Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe @ Taman Sri Manja, Off Old Klang Road, PJ.

The hunt for pork burgers brought us to this place situated along some row of shops in Taman Sri Manja which is off Jalan Klang Lama. My good friend have been bragging about this place for it's lovely pork burgers and pork sausages. It took us awhile to find time to dine here and finally made it for lunch during the Deepavali holiday.

The name is called 'Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe'. Truly a fantastic name as it means No1. Cool eh. Since this is our first time here I hope the food is as cool as it's name. Finding this place was a breeze as you will never  miss the signage which is in bright orange colour. But finding a parking space can be a difficult tasks to achieve. Nevertheless it took us a couple of rounds to find the space and without time wasting headed towards the restaurant, found ourselves a seat and started ordering. This is going to be a feast for us as there were 11 of us.

We ordered 3 sets of the '100% Home Made Pork Burger' which came with some fries. The first bite was unforgettable. True enough the burger tasted really good, well marinated, mouth watering as the meat was grilled to perfection as it is still juicy inside. What an experience.

We also ordered a couple of the 'Pork Sausage' set which was also served with some fris and lettuce. Wonderfully delicious. I can still tasted it in my mouth at this very moment I am writing this. Truly unbelievable. Very succulent and very juicy ~ perfectly grilled. Really No 1.

A palate of 'Pork Ribs' was served immediately. This was truly a meat feast and we still have the stamina and capacity for it. Pork ribs was well marinated but I find it a tad too salty. Portion was very generous which was indeed satisfying. Well grilled too and not too dry nor overcooked.

'Club Sandwich' was next in line. Made of slices of bread with some lettuce, tomatoes, and grilled chicken meat. As usual it was served with some fries. To our surprised this devil tasted really good. It was snapped up before one could have a second round. LOL.

Finally something that does not have meat in it ~ 'Potato Salad Mayo'. Simple dish indeed. Potatoes were quartered and steamed while topped with a specially made mayonnaise sauce. I find this a little too bland and there wasn't much taste to it.

Also in the list is 'Crumb Chicken Chop' in mushroom sauce and 'Crumb Chicken Chop' in black pepper sauce. These two lovely palates was specially ordered for my friend's parents. They simply loved this meal and was delighted with it. Portion was huge too. Another No 1? LOL.

Conclusion : No complaints at all with the porky meals. Be it burgers or ribs or sausages .... a pure delight to sink our teeth into it. Really NAMBAWAN. Food is good but the service is rather below par. One setback is the 'Coke' I ordered. I was presented with a glass of Cola which I suspected was not 'Coke' and it tasted really bland. Otherwise all ends well. Worth a visit and worth exploring further. I'll rate this place a 4/5.


Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe
No 10, Jalan PJS 3/48
Manja Square
Taman Sri Manja
Batu 6.5
Off Jalan Klang Lama
Petaling Jaya.


  1. Glad you like the place. Lets go again when traffic is not so bad..I love the sausages..Long & juicy..yum yum...

  2. cool .....there's a holiday next week maybe we can do it on that day. you organise again lar...

  3. was there for lunch today. just fantastic. couldn't get enough of the porky burger and the sausages. my client was amazed with the food. such a delight!


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