Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Wok @ Tropicana Mall, PJ.

As usual it was kind of hard making a decision on what to have for dinner. There is just so many food outlets here in this mall that is making it hard for us to decide. Everything seemed to be so good and our taste buds just want it all.

Time was not on our side this time as we have a movie to catch. This time it was Kung Fu Panda. Looking at the time displayed on my HTC phone shows that we only have 30 minutes for our dinner. A quick decision has to be made and viola.... we ended up at 'Happy Wok'.

This outlet was the preferred choice because it was not really crowded and this works best for us since we were rushing for time. The first thought that came to my mind was ..... could the food be that bad since there was just a handful of crowd at the restaurant. But that did not deterred us from moving elsewhere.  Crowd was limited due to the fact that this is a NON Halal outlet. o.O

A browse through their menu shows they have quite a healthy variety of dishes and food to be explored. From chinese foodie to some local delicacies to some really simple ala carte foodie eg fried noodle or fried rice, etc.... And there was a handful of pork dishes to chose from which should be really interesting if you are a porkie lover. But this time we will just go for some 'express' ala carte meals.

Dried Beef Rendang Rice Set @ RM12.90+
The beef rendang set which I ordered was full of praise as the aroma was simply amazing. I have been a fan for such foodie since a very young age and I truly know what I was expecting the minute this plate was brought to me.

The meat was succulent and not overcooked which was a delight. Overcooked beef rendang can spoil the whole plate as the meat can be very tough. But Happy Wok managed to pull through this test and I truly hope they can maintain this quality which I experienced today.

Not too spicy and it goes really well with plain white rice. A little disappointed with the portion as it was just too little.

Beef Kuay Teow @ RM10.90+
My wife couldn't resists the temptation of this lovely plate of noodles which was fried with some ginger and spring onions. Frankly, both of us was pretty surprised with this plate of noodle. Portion was huge, aroma was breathtaking and just by looking at it made us XXXHungry.

True enough. The very first bite was made in heaven. This noodle tasted marvelous and the beef that came with it was electrifying. It was so near perfection, really. And it was such a delight fulfilling our belly with such delicious food.

Not forgetting the drinks we ordered ~ a good sized glass of soya milk (RM3.50+) and a very yummy good sized glass of sea coconut with longan (RM4.00+). Just worth every penny of it all.

Conclusion : I would definitely dine at this outlet again. For the simple food that we had today I believed if they managed to control and maintain their standards they can go a long way winning more fans. Good food at good price comes with pretty good service too. A 3.5/5.


Happy Wok
Lot L1.12, Level 1
Tropicana City Mall
Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7710 6112


  1. Bro, i been follow ur blog for so long
    Thanks for keep bring us nice food & reviews
    Really appreciate it! Keep them up!


  2. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the lovely comments. Will do my very best to make this blog more happening. LOL.


  3. Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing ur experience in this restaurant. I tried out before I seen this post.

    Tried out some dishes like roasted chicken rice and pork belly soup few weeks ago. I was regretted as I should go to the restaurant that full v ppl during dinner time. Roasted chicken rice was so so. Pork belly soup is another disappointment due to me and my fren can only taste the pepper in the soup and the soup is not thick with pork belly taste.

    One thing that found out is there is no signature dish or recommended dish of this restaurant. As a result, customer might order any dishes which might taste so so only.

    I will think twice for next visit.

  4. Hi Jocelynlai,
    I reckon you are absolutely right as i did get some pretty negative comments from friends who has visited the place.
    Not all the food was so-so ... only a handful get praises. I reckon they are like ' jack of all trades but master of none' kind.....
    Thanks for the comments and thanks for visiting ...

  5. Sad to say that this restaurant has ceased operation.


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