Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mandy's Cafe @ Summit USJ

I have always wondered why is Summit USJ Subang is such a popular shopping mall in Subang. Finding a parking lot there is almost impossible and you will have to resort to illegal parking unless you have all the time to wait for an empty lot and we resorted to the latter.

We are not the hardcore nuts who frequents Summit USJ often. It's like once in a blue moon kind of thing for us. This time it was CNY shopping that brought us there. My partner loved to shop for ladies clothing at the Summit as at times she is able to grab some cool stuff at bargain price. And so we did.

After all the shopping it was time for a good meal and a good time to relax our tired legs. We were really undecided in what to have for dinner as there was just simply too many choices to make and we even contemplated of having dinner out of Summit. From Western to Asian to 'fast food' to local food ..... and finally we decided to have it at 'Mandy's Cafe' which was situated at the LG.

This place reminds me of 'Dave's Deli'. The setting up of the counter and it's seating really do have the DNA of Dave's Deli. Not only that. The food being served there too have the same DNA but with extras where Dave's don't have. This place is truly a mixture of Western and Eastern food. You can find 'foot long sausages' to 'fried rice', from 'chicken chop' to 'assam laksa'. Cool choice isn't it!

Quarter Roast Chicken @ RM10.95+
Black Pepper Chicken Chop @ RM13.80+
It took us awhile do decide in what to order. We decided to go Western ~ 'Roast Chicken' and 'Chicken Chop'. No doubt that I would love to have a good bowl of Curry Laksa but I can get that anywhere but not the 'chicken' stuff we ordered. LOL.

The chicken chop surely does taste better compared to the quarter roast chicken. Chicken chop was fresh as it was cooked when ordered but the roast chicken was pre-cooked and when there's an order they will just re-heat it up which made the chicken overcooked and tasteless.

Pretty disappointed though. Nothing much to say about the food. Just that credit is only given to the plate of 'chicken chop' being fresh, at least there's some chicken taste in it. Oh well .... at least it managed to fill my half empty belly.

Conclusion : Pretty cool set-up, lot's of choices to choose from, very friendly service, pretty reasonable pricing, not so good food (based on the above order). But I reckon I should come back for another visit since they have so much to offer. 2/5.


Mandy's Cafe
LG 28 & 29, Summit USJ
Persiaran Kewajipan
Subang Jaya

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