Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thai Express Restaurant @ The Curve

I just cannot understand why such places existed in today's society. Back in the old days restaurant business were very different compared to nowadays. Back then food quality is a must in order for them to sustain int he business. Decors are not part and parcel of the business as it is secondary issue back then.

In this modern era new restaurants have been mushrooming in both KL and PJ. I've tried a handful of this new ventures but turned out to be disappointed as food is not the primary issues any longer. Many newbies concentrate in their interior decor and makes it a priority compared to food quality. I don't know why but somehow some managed to survive in this trade based on this. Funky or not somehow I am baffled and dumbfounded, really.

The restaurant I am touching on today is located at The Curve with a funky name to it 'Thai Express Restaurant'. The interior decor is really funky as you can see from the picture. Very youthful looking and looks very fresh indeed.

Frankly speaking after tasting 100% original Thai food in Thailand and Kota Bahru in Kelantan, I don't find the Thai food in KL or PJ good at all. It has all been cooked based on 'local' tongue which makes it no longer original. I wouldn't have given this place a second look not because of my buddy who fancies this place.

Prawn Tom Yam Soup @ RM12.90++
As usual for most people when they stepped into a Thai restaurant is to order a bowl of Tom Yam. That's what we had. This soup have to be consumed while it's hot. Tasted good ~ sourly taste with a tad of spiciness to it. Oh! what a wonderful feeling...... Not bad indeed but could be better, really.

Green Curry Beef @ RM15.90++
Since rice is our main diet here it won't go wrong with a bowl of 'Green Curry Beef'. This is a classic dish if one were to visit a Thai restaurant. I have fancy this dish since young and hope this place dishes out good quality green curry.

I really hope it taste as good as it looks. But disappointment did stepped in. It doesn't taste like the traditional green curry at all. I wonder why? This dish is a very simple dish to cook and I wonder why it tasted different. Could it be that 'Thai Express' wanted to do something different? If this is true then they have failed miserably. It's better to retain the original taste. Beef was rather tough resulting from being overcooked. The sauce was thick and rich with coconut milk. Somehow because of how it tasted it's a no-no from us.

Fried Squids @ RM12.90++
Another good looking dish was brought to us. It's a bowl of fried squids which came with a Thai chilli sauce for dipping. I just couldn't believe my taste buds as this fried squids was tasteless. Truly madly deeply tasteless. What a bore. I can cook something better with my eyes closed. Double blow so far.

Eggplant Fried with Shrimp @ RM8.90++
For vegetable we decided to order a plate of 'Eggplant' fried with shrimp. At least this dish tasted good but was too oily. It would be perfect if they reduced the oil usage.

Iced Blended Mango Juice @ RM7.90++
Thum Thim Krub @ RM7.90++
Another classic for desert is the Water Chestnut. And this tasted really really good. Wow!! They finally got something really right. Couldn't have enough of it and was so tempted to go for a second round. But was just too full from all the food we had. Two thumbs up for this lovely bowl of desert.

Conclusion : I will surely visit this place again BUT only for the Thum Thim Krub. Nothing else really since Thai food served here is not 100% original. And frankly I have not come across a restaurant in KL and PJ that serves original Thai food. So the search is still ongoing. Sigh. A mere 2/5.


Thai Express Restaurant @ The Curve
Tel : 03 7710 9629

Other outlets : Pavilion KL, Menara Standard Chartered KL, Surian Tower Mutiara Damansara, Ikano Power Centre Mutiara Damansara.

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