Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fettucinne & Penne Rigate Pasta d' Bolognese - Homemade

T3T4 Homemade = Priceless
Oh! I was so in a mood to cook up something for dinner today. In fact I was getting ready to cook up some chicken dish and also some broccoli. BUT my darling called to request for some Western food instead of Eastern and she specifically wanted to have some pasta.

This put me in a fix as I was not sure whether I have all the ingredients to cook up a good palate of pasta. It took me awhile to run through my inventory and .... and .... yeah ..... dang ...... I do not have any minced meat! But hey since my darling wanted me to dish pasta for her she was more than glad to buy some minced meat for me.

I used a mixture of 'Barilla's' Penne Rigate n.73 and Fettuccine. It just took me between 8 - 11 mins to cook them. As for the sauce I had some Leggos Bolognese tomato sauce mixed with 400 grams of minced beef meat, some red and yellow capsicums, shallots, garlic and some T3T4 ingredients, of course.

Oh la la ........ the finished product was truly amazing. The aroma itself was a killer. The first spoonful was made in heaven. The rest was amazing. So sumptuous, so tantalizing, so delicious, so perfect and so unique in it's own ways. Wink...wink...... lol.

Satisfying indeed. Would it be grilled chicken for tomorrow??? You bet as long as time is with me ..........


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