Thursday, July 14, 2011

Anahata Villas & Spa Resort @ Ubud, Bali.

This is where we stayed in Ubud. Marvelous resort which is miles away from civilisation. Anahata is a boutique resort that is so captivating. Pure delight to have given the opportunity to stay at this fantastic resort. I will certainly not touch too much on this resort at this moment cause it will take 3 days 3 nights for me to complete it. I will do my very best to post it in my next blog. Yes, I will say that this is a lovely and fantastic resort if you are looking for peace and quiet. Check on them for more information.

Lounge / Bar / Restaurant Area
It was past 8pm when we got there and everyone was tired and hungry. We pre-ordered our dinner from the friendly waiter at the restaurant and the delicious food will be brought to us in our private villa. We decided to head back to our villa to refresh ourselves and got ready for dinner.

Meal made for a King
Dinner was brought to us straight to our very own dining table at our private villa. We certainly was happy to see these lovely food brought to us cause all of us were super hungry and can eat a whole cow. The whole room was instantly filled with the aromatic smell of food. And we just couldn't wait any longer.

Nasi Campur Bali @ Rp75,000++
Ayam Bertutu @ Rp98,500++
Both Nasi Campur Bali and Ayam Bertutu was amazing. Lot's of spices are used simply making the dish aromatic and delicious. Chicken was tender yet juicy and succulent and the taste of 'serai' was amazing.

Sauces for dipping
We were given 3 different types of sauces for dipping. These sauces was really good, delicious and spicy. Enhances the taste of our meal and it was really a joy having these sauces around.

Mi Goreng Bali @ Rp75,000++
Vegetable in Oyster Sauce served with Rice @ Rp65,000
There was nothing special about the mi goreng Bali. Or maybe we were expecting it to be really good. It was just like any ordinary local mamak style maggie mee goreng but just with a different taste. Really we did enjoyed it but was slightly disappointed. And it was rather salty.

Vegetable rice set was pretty bland in taste and I believe I could dish out a better plate. Anyway, all of us enjoyed this plate of vege mixed with rice as it's taste is different from our local way of cooking which makes it enjoyable.

Pasta Oglio Olio @ Rp67,000++
A sudden switch from local Balinese food to Italian. Oglio Olio was not bad, really. I wasn't expecting this plate of pasta to be good. Hat's off to the resort chef.

Conclusion : Food was ok-lah. But not the price. We paid Rp380,500 for food and Rp79,905 for the 21% govt tax. BUT we have no complains about this as this is a high end, high class resort. Furthermore, it takes at least 20 minutes drive out to the nearest restaurant, I rather settle for the 'not too bad' Anahata restaurant food. Recommended for it's food and 100% two thumbs up for the resort.


Anahata Villa & Spa Resort
Br Umah Anyar-Tampaksiring
Tel : 62(0) 361 978 991
Email :

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