Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chef Weng Restaurant @ SS4, PJ.

It has been a meaty month for me. Mostly are all Western style foodie and never did I touched on something which is Eastern. Oh well, for the sake of this I'll touch on one this time. Chuckle....

This place is in Petaling Jaya and have been in operation for less than 3 months. As the signage says 'Chef Weng Restaurant' with some pictures of a duck on the left and a chicken on the right side. Even a blind would know what is being served here.

You can find duck meat, chicken meat, 'siu yook', 'char siew' and 'spare parts' in this restaurant. Aside from meaty stuff they also serve vegetables. Soup is on the house and it's on self service.

The decor of this place is simple, simple and simple. All walls are painted in white. round tables all around with some fancy looking wooden chairs that blended very well with it's environment. Place is brightly lit and one will not miss a step or tripped while walking in the premise. Cool....
As usual if one walks into a 'Chinese' meaty restaurant they will surely order duck or chicken. For our case we decided to order half a duck. Came with some sauce for dipping which was pretty good, I reckon. The meat was so succulent and still have the juice in it which is a plus sign as overcooking the bird will surely bring the Sahara Desert to the table.Well done Chef Weng ... and hope it is the same with the other birds as well...

The vegetable which came next was pretty good too. Not overcooked and not oily and tasted crunchy. Garnished with fried shallots which makes it tastier. hmm.....

We also ordered a bowl of 'Sour & Spicy Soup Based Vegetable' or 'Shuen Choy Thong'. This dish is perfect for 'pregnant' gals. Chuckle.... Just not my cup of tea but it does taste good.

Conclusion : Not too bad ...... for those who loves duck will surely come back for another round. Service is good and the place is clean. I would give this place a 3/5.


Chef Weng Restaurant
No 29, Jalan SS4D/2
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 010 243 7228

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