Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My New Dog - Brownies

My wife and her friend was driving around PJ and stumbled upon this little doggie wandering on the streets of PJ. Being a dog lover she just couldn't resists the temptation in saving this little doggie as he was nearly run down by heartless and brainless Malaysian drivers.

As I was not in the country and only returning late evening,  my wife had to send the doggie to the vet to do some checks especially getting rid of fleas and ticks. She spent RM80 to clear those pests but to my dismay it was a badly done job. Much of the pests were still sticking to it's body and lot's of them were still living in it's ear. Darn those people ........

We were lucky to have a close friend lending us a helping hand by taking care of the dog for one night as it was impossible for me to leave brownies at my house as I already have 2 dogs with me and do not want the infestation of the fleas towards Thunder and Hannah.

The very next day we quickly brought Brownies to a friend's pet shop located in Uptown Damansara Utama. Our friend , Choong and especially Eric ensured us that they will do a 100% cleaning up job on Brownies for us and assured us not to worry too much. BTW, a round of applause to Choong and Eric of 'Uptown Pets Centre'.

That's not all. Both of Brownies eye was infected. It was pretty serious on the left side where the 'white' spot was covering 50% of it's eye while there was slight spots on the right side. Eric recommended an eye oilment manufactured by Pzifer to be applied on Brownies eye.

I was so proud of my wife for doing an incredible job by saving this lovely dog from the streets, It was not an easy thing to do as we have to be very careful of not spreading the fleas infestation to my other two dogs and also got to take good care of Brownies.

Hannah & Brownies having a jolly time
Initially there was jealousy from Thunder. He refuses to eat not mixed with the rest but after a couple of week Thunder managed to understand the meaning of socialise again and the 3 of them lived happily ever after. Brownies right eye have healed but the left one remains the same. We really hope we could get rid of the infection soonest possible so that he will be able to lead a normal life again.

Thanks again to Choong & Eric and of course to my lovely wife who save Brownies from the ever notorious streets.


Uptown Pets Centre
No 6, Jalan SS21/39
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7710 3393

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