Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Soo Kee Mee @ Imbi, KL.

I have heard of this famous 'tai chau' place for many years. And yet I have never stepped into it before. 'Pai Seh leh'. It is so famous that it is a must eat place if one were to look for 'sang har sang mee'.

We took this opportunity to pay this place a visit after visiting our grandmother who was admitted to Prince Court. No worries everything is fine and nothing much to worry about.

It was difficult to look for a parking space even the clock has passed 8pm. That's why Kuala Lumpur is branded as a city that never sleep. The later it gets the busier it is. And finally with much pleasure we found a parking space and we couldn't be more excited in tasting our first 'sang har sang mee' at this famous 'tai chau'.

This place was packed with late diners but we were lucky to find a lovely spot. Not wasting more time we quickly place our order.

Chee Pau Kai or Paper Wrapped Chicken
I was rather disappointed when this was served to us. It was not 'hot' enough which means this paper wrapped chicken was cooked earlier and was reheated before serving. Anyway, what choice do we have but to unwrapped the chicken and find out how it taste like. To my surprised it tasted pretty good but was a tad overcooked and a little too dry. I would have loved this chicken to come with some sauce.

Kangkong Vegetable
The plainly garlic fried kangkong was ... really plain. A little too much oil and almost tasteless. It was ok if it was almost tasteless as I prefer my food to be cooked with less salt. It was well fried as it was crunchy, which was good.

Cantonese Fried Beef Kuey Teow
I certainly did 'drool' when this lovely plate of noodle was brought to us. It was very aromatic and a generous portion of beef was used. Portion was enough for the three of us. Somehow, I felt that the arrangement was picture perfect whereby in actual fact it tasted pretty bland. Consolation was the beef was well marinated and was really delicious and not overcooked which makes the meat tender and succulent.

Fish Meat Sang Mee
I am sure you guys must be wondering why we did not order the famous 'sang har sang mee' but instead of 'fish meat sang mee'. Before we came to this place we did some research by asking around and through the internet in finding more information about the food, about the place, about the price, etc... This place is famous for charging high price for it's food and this was the main reason why we decided to go for the 'yue pin sang mee'.

I was rather disappointed with the presentation and I was really hoping that it will taste good. But again it was a disappointment. Again this plate of noodle tasted really bland and it didn't manage to interest me. Maybe we made a wrong choice as it is always a wise thing to order what they are good in. Anyway, we did not regretted with our decision and choices. Why? Because we had to fork out RM73.50 for the above meal. Ridiculous !!!

Conclusion : Seriously, this will be my first and my last visit here. We only ordered simple food but the price we had to pay was exorbitant. We could have had a better meal elsewhere with the exorbitant price we paid for. Food was below our expectation and doesn't deserved to be branded 'famous'. Purely my point of view ~ this place is totally over-rated. A1.5/5 will do.


Soo Kee Mee                               Monday Off
No 14, Medan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2148 1324

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