Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Asian Food House Restaurant @ Damansara Utama, PJ.

I have grown fond of Taiwanese street food since my last trip to Taipeh Taiwan. Their street food can be found in almost every corner of the street and the best thing is that it is so original and so delicious. Another special thing is it costs less to enjoy such foodie in Taiwan compared to in Malaysia. I truly wonder why?

The interior of this place is simple with very simple decorations. Lot's of tables to cater to big and small crowd which is a good sign as this place is always packed with regulars and new clients. They serve  food which is equivalent to Taiwanese foodie and there are many choices of bubble tea to choose from. And this place is situated at Damansara Utama or famously known as Uptown and it's called 'Asian Food House Restaurant'.

Beef Noodle Soup @ RM8.80+
A must order is the 'Beef Noodle Soup'. Comes with really delicious broth which is so tantalizing and delicious. Tambah soup !!! unfortunately they don't. LOL. Beef was a little tough but the beef ball tasted really good. The flat yellow noodle was cooked to perfection and still have the 'springyness' in it.

Taiwanese Style Pork Noodle @ RM13.00+
This noodle is made from the same broth as the beef noodle. Instead of beef you'll find pork ribs and some spare parts served with flat yellow noodles. Tasted as good as the beef noodle. The pork was tender and succulent. Superb.

Taiwanese Fried Chicken @ RM6.80+
One of my all time favourite, the Taiwanese Fried Chicken which came with two types of dipping sauce. One is the sweet spicy sauce and the other is the spicy garlic sauce which is far better. The fried chicken tasted really crispy and very very good indeed. Two thumbs up!!

Conclusion : Not bad indeed. But don't expect it to be as good as the original Taiwan foodie. Worth another few more visits as there are many choices to choose from. And I being a Taiwanese foodie fan will surely make another trip there. I find the price to be a little expensive. This is the only thing that will deter me from going back for more. 3/5.


Asian Food House Restaurant
No 38, Jalan SS21/58
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7728 7719


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