Friday, July 8, 2011

Babi Guling Ibu Oka @ Pasar Ubud, Ubud Palace, Bali.

When you are in Bali most locals will tell you a tale about not missing the famous Bali dish simply called 'Babi Guling'. It is a meaty delicacy which is super famous in Bali. You will be able to see lot's of places selling this delicacy around Bali.

This visit to Bali brought us to Ubud, one of the oldest place in Bali as was told to us by our friendly tour guide. Ubud is arguably the island finest place if you are looking for culture, comfort, nature and fine arts, music, dance and inspiration.

Ubud is such a famous place because it is surrounded by scenic padi fields, ancient temples and palaces, rivers and since this place has been a boom to the tourist industry more and more hotels are mushrooming here. You will find cheap accommodations for back packers to unique luxury hotel or spa hotels for those who would like to have a more refine and relaxing stay.

After a long walk at Pasar Ubud hunting some really good bargains it was time for us to rest our tired feet and have lunch. It was way past lunch time and we were making our way to the famous 'Babi Guling' at 'Warong Ibu Oka'. We did not have any problem finding the place. It was super packed when we reached the place and it took us a few minutes in finding an empty table.

I was so mesmerized with the atmosphere over at Warong Ibu Oka. Full of tourists of all races flocking in to have a taste of the babi guling. This is the place to go for and no other place does it better than Ibu Oka.

Nasi Babi Guling Pisah @ Rp50,000
Ok ... now .... what is 'Babi GUling'? It's a pork delicacy where you can find meat, crispy pig skin fried to perfection, pig's blood served with some vegetable and white rice and comes with some really good sambal. So, are you ready for such delicacy? Oh, we sure are, indeed.

Food was superb if you are a fan for such delicacy. And we wanted more but to our surprised they have sold off everything. Phew .... lucky us, really, to be able to enjoy this lovely food. It wouldn't have been complete if we did not stepped into Ibu Oka and have some Babi Guling. And at Rp50,000 which works out to be around RM18.00 - RM20.00 is not cheap for a plate of babi guling. But it was really worth it.

Conclusion : If you are planning a trip to Bali and looking for the best babi guling on this beautiful island of Bali, look no further than 'Ibu Oka'. They certainly does serve the best in this island. You won't be disappointed. A 4.5/5.

Cheers !

Warong Babi Guling Ibu Oka
Jl Tegal Sari
No. 2 
Ubud, Bali.
Tel : 0361 976345

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