Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ko Hyang Korean Food @ The Gardens, Mid Valley, KL.

Mid Valley and The Gardens has always been my favorite destination when it comes to shopping. This is a place where you can  find premium brands and products to middle range and even lower range brands all under one roof. Just fantastic. This mall also houses many different types of restaurants serving different types of delicacies .... be it local or Western, Japanese or Korean, the list is endless.

This time my buddies decided to go Korean and this place is located at the lower ground of the 'upmarket' food court over at The Gardens and it is simply called 'Ko Hyang'. This is going to be a 'first' for me and believe me this is going to be a whole new adventure. :)

Jab Che @ RM14.90+
'Jab Che' is a Korean dish made from cellophane noodles called Dangmyeon, stir fried in sesame oil with various vegetables and flavoured with soya sauce and sweetened with sugar. I pretty like this dish as the flavour is really unique. Portion was good where it was enough for us to munch on it.

Ra Myen @ RM12.50+
Ooo.... la..la..... This bowl of ra myen noodle is a killer. Just look at the presentation. What a beauty. Ra myen cooked with some medium sized prawns with some strips of carrots, an egg and some spring onion sprinkled above the rest. Wonderfully cooked and taste really delicious. And not forgetting the huge portion.

Ji Gye @ RM14.90+
This pot of soup is a traditional Korean Kim Chi soup which is sourly in taste. Not many will know how to appreciate this lovely soup but once you are into it you will not want to let go. This pot is normally cooked with some prawns, diced tofu, chicken meat, vegetables, onions, some chives, some red pepper and soya sauce for some added taste. Pretty good indeed.

Pancake @ RM9.50+
Pa Jeon as is called in Korean is a lovely dish and is a very popular appetizer or snack. It is made of flour batter, green scallion, egg fried to perfection and to round things off a small bowl of dipping sauce made of soya sauce and vinegar. Delicious.

Conclusion : Good value for money. Reasonably priced. Huge portion. Food quality is good. A 3/5.

Cheers !

Ko Hyang ~ Korean Country Delights
LG-K05, The Gardens
Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

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