Monday, July 18, 2011

F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchens @ Bangsar.

Some people fancy clothes, some fancy golfing items, some fancy shoes, some fancy cars... but I really do fancy some really good looking shiny pots and pans. I just love and adore such wares. I always make it a point to view such items whenever I go shopping.

There is this particular brand which really interests me, simply called 'Buffalo'. This world famous brand originated from Taiwan and has won numerous awards in the world. Such items are pretty expensive in this country, very unfortunately, maybe because of the high taxes and duties set by the Malaysian government. I can get a similar one or even a better one in the USA for a fraction of the price found in our local shops.

I was pretty surprised to find a shop selling the 'Buffalo' cookware that is located on the first floor along a row of shops in Bangsar. Not only a shop selling the famous brand but it is also a restaurant too ! Walau !!

The setup was pretty and there are loads of wooden furniture covering the whole area which is something I fancy very much. I love the ambiance of wood and the more the merrier.

Dining area are all indoor and there is a small little area, a verandah , which is meant for those who would want to enjoy a good cup of whatever. Cause they have an outdoor bar specially for this purpose. I bet you'll enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance of this lovely place.

As you can see 'Buffalo' cookware are sold in this outlet too and you can find various types of wares here to suit your choice. Why only 'Buffalo'? Because I reckon they are the local sole agent for these fantastic wares.

This was what we had today and I must say that the set lunch is very well priced at RM18++ for 3 fabulous meals. We were told that you will get different types of combination for the set lunches daily which makes it interesting. And it starts from 12pm -2:30pm.

Mushroom Soup
This is one of the best mushroom soup I have ever had for a long time. Texture was just right and the soup was rich with mushroom which makes it unbelievable tasty and delicious. Wonderfully done and scores full marks from us all.

Spaghetti Basil Pesto with Chicken
This lovely delicious looking plate of spaghetti is only worth looking at. It was very bland, very tasteless. We needed to spread more salt, pepper and parmesan cheese to make this pasta to have some zing to it. I was just wondering what went wrong here. This was supposed to be an easy job to cook but it turned out otherwise. Was a big let down, really.

Mango Cake Dessert
And to finished off this set lunch came the dessert in a form of 'mango cake'. Yes, this cake does taste like mango but it was rather 'dry'. It was making my throat feeling uncomfortable as it takes a whole lot of strength to push it right through it. A little disappointed, really.

Conclusion : Now I know where to get my stainless steel wares. And also now I know where I should not go for set lunches. Maybe just for a bowl of mushroom soup. But the rest is better to be left aside and not forgetting not to mention it too much. A 2/5 for the food but a 5/5 for the 'Buffalo'.

Cheers !

F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchens
69-1, Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2201 1710

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