Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Manhattan Fish Market @ Subang Parade, Subang Jaya.

The sky was getting dark. Strong wind sweeping across the street. Cars were all started to look stale. Sunlight was beginning to fade. In a moment a gush of wind swept the streets again but this time it brought along the rain. Thunder was heard from miles away. Lightning struck with a glint of light flashing across the sky. The colour of the sky was even darker than the colour of charcoal.

We were lucky to be under the roof of Subang Parade but our parent in law was stuck in their car who looked like one of those stale looking cars on the wet evening street heading towards Subang Parade. Time was on our side, luckily, so that my parent in law need not do a Michael Schuey's F1 stunt under such uninviting conditions.

What we have is time but what we don't have is 'dough'. LOL. With so much time on our side it was perfect to continue with our shopping. I reckon we were one of those who will be kicking lot's of tires today. But hell broke lose we started what most people will call 'compulsive buying'. It's time to be jolly though and in within 1 month it'll be Chinese New Year. Heck ...... just do it!

It was time to bring everyone together to be seated together along a long table specially meant for food enjoyment. This time around we decided to dine at 'The Manhattan Fish Market' since my in laws have not dine here before.

Ceasar Salad
We had salad for a start which was pretty good. We loved the taste and it was finished and done with before the next dish was served. Could it be that we were hungry or was the food really good? In this particular scenario it was both. Even the bread crumbs was not spared.

Shrimp My Olio @ RM17.90++
This dish consists of sauteed shrimps and spaghetti swirled garlic, coriander and olive oil dusted with zesty chili flakes. Sounds good indeed. BUT it was totally different when I took the first bite. It was semi-awful since the pasta was so bland and doesn't have any significant taste to trigger our taste buds. Looks can be deceiving and this is a pure case of it. Seriously a RM9.90 restaurant can do a better deal than this. One consolation is there was freshness in the shrimps.

Grilled Gala Platter for 2 @ RM49.90++
This massive platter comes with grilled fish fillet, grilled tiger prawns & calamari with signature garlic herb mussels served on a bed of garlic herb rice and chips with scrumptious broccoli, carrots and corns on the side.
Premium Seafood Platter @ RM72.90++
This platter is perfect for sharing and crunchy to the last bite. Deep fried barramundi, deep fried shrimps, Louisiana Mussels and fried calamari served on a bed of garlic herb rice and chips, drizzled with garlic herb sauce and scrumptious broccoli, carrots and corns on the side.

What a feast!!! Both the platters was simply amazing and delicious. One is grilled and the other is fried. It was truly an amazing dinner and all of us ate like we've never eaten before. Everything was so fresh. It was not 100% perfectly done as some of the fried stuff was overdone but overall the platters tasted really good. Somehow I remembered the garlic rice tasted better before. This time it was less garlic-ky and less is not good as it doesn't give that 'kick @ss' feeling to it. Marvelous!

Conclusion : One of my favourite eating place. Loved the food and selected drinks are refillable which is good. Freshness was there but a little hick-ups here and there prevented full marks from us. Was better before and could be even better if they listen and improve on things. And pricing is a big factor too cause I find them to be expensive. A 3.5/5.


The Manhattan Fish Market
Lower Ground
Subang Parade Shopping Center
Subang Jaya
Tel : 03 5637 0121

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