Monday, June 13, 2011

Scrummy Restaurant @ Jalan Ipoh, KL

Have you ever wonder what 'scrummy' means? Googled it and found the following :~ "A combination of "scrumptious" and "yummy", used to convey that deep, satisfied pleasure that comes after you finish something (especially after a good meal)". This is what precisely was written all over their menu.

This lovely place is located at Rivercity off Jalan Ipoh in Kuala Lumpur. One would not miss this place as their corporate colour can be spotted miles away. It is situated opposite HSBC.

We were here by chance, actually. The weather was rather hot and we wanted to dine in an air-conditioned restaurant instead of the original kopitiam which serves curry noodle. Oh well..... no worries maybe next time.

The atmosphere of this outlet is pretty funky. Simple and nice. Some wooden tables are of XXL size and some comes with sofa type seats which is really comfortable after a hard day's work. 

When East meets West ~ combo! Menu was pretty colourful ... from pastas to rice dishes to bread pudding to waffle to ice-creams to endless scrumptious selections. And the best thing about this place is that they have a handful selection of set lunches.

Set lunches starts from RM10.50+. And they do have some really funky names for their set lunches ~ seafood ala king, chicken enchelada with raisin rice, fried dorry with turmeric sauce and dried chillie beef. Sounds good eh ... but now to put them into some real tests.

Thai Pesto Seafood @ RM11.50+
This dish consists of fettuchini with seafood serve with Thai special pesto sauce. Looks good and tasted ok lah.... Frankly, I could hardly find any seafood in this plate of pasta. Prawns are so tiny and small but the worse part is that it is not fresh. Squids are from the same family too. I strongly felt that they should not sting on the ingredients. This is a big no-no and would not do any good to this plate of pasta. Frankly the taste is pretty good but ......

Seafood Ala King Set @ RM10.50+
This set comes with a free barley drink which is really value for money. Portion was pretty good indeed. And indeed it tastes really good too. Served with some rice and some pickles and some vegetables makes a whole lot of sense of a balance diet. Chuckle....

Conclusion : I was asking for more H2O as they use too much of MSG in their food. No wonder it tasted so good lar. This is a no-no from us all as we do not support too much usage of MSG in food preparation. It is worth another one or two more visits for us to try the other foodie. Hope by then they will reduce the usage of MSG. A 3/5.


Scrummy Restaurant
G-23A & G-25
Ground Floor
Block G, RIvercity
3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh
51200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03 4043 2276


  1. hello, i would wonder does it open at nite?

  2. Hello,cnt i take this restornt for my project to re-brand coz i'm student grapic ditigal and i choose this restorant for my final project..i just need t take picture the food for the menu and so on,if you interstd cnt you reply as soon as posible..

  3. Hi Aztecafly, its open from 8am to 11pm. Please do like us at our official fan page at for the latest updates. Thanks

  4. Hi this restaurant have moved to a bigger space (opposite old I
    Outlet behind hsbc jalan Ipoh. Now they have freshly bake breads and cake. Shud try

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