Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fong Lye Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

A very big thank you to our friend 'FJ' and 'C' for this fabulous treat that took place at 'Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant' situated at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, PJ.

This restaurant is a very popular place amongst Malaysian and have since opened 4 outlets throught the Klang Valley. They serve authentic Taiwanese food, not the 'street' type but a more upmarket type. I was feeling so excited having the chance to dine at this pretty restaurant and I was baffled by the enormous crowd surrounding this place. Most of the tables were taken and we consider ourself to be lucky for finding one.

I was impressed with their choice of seats as the padded seats be it individual or settee type was very comfortable. It was perfect for us considering the hours we put into shopping. Such a relief to be able to rest and relax and at the same time enjoy good Taiwanes foodie.

Taiwan Braised Beef Noodle @ RM19.80++
As all of us know, Taiwan is famous for it's 'beef' foodie and it was a pleasure to have ordered a Taiwan Braised Beef Noodle. The portion of both noodle and beef was just ok. But when it comes to taste it was good. The soup was very rich in spices which was a beauty as the soup was finished faster than the noodle. LOL. Food presentation was marvelous.

Sesame Chicken Mee Suah Set @ RM19.80++
This chicken mee suah set is amazingly delicious especially the sauce that came with it. Goes so well with the plain mee suah. Simply irresistable. Chicken was perfectly cooked too which makes this set top notch. Again, just like the beef noodle set, it was served with some extra side dish which came with some vege, tofu and a fried 'something' which was really good. I actually wanted to find out what that was from the waitress but totally forgotten about it. Blush.... :(

3 Variety Supreme Diced Chicken @ RM19.80++
Another top notch set ~ the 3 Variety Supreme Diced Chicken set which came with white rice and the same side dishes was very mouth watering. The sauce was slightly on the salty side but goes well with white rice. Again chicken was perfectly cooked. This dish have a special taste in it which was difficult to describe ~ you'll have to taste it to know how special and wonderful this set is.

BBQ Pork Set @ RM19.80++
OMG ..... this restaurant truly knows what delicious food is all about. This set was fabulous too. The BBQ pork taste so delicious, slightly salty but the saltyness is gone if eaten with white rice. Served with the usual side dish and a bowl of chicken soup which was good too. But my taste buds tells me that the chicken soup contains with a high percentage of MSG.

Taiwan Style Fried Clam @ RM13.80++
We decided to order the Taiwan Style Fried Clam as an additional side dish. I would have expected the clams to be bigger in size but the ones that was served was even smaller compared to those served by road side stores. Size aside ..... the clams was brilliantly fried! Another winner!

Conclusion : Food quality, menu choice and service was top notch. Even though the restaurant was packed but both the waiter and waitresses was very attentive and very helpful. This is truly a plus sign, indeed. Super top notch is the pricing. Considering we only had 'simple' food sets, we had to cough out RM133.30 for this meal. Very expensive but pretty good food. I'll give this place a 4/5.


Fong Lye Restaurant
LG 1.43A, Lower Ground 1
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 5633 3699


  1. Simply delicious, made me go hungry..ehhe

  2. LOL, you have passed it on to me... the hunger strikes again....


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