Saturday, May 14, 2011

Restaurant Sam Yu Seafood @ SS3, PJ ~ Part 2

A relative was in town for a visit and it would not be complete without having a good meal in one of the popular restaurant in PJ. As usual the place was pretty packed with regular patrons even during the weekdays. We decided to dine in the air conditioned area since the weather was scorching hot.

The dishes we had this time was special and not the normal one would order. This bowl of bean curd with vegetable was superb. I liked this particular dish as it was not too sweet and not too salty. And it goes very well with a plate of rice. I was trying very hard not to consume too much rice but .... with such dish on the table .... makes it very difficult to have a proper diet.

Another favorite dish was brought to us and without fail it was finished before we knew it came. This lovely bowl of spinach was superbly done. The soup was sweet from the red dates that was cooked together which makes this a winner. 

This plate of pork cooked with ginger and vinegar was specially ordered for my relative since he is a 'man eater'. And of course my wifey's favorite too. Frankly this is one dish that I will never touch as I do not fancy vinegar and fatty pork. But from the scent of the aroma filling up the room I can tell that this is one really good dish. LOL. At least both my relative and wife loved it.

And the last dish for the day, chicken cooked with shallots and dried chilli with a dash of Chinese cooking wine... is a must. Somehow this was not the best I had before but still ok lar..... It was a tad too dry and also salty. Goes very well with white rice. 

Conclusion : Not too bad la but a little pricey. Portion was slightly disappointing. But choice of food was superb. My relative says it tasted good compared to those he had in Johor. A 3/5 will just do for today.


Restoran Sam Yu Seafood
No 32, Jalan SS3/35
Taman University
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7875 1197

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