Friday, November 19, 2010

Nyonya Colour @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya.

This place seems to be a very popular spot for diners at Empire Shopping Gallery. We just couldn't resist the temptation of trying out this place as it is always packed with people. This place is called 'Nyonya Colour' serving authentic Nyonya dishes.

The decor of this place is pretty simple yet elegant with some kampung feel to it. Orders are made at the counter ~ be seated and wait to be served. It is always a good choice to order some local food at such outlet as this will tell whether they are a true 'Nyonya' restaurant.

Nasi Lemak Pandan Special with Chicken Rendang @ RM8.90+
As expected a plate of Nasi Lemak was brought to us. There was a special aroma which I have never come across that is the scent of the 'Pandan'. Special it was and very imaginative in making this simple dish into something special with a special name to it.

Rice was green in colour thanks to the effect of the pandan leaves. Condiment include 'ikan bilis', 'kacang', haf boiled eggand cucumber. This set comes with Rendang Chicken and some sambal squid. The portion was very small but worth exploring as it smelt really good.

Munch.... munch ...... hmm ....... tasted just so-so. Rather disappointed really. What looks good and what smelt good doesn't means that it'll taste good. Well, it tasted ..... ok but I was expecting more from it.

Mee Siam c/w Honey Chicken @ RM8.90+
Next came 'Mee Siam with Honey Chicken'. What a relief...... this simple yet delicious mee siam tasted really good. The honey chicken that came with it tasted good too. Portion was just ok but will not be enough for a 'big man' like myself. I wonder why their serving is so little ...... not a pretty pretty way to make money.

Ais Kacang @ RM3.80+
The shredded ice was done very well as it is very fine indeed. A plus for this as it is very important for the ice to be fine as it will make this bowl of ice kacang taste better. And it really does taste good! and I don't really mind going for a second bowl. The Gula Melaka was very aromatic which is very important. Pure delight!

Thab Tim Krup @ RM3.80+
I was really surprised to find this lovely 'Thab Tim Krup' being served here as this is a traditional Thai dessert. It's really worth a check as it is pretty rare nowadays to find this being served in restaurants other than Thai restaurants.

Again the ice was really fine which is good. Served with some water chestnuts and viola another 2 thumbs up. Another bowl of pure delight dessert. A must!

Conclusion : Pretty good place to dine and relax. Serves really good dessert but so-so for main dish. Pricing is pretty reasonable. Worth another visit.


Nyonya Colour
Empire Shopping Gallery
LG29, Ground Floor
Jalan SS16/1
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel : 03 5632 2010


  1. pergh!!! meleleh airliur cacing tgk.... nak gak!!! salam perkenalan dari cacing... jom join cacing...

  2. cheers cacing...... meleleh leh ...... cool mari jom.....kat empire..... :)


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