Monday, November 15, 2010

Sid's Pubs @ TTDI, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL.

Oh !! How I love spending a joyful night with close friends ~ sharing laughter, sharing jokes, sharing gossips and especially sharing a nice tall glass of beer and a table full of lovely delicious food. This I love most. And the special treats tonight is actually for a birthday boy who'll be moving closer to the 30 yish mark in no time. A celebration worth a shout, a celebration worthy of a toast !! Cheers!!

The celebration will be at 'Sid's Pubs' at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Place was crowded when we arrived and had to wait for a few minutes before we managed to secure a table but we had to cramped in in order to fit 10 people.

There is simply not enough 'BIG' tables to cater BIG groups cause majority of their tables are meant for max 4 people. I find this rather amusing and am flabbergasted. I reckon they could have made their 'bar' area a little smaller so that they will be able to have more tables meant for dining. Or maybe they didn't expect such crowds to flock this place. Hmm.......

RM36.00++ per jug

Tiger Beer

We ordered a few jugs of Tiger Beer for the drinkers and the wannabees whereby for the non-drinkers settled for some really cool refreshing 'Iced Lemon Tea'.

Food was abundance and we were truly spoiled for choice. Since there were 10 of us we just ordered like we never ordered before. Everything sounds so good and we just wanted to have the chance to taste as many as possible.

Cauliflower & Cheddar Cheese Soup @ RM8.00++
Green Pea & Ham Soup @ RM8.00++
Warning : Photographer ..... please do not drink and snap pics at the same time. The above pics are some examples of this case. Chuckle.....

For starters we had a bowl of 'Cauliflower & Cheddar Cheese Soup' which was rich in taste and creamy served with a tiny slice of bread AND a bowl of 'Green Pea & Ham Soup' which tasted good too. Both of these soup will have to be consumed while HOT as it will not taste good at all when it cools up.

Pigs In Blankets @ RM16.00++
Not to be missed is Sid's 'Pigs In Blankets' which means pork sausages wrapped in bacon. This is truly magnificent as it really boost up the taste buds. Pure delight to sink your teeth into these little porky. Perfectly grilled where the meat still carries the succulent taste in it.

BBQ Pork Ribs @ RM20.00++
These BBQ Pork Ribs was well marinated to be grilled. Succulent and juicy ...... really finger licking good, yeah best way to enjoy the ribs. It was practically snapped up shows this is a favourite amongst us ..... eer .... maybe we were just too hungry. LOL.

Bowl of Chips @ RM10.00++
As usual I will not miss out my favourite ie 'Sid's Ben Nevis Pork Burger' which consists of double pork patty, bacon, a fried egg and served with some fries. Truly amazing ! It was perfect for me ! Juicy, well marinated, taste really mouth watering, well done. You will have to fork out RM28.00++ for this beauty which is madness.

Sid's Ben Navis Burger @ RM28.00++
A Different Angle of the RM28.00++ Burger
Garlic Roasted Spaghetti @ RM24.00++
We too had a few different types of spaghetti ordered for the feast which include 'Garlic Roasted Spaghetti' which consists of oven roasted pepper, mushrooms and other seasonal vegetables, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil finished off with some parmesan cheese.

I don't find anything so special about this dish as it tasted just so-so. The presentation of the dish was pretty but unfortunately the 'prettiness' wasn't passed on to the taste.

Spaghetti Bolognaise @ RM22.00++
Our birthday boy just had to have a traditional palate of 'Spaghetti Bolognaise' which was topped with lot's of minced beef meat with some chunks of tomato. Sauce was rich and tasty thanks to the minced beef meat. Truly a traditional meal, tasted good but could be better. Not the best I have tasted.

Roasted Rosemaried Spring Chicken @ RM26.00++
We had to order a 'Roasted Rosemaried Spring Chicken' for the not-so-pork-fancy. LOL... From the look of the chicken one can tell that it was over-roasted as the whole chicken was dry and meat was tough. Huge disappointment indeed and we ordered a couple of this bird. :S

Shepherd's Pie @ RM24.00
We ordered a couple of 'Shepherd's Pie' where the first that came was 'cold'. I wonder why as this was not supposed to be a cold dish. We all knew that the pie was not freshly made as it will take ages to be ready. Which means that it was pre-made and needed to be preheated to be served. Unfortunately it came cold and we had to inform them to re-heat it again.

It was served with some mushroom sauce, broccoli and some sliced carrot. Another big disappointment not because it came cold but it tasted really amateurish. And at RM24.00++ I expect this to give a knockout punch but instead ........ sigh.

Chicken Tikka Masala @ RM25.00++
Finally something Eastern. This 'Chicken Tikka Masala' is really something. It consists of tender pieces of chicken tikka smothered in creamy masala sauce served with rice and chips and some pampadam. It's really a whole new experience having fries with creamy masala sauce and everyone loved it. Chicken tasted yummy but somehow felt it was slightly overcooked as the meat was quite hard.

Fudge Brownie @ RM12.00++
To end this food feast we decided to call for a plate of 'Fudge Brownie' served with ice-cream and chocolate sauce. The only thing I loved about this is the ice-cream. That's about it. Brownie tasted horrible and shocking as it came from this restaurant which is owned by a Westerner! Can you believe this? Anyhow, it's a BIG boo for this.

Conclusion : I would rate this place a 4/5 for it's meaty food. Otherwise it's a 2.5/5.  Place is a little cramped, not enough tables to cater for big groups. Shepherds Pie and Spring Chicken need to be looked at as it needs improvements. Otherwise it's fair and square.


Sid's Pubs Sdn Bhd
34, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 7727 7437


  1. Wah! Prices are quite high compare to US.
    A burger costs almost US$9.00, that's too much, in addition ++, that's a rip off..

  2. yeah aunt ginmoo ..... madness isn't it. well this is the kind of price we'll have to pay over here. :(


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