Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pantai Seafood Restaurant @ Kayu Ara, PJ.

Another family gathering. Another round of good food. Another round of laughter and happiness. We all just loved family gatherings and we do that pretty often. It is important to have such gatherings so it will keep the spirits and bondage high. :)

Our lovely aunt was back from the United States for a short holiday and we did not waste much time to have such event. It was an opportunity for aunt to enjoy the local foodie which she has deserted years ago. Coming back to Malaysia is going to be a weight gaining experience cause I am very sure she will be walloping all the lovely Malaysian food from Malays to Chinese foodie. Not to forget all the lovely street food.

Aquariums full of seafood
Live Lobster
The chosen restaurant for this special occasion is at Kayu Ara by the name of 'Pantai Seafood Restaurant' and this place is a very popular dining place amongst the locals from near and far. The first thing that will catch your attention is the huge area full of aquariums with various types of seafood available to be served and brought to your table.

Tiger Garoupa Fish
The set up of this restaurant is pretty cool with both open-air dining and air-conditioned dining area. Beside dishing up seafood this restaurant have it's own 'wine cellar' which is popular too. I reckon nowadays even Malaysian wanna have a good glass of wine from having seafood and not fine dining. This is Malaysia Boleh-lah.

Our food was all pre-ordered and was brought to us like the speed of a bullet. First to come to our rescue from hunger is the 'Pantai Four Season's Platter'. Pretty impressed with it's portion while food quality is ok.

Four Season's Platter
Next in line was the 'Braised Sharksfin Soup (no pics taken, sorry). It was rather a tad salty but overall the taste was pretty amazing. This is truly a favourite amongst Malaysian and Malaysians are one of the top consumers of this delicacy.

Apple Fried Chicken Thai Style
This plate of specially made Fried Chicken was superb. Chicken are chopped into bite pieces and fried to perfection mixed with some house special Thai sauce and sprinkled with some apple and onion slices., Amazing! Very mouth watering and the special sauce does make one long for more white rice as it goes really well with it.

Steamed Patin Fish
The Patin fish was rather too small for a table of 10 people. Tasted just OK-lar. Sauce was pretty tasty which is good to consume with white rice. We found the fish to be slightly overcooked which was a big let-down.

Fried Tiger Prawn in Assam Sauce
Another let down was the fried tiger prawn in assam sauce. Prawns was overcooked and size was just too small. How can they call this 'Tiger Prawns'? I really wonder...... Assam sauce was a little spicy which is a no-no for kiddies.

Mixed Vegetables
We were really hoping the next dish to be good as the past few dishes has been a disaster. This time was the 'Mixed Vegetables' which was fried with some Hawaiian Nuts. Thank goodness..... this vege tasted good. I would have screamed for help if this turned out 'eewww' cause if they cannot get this right for a simple plain vegetable dish then I would have blacklisted this restaurant.

Indonesian Fried Rice
I seriously wanted to ask them why they call this 'Indon Fried Rice'? It looks and tasted like local Chinese Fried Rice ....... This place really baffles me, big time. I reckon they were trying to be special with the names given for their dishes but if they just simply name it for the sake of naming it then they are digging their own graves.

Crab or Crap?
We also ordered some crab cooked with butter sauce. Crab was pretty crappy... sorry to say this. This time around I was really seriously trying to find some answers to some questions playing in my mind. What happened to the food quality? This place used to be really good but I was totally disappointed this time. I reckon I do not need to elaborate more on this crap thing as it is not worthwhile to do so.

Chinese Pastry
Finally, my favourite dessert was brought to us. I simply just loved this Chinese desserts since a very young age. A life saver indeed as I was closed to having tears in my eyes ......

Conclusion : Gathering was superb but food was otherwise. We were also disappointed with this restaurant as there were far too many power trips which was not a pleasant thing to experience. Food was ok-lar if there's not other restaurant around. Service was below par. We paid RM530.00 for all the above..... which was OK, I reckon.... if only food was good. Oh well shytes happened. Only a 2/5 this time around.


Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU6A
Kg Sg Kayu Ara
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7725 5099

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