MSG. It was fried simply with garlic and sprinkle with some anchovies. This dish is really good ! Taste superb ! Two Thumbs Up !.... but the portion was really too little.

Teppan Gyoza @ RM10.00++
Not to be missed is the famous 'Teppan Gyoza'. It comes in a set of 5 lovely Gyoza which was not enough for all of us. It was truly remarkable, truly delicious, meat was well marinated, simply amazing. Highly recommended too !

Natsu Don @ RM18.00++
This is a box set rice set which comprises of some chicken cut into bite size mixed with a beaten egg. This set is my personal favorite and I will truly say that 'Sakura Sakura' took this dish one step further ~ delicious !

Chicken Teriyaki @ RM16.00++
The aroma of this dish was really breathtaking. It totally filled up our senses and all of us just wanted to grab a bite and continue to enjoy our dinner since so many marvelous dishes was brought to us. It was slightly salty but it was OK since it goes well with plain white rice.

Sukiyaki @ RM42.00++
And finally, a dish which I loved very much from the very first day I tasted it. This fantastic dish is called 'Sukiyaki'. I noticed nowadays most Japanese restaurant do not serve this dish anymore. I really wonder why? But this is found here at  'Sakura Sakura' because majority of their regular clients are Japanese and they always look for original authentic pure Japanese food.

Sukiyaki is normally done in a Japanese hot pot consisting of thinly sliced beef meat which is slowly cooked or simmered along with some vegetables, tofu, negi, mushroom and some jelly-noodles.

A tad too salty but this is the original taste of it. It was an amazing feat and amazing experience to have this fantastic dish served today. Goes really well with plain white rice and the soup is truly delicious.

Conclusion : Without any doubt I will rate this place a 5/5. This is for it's food quality which was amazingly delicious, plenty of variety to choose from, for it's environment, for it's decorations, for their hospitable service, for it's delicious food. I became an instant fan ! Keep it up !


Sakura Sakura Japanese Restaurant
4A, Jalan SS12/1B
47500 Subang Jaya
Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03 5637 9185 / 6

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