Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant @ Hulu Langat, Ampang.

It's hard to resist the temptation of delicious food but it's even harder to shed the extra weight gain from all the consumption throughout the years. Malaysian have always been the lucky ones when food is concerned. There's local Malay food, Chinese food, Indian food, Western food ..... the list goes on. In other words Malaysian are a spoiled lot.

This venture took us to a place I could never imagined existed. A close friend of my wife was more than willing to arrange a 'makan' trip along with family members. It's located far far away ......  I got my GPS ready for this venture but just didn't know the name of the restaurant or the coordinates .... so ...... the GPS ended up useless to us. No worries about that cause we will be following closely the driver ahead of us who will be leading the way.

We have to go through MRR2 then to Ampang / Cheras then to somewhere which is foreign to me and at one moment I really thought I was lost. BUT our live navigator's car was still ahead of ours so it means that we were on track. If not mistaken it took us to the old trunk road that can lead to Semenyih up the hilly road and a few corners left and right and finally we saw a sign with a pointer pointing to the right. OK this must be the place but all I can see is just open land and lot's of tree on both sides... but no restaurant.

Photo taken on our way out.
 We had to drive further into the forest .... LOL ..... maybe another 1-2 km. Seriously at one point if not because of our friend leading the way we would have made a u-turn and leave this place as there simply wasn't any shops around nor restaurants around nor any souls around. Viola, it was totally a different scene once we reached the restaurant.

Main entrance of the restaurant
This place really do look good and wonderfully done and well maintained and the whole place looks like a resort. We couldn't resist the temptation of snapping as many pictures as possible as we were truly amazed with this place. Not only that ...... a lovely aroma of food being grilled greeted us.

Lamb being grilled by professional chef
Holy Smoke ..... the grilled lamb was truly mouth watering from it's aroma and from it's look. This is one dish that will end up on our table for sure. Simply marvelous indeed. And this place never fails to impress me further. The whole restaurant sit's atop of a very large pond. A pond with lot's of fish in it and all are being rared by the owner of the restaurant. Unbelievable!!! Breathtaking!!!

Various pics of the restaurant and it's surrounding
The waiter managed to usher us to a long table joined together to make dining easy for a us all since there were so many of us. It didn't take us long to be seated, to order and to absorb the beauty of this place. This place was pretty crowded when we arrived and the crowd seemed to be getting more intense when the clock strikes 12pm. This shows the popularity of this restaurant amongst city dwellers.

Tom Yam Seafood (Chilli) @ RM18.00
Tom Yam Seafood (White) @ RM18.00
Without fail 'Tom Yam' is a must when dining in a Thai restaurant. We made it even better by ordering two different types of tom yam ~ one is the chilli type and one which comes with clear broth. Firstly both the soup tasted really good ~ would be even better if it was a little more sour and spicy. Oh well it was perfect! Such a joy slurping the hot soup. Another joy is that the portion was huge ... pretty enough for us all. The seafood that came with it was very uplifting as the portion was huge indeed.
Sawi Bawang Putih @ RM15.00

Kangkung Belacan @ RM15.00
Empat Jenis Sayur Belacan @ RM15.00
Ladies Fingers fried with shallots @ RM15.00
We had four different types of vegetables to cater the big crowd which consists of young and old folks as well as middle aged group. We truly enjoyed all the above be it plain fried or friend with belacan. Just delicious in it's own ways. But I just found the belacan to be a tad salty.

Fried Rice @ RM15.00
Fu Yoong Egg @ RM10.00
A simple plate of fried rice and 'Fu Yoong' egg managed to make it's way to our table. This was specially ordered to cater the kiddos who have a special connection with these sort of foodie. Fried rice was rather bland and tasteless but the egg was really delicious.

Grilled Lamb
I never forget the aroma which greeted us when we arrived and a must order for us. Truly enough this grilled lamb was fabulous. So succulent, delicious, tender but just slightly burnt. Otherwise it was a worthy dish.

Fried Talapia in Thai Sauce
Everyone was eagerly waiting for the arrival of the 'FISH'. Supposed to be one of the restaurant's famous dish. From the first impression I would have reckon the fish has gone through a tough period in the wok during frying cause there were signs of over-frying all over the fish. True enough that is but the whole fish was saved by the lovely Thai sauce that came with it. Tasted pretty good, I must say.

Conclusion : Not the best dishes we had ordered. There were ton's of choices to choose from. Ours was to cater to satisfy the young and old tummies. We will surely make another trip to this wonderful place which is located away from the hustling bustling city madness. One can really enjoy the food here with natural surroundings. Food was pretty good but rather expensive. It was truly an amazing feast and an amazing journey for us all.  A 3/5 based on the above food and a 4/5 for environment.


Fish Farm Thai Restaurant                         Open Daily : 11am - 12 Midnight
KM4, Jalan Ampang
Hulu Langat
68000 Ampang
Tel : 017 251 5235 / 019 260 6493

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