Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Restaurant Peranakan House @ Taman SEA, PJ

It is funny how from one peranakan meal leads to another in just within a week. I have always wanted to dine at this place called 'Peranakan House' at Taman SEA in PJ but never had the opportunity. Passed by this restaurant in so many occasions yet never stepped in to dine.

I have to thank my good buddie G for making this possible. In fact dining here was by chance too. G had to be in PJ to attend a meeting and at the same time wanted to have some really good 'peranakan' food. This was how we ended up here. Yay!

The setting up of the restaurant was very simple but a little cramped. Tables and chairs were placed too close to one another. There is an upper lever but was not utilised. I wonder why! This place was jammed packed when we arrived and some had to wait before they can be seated. Again I wonder why!

Pai Ti @ RM7.50+
For starter, we had 'Kuih Pai Ti' where the base is made of flour fried to perfection and filled with shredded carrots and turnip fried with ground garlic and shallots. Served with it is a small plate of specially made chilli sauce for dipping.

I was totally taken aback by it's delicious taste of the 'pai ti'. Never did I expect it to be so good. Of course it's not the best I've tasted before but this place does do wonders. It is always important to start off with good delicious food. In other words to start off with a positive note.

Otak Otak @ RM6.50+
Otak Otak is another favourite when one stepped into a 'peranankan' restaurant. The otak otak here tasted pretty good but the coconut taste is a tad too strong. Nevertheless it is worth the wait.

Mixed Vegetables @ RM12.00+
The next dish was a simple one where different types of vegetables were mixed and fried together with garlic with a tad of oyster sauce. I was rather disappointed with it cause it tasted really bland and tasteless. Could be better.

Assam Fish @ RM22.00+

Baba Chicken Curry @ RM13.80+
The next two dishes was simply amazing. Power house!!! The 'Assam Fish' was truly amazing. The fish was slightly overcooked but the assam sauce was really 'something'. We had to call for additional white rice so that we could endulge ourselves with more food.

'Baba Chicken Curry' was totally opposite of the assam fish. It's curry was rich with spices and santan. Fabulous indeed. The chicken was also slightly overcooked but it was alright considering the overall taste was mouth watering. Dig into the bowl and you will find a few small cubes of potatoes which was good find. Curry without potatoes and rice is incomplete.

We had 2 fruit juice - Orange and Mango which tasted lousy. Later after the whole meal we decided to have a hot cuppa of 'teh tarik' which was fabulous.

Conclusion : Worth the journey. It was an exciting experience. Pretty good food. Bloody good 'teh tarik'. Worth another visit. A 3.5/5.


Peranakan House Restaurant
No 4, Jalan SS23/11
Taman SEA
47400 Petaling Jaya

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