Friday, July 8, 2011

Restaurant In Malaysia : Oriental Garden Delight @ Kelana Mall, Kelana Jaya, PJ.

Being a food lover it always comes with a good feeling whenever I stumble across any new restaurant that dishes out really good food. I have never thought that I would be so happy, I really am with my new findings lately. This is a Chinese restaurant which is situated at Kelana Mall in Kelana Jaya, simply called 'Oriental Garden Delights'.

This outlet looks cool in every angle. There is a choice of open dining or indoor dining. We chose indoor as the environment and atmosphere was so much better. You will find some square tables situated along the walls while at the center you'll find marble round tables dominating the main space. There's two LCD television sets mounted on either side of the area and air conditioning system is at it's best. Loved it.

One glance at their menu tells me that I will have problems making decision in what to order. And I must say that they have a very healthy choice and variety of food to choose from. Chinese dishes at it's best. Service was good as their staff was pretty attentive and helpful and always serve with a smile.

Chicken with Dumpling in Claypot @ RM28.00+
This lovely dish is a must to order. The presentation was superb with the whole chicken in the center and some vegetables and half a dozen of dumplings in it's surroundings with some delicious sauce all over the claypot.

 It is cooked with various Chinese herbs which makes this dish a winner and another thing special about this is that it comes with some meat dumplings in it. Portion was at it's best and everyone loves it. Really delicious and the chicken meat was tender yet succulent. Soup was so yummy and goes really well with white rice. Highly recommended !

Bean Curd with Minced Meat c/w 'Choi Poh' @ RM18.00+
From one winner to another. I reckon this is better than a winner. It should be called a champion instead. Truly champion indeed. This bean curd dish got full praise from all of us. Bean curd was 'gently' fried on the outside but soft as a child's skin in the inside.

Comes with well marinated minced meat, choi po and some spring onions sprinkled above the 'champion' bean curd with some soya sauce for the extra 'zing'. Truly wonderful. Exceptional delicious. Well done mates for coming up with such a lovely dish. Simply irresistible ! Two thumbs up !

Steamed Tilapia with Curry @ RM28.00+
To spice things up comes this fantastic curry fish served in a claypot. The aroma was simply amazing when this spicy looking dish was brought to us. All eyes was just staring at it and I can tell that everyone just couldn't wait any longer to get a taste out of it.

This pot of fish curry comes with lot's of mixed vegetables eg ladies fingers, cabbage, long beans and also comes with some tofu. A tad too oily but amazingly this curry taste really different from what I have had before. It is not too spicy not too much spices. It is rather 'plain' but somehow it was really delicious. My thumbs are up for this too.

Four Treasure Vegetable in Belacan @ RM16.00+
Wow !!! This belacan aroma can be smelt from miles away. What a beauty, what a sight. Just from looking at it makes me go bonkers. 4 different types of vegetables cooked with belacan makes it irresistible and being a Malaysian this type of dish has been a favourite and is always welcomed by all.

Mongolian Styled Pork Ribs @ RM25.00+
I was rather amazed or amused or both when I had my first taste of this pork ribs. It was rather too sweet and the meat was a little overdone which takes a lot of strength and effort for the older folks to chew these down. This was truly not my 'cup of tea', unfortunately.

Conclusion : I like this place simply for their food that comes with good, attentive and friendly service. I like this place for it's simple yet lovely decor. I like this place as it is clean and breezy as the air conditioning system was working at it's best. Very good and delicious food, lot's of variety to chose from, good portion and 'semi' pocket friendly. Highly recommended from me and my mates. A 4.5/5.


Oriental Garden Delight
Unit No.50-G-91
Kelana Mall
Jalan SS6/14
Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03 7880 5110

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