Thursday, January 13, 2011

Annie 1 @ Uptown Damansara Utama

It's funny how I never step into this particular restaurant while working around the Uptown vicinity. I was there for more than 2 years and I never laid eyes on this place. But I did hear good things about this place yet I did nothing. I am totally baffled! LOL.

My very first visit to this restaurant took place on a weekend and it was not a planned one. It was by chance! After kicking some tires at Fella Design took a drive to Uptown for some food, belly was humming notoriously due to hunger as it was passed lunch time.

Since Uptown was the best place and best choice to hunt for some food I have no idea what made me took a left turn and another left turn and straight on found a parking and told by partner that 'look! this is where we will have our late lunch'. And this place is simply called 'Annie 1'. Sounds like 'anyone' right?!

This is how the place looks like...
We were really lucky to be there 'early' cause they were getting ready to clean up the place and pack their bags and close doors. Yeah it was close to 3pm and I truly understand. There were some potential patrons being turned away due to this. Oh well 'shytes' happens!

Kopi Ping & Cham Ping @ RM4.20
Without fail both of us went for a glass of Kopi Ping and Cham Ping. This was our first caffeine drink for the day and we were so delighted with it. Frankly, I was a little upset with the Cham Ping as it was lousy BUT the Kopi Ping was a smasher.

Dry Curry Chicken Wan Tan Noodle @ RM5.20
Famous for it's wan ton noodle, we have no other choice but to order one. There were plenty of choices to pick and we decided to go for the 'dry curry chicken wan ton noodle'. The noodle was overcooked which was a sad sign as it takes some 'kung fu' to cook such noodle. Chicken was just ok and a few cubes of potatoes was thrown into it. Not the best but ok lar ...... what to do when one is hunting for food close to 3pm. LOL.

Curry Wanton Laksa @ RM5.20
Next is an all time Malaysian favourite and is my favourite too. This curry laksa is very rich in santan, something that I should not be consuming too often. But it is hard to resists the temptation. I have always been a fan of spicy foodie and this is one of them.

Pretty big bowl indeed. Nothing much in it except a few wanton and a few tofu..... Tasted good ~ nothing to shout about ~ but good (or maybe I was hungry) LOL. This Laksa is the KL style where one will use lot's of santan to enhance the aroma and taste of it. Totally different from the Penang type.

Conclusion : I like this place even though the food is ok lar.... Lot's of variety to choose from and it'll take me some time to 'kau tim' the menu and they serve pork in this restaurant !!!!! Yay!!!! Not pricey, cool environment, not too bad service and a cool place to stretch your leg and back and enjoy some street foodie in a cozy environment. Better than a normal kopi shop.And a very popular eating place amongst breakfast and lunch crowd. Oh well ..... a 3/5 will do for the time being.


Annie 1                                               
Jalan SS21/58                                                               
Uptown Damansara Utama                                            
47400 Petaling Jaya                                                       
Tel : 016 660 8816

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