Monday, June 20, 2011

Fatt Kee Yong Tau Foo @ Emporium Makan, Klang

A close friend of ours have been asking us to dine in Klang for a long time. He was telling us about his friend's outlet which serves good 'lou shue fun' in Klang. According to J, this outlet is in it's second generation and is very popular amongst the locals. For sure I wouldn't have known anything about this outlet until today.

It is located in the city's oldest medan selera in Klang town. To my surprised this outlet is called 'Fatt Kee Yong Tau Foo'. I thought we were there for a good bowl of 'lou shue fun'. O.o

Asked J about it and he says 'yeah' they are famous for their 'yong tau foo' too and their 'lou shue fun' actually comes with some 'yong tau foo' which is really something special. Without wasting more time we ordered what we came for and I really hope what J mentioned about the food is true.

When the bowl of 'lou shue fun' was brought to us I was rather taken aback as I did not expect it to be so 'plain'. It was pretty oily which is not to my liking and topped with some minced meat. Came with it is a bowl of yong tau foo in a bowl of soup.

Frankly, I didn't fancy the noodle at all. The bowl of noodle was just too salty, too oily, which take a lot of effort to finish it. But the yong tau foo tasted pretty good. Maybe because I am not accustomed to it's taste but Klang folks certainly does know how to enjoy this bowl of noodle.

The crowd was pretty healthy with mostly families coming in bus load flocking this outlet for it's 'lou shee fun'. Certainly this outlet is doing something right to have triggered Klang folks tastebuds. But sadly not mine, though.

There's this outlet beside it named 'Teo Seng Ngoh Heong' that serves 'lobak'. We ordered some mixtures of different types of lobak to go along with the noodles we ordered earlier.

Majority of the lobak were 'fried' stuff which we tried not to have too much of it. Nothing to shout about though just tasted normal-lah.

Conclusion : Famous with Klang folks but not with me and my mates. I will not come back even for half a bowl. I would prefer to drive myself all the way down town Kuala Lumpur for a good bowl of noodles instead of Klang. Lobak is ok-lah. A 1/5.


Fatt Kee (Yong Tau Foo)
Emporium Makan Gama
41400 Klang.

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