Friday, December 3, 2010

La La Chong Seafood Restaurant @ Kayu Ara, PJ.

Thank God it's Friday! A day which I was really looking forward to. A day where it's the last working day of the week. To add greatness to this day a good friend, Z will be celebrating her birthday with us something that I fancy very much. Food will be abundance and another birthday celebration that will bring close friends together once more, a time for all to mingle around, to catch up with the latest happenings, a gathering where all will enjoy.

This brought us all to Kampung Kayu Ara where 'La La Chong Seafood Restaurant' stands. A place famous for it's seafood which is a popular figure in this business. A place which is famous with seafood hunters and a place worth experiencing.

It is always nice to start off the feast with something simple and not too filling ie 'Fried Beehon'. Surprisingly the portion was pretty good for a table meant for seven. It tasted just average, a little salty ..... and nothing to shout about. Good enough to fill a hungry man.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the 'La La' to be served. The aroma was just tantalizing and it it difficult not to indulged in this lovely dish which came with some broth. Just fabulous. This dish was finished before we even knew it. The soup was sweet and the 'La La' was cooked just right.

For those who was enjoying a bowl of rice will be pleased to have this 'Belacan Fried Kankong'. The aroma of the belacan was overpowering but somehow this turns out to be another disappointed choice. I just don't understand how a famous restaurant like this one dishes out some really amateur dish. Tasted too salty from the belacan.

Next came the 'Beggars Chicken' cooked with a mixture of herbs and some mushroom. The presentation of this dish looks good but again the taste was just so-so. What's happening!!?? Paying RM30.00++ for this but tasted amateurish again. I wonder whether they have lost their chief chef or what? There was simply too much leftover as none of us really enjoyed it.
We also had a traditional plate of ' Nai Yau Prawns'. Prawns was not 100% fresh and a little too small in size. At RM35.00++ we felt we were taken for a ride since this is going to add into the disappointed listing. This seems to be the only consistency they managed to abide to. Hmm........ :(

In came the biggie....... crabs that is. We had two different types of crabs ordered since the whole group was rooting for it. First on was the 'Nai Yau Crab' which turns out to be pretty good. The sauce that came with it was simply delicious. It can go very well with plain white rice or with the 'Man Tau' we ordered specifically for this.
The 'Man Tau' is simply amazing! Soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside. Perfectly delicious when eaten with the 'Nai Yau' sauce. Two thumbs up!

The other crab that came was 'Salted Egg Crab'. Not too bad but just not the best I've had. There's plenty of room for improvement as there simply was not enough oomph to it.

Conclusion : Disappointed it may seemed as we expect more from a 'giant' like 'La La Chong'. But what we experienced today was very amateurish. If we want amateur foodie we do not need to dine here where we pay premium price for the food. It's rather disturbing as why the quality of the food served here is below par. Maybe because this place is pork free. A big no-no! This place deserves a 1.5/5.


La La Chong Seafood Restaurant S/B
Lot 13556, Jalan Cempaka Kayu Ara
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7728 1906

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