Monday, July 11, 2011

Bebek Tepi Sawah @ Ubud, Bali.

We had to thank our tour guide for introducing us to this lovely place called 'Bebek Tepi Sawah' located in Ubud, Bali. According to our tour guide this place is 'the' place for this special delicacy enjoyed by millions. 'Bebek Tepi Sawah' simply means 'Duck on the edge of Rice Paddy'. Yeah that's the direct translation. And it is really true that this lovely restaurant is situated next the a rice paddy.

The restaurant was super packed when we got there. There were plenty of tourists as well as locals and also those from Jakarta, Indonesia. The atmosphere was amazing. There were two lovely ladies dressed in traditional Balinese outfit entertaining the crowd with some traditional dance. And for those who would love to have a photo taken with these lovely girls, simply just ask politely and your dream will come true.

We were brought to a small little table just good enough for the four of us. We could see so many people enjoying the cultural dance while having a good meal. This whole place was so aromatic with food they served. And one particular special delicacy that attract all the crowd was their 'Bebek' which means 'duck'.

Crispy Duck Tepi Sawah @ Rp75,000+
This lovely delicacy was served together with some vegetable and white rice. The duck was so delicious and so crispy. Meat was rather dry but it was fine. Meat was well marinated and to spice up the taste just dipped it into the different sauce provided and you'll just want more. At Rp75,000 which is equivalent to RM30.00 is rather costly but it was well worth it. A fantastic dish! Highly recommended!

Grilled Pork Ribs Tepi Sawah @ Rp78,000+
We were surprised to have tasted this super grilled pork ribs. It was amazingly delicious, well marinated with the chef's special sauce and grilled to perfection. Meat was tender and succulent and melts in your mouth. Not only they are good with the 'bebek' but never underestimate their skills with the other foodie they serve. I would highly recommend this pork ribs and at RM35.00 it was worth every penny of it. The way they grilled it no other can match. Perfect !

This restaurant is the perfect place for you to indulge the delicious food with a scenery to kill. Lot's of greenery of the rice field, cool breeze with the right ambiance for a relaxing experience.

We would really loved to be able to order more variety but our belly told us not to. It was rather sad as we won't be coming back to this place a long time. The experience we had today was simply amazing and good memories too.

Yeah, FYI this 'Bebek Tepi Sawah' also runs a hotel / villa which is adjoining to the restaurant. We found out that some of their villas comes with indoor pool which sounds really cool. And not to forget full health spa services is available too. Check them out !

Conclusion : Fantastic !! Loved the food, loved the atmosphere, loved every inch of this restaurant. Just find it to be a little costly with a 16% govt tax but it was worth it. A 5/5. Bravo....

Cheers !

Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant
Jl Raya Goa Gajah
Br Teges
Tel : 0361 975656

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